From Canada – Getting into the final of our study abroad programs!

本校の留学プログラム 2022-23 もいよいよ学年末を迎え、Getting into Happy summer and holidays の時となりました。大妻中野の留学生たちも学年末。留学生活の締めくくりとなります。カナダからの留学レポートをどうぞ。

Otsuma Nakano  study abroad programs 2022-23 have finally reached the end of the school year and it is time to be getting into Happy summer and holidays. It is also the end of the school year for international students at Otsuma Nakano. It is the end of the school year for the international students at Otsuma Nakano. Here are reports from Canada. Hope to enjoy reading!

Hello everyone! My name is R.S. and I am now studying at Burnaby in Canada as an international student. This is my last report for my study aboard. I finally started to enjoy being immersed in English every day, but I am sad that I have to go back soon.

At the beginning of May, I went on the Vancouver Island Tour organized by the Burnaby school district. I saw the whale and seal they are so cute. We roasted marshmallows and ate them on the sandy beach at Ucluelet. The sunset is beautiful. It’s not too hot or too cold now and we are comfortable, but some days it got up to 30 degrees and on those days, I went to the beach with friends. Kitsilano Beach and English Bay Beach are especially recommended. Sunset time in Canada in the summer is around 21:00, but it doesn’t get completely dark until 22:00 or later. Also, on the 30th, there was a dance class performance, where each class performed their dances from 1st to 8th period, and all the songs danced by the dance company were very powerful and impressive.

There is only a little time left for me to stay in Canada studying, but I will do my best so that I have no regrets.




Hello everyone!!! My name is SH and I am in Burnaby, Canada. I have only 1 month left in my life in Canada.  I thought I still have a lot of time left in my life as an exchange student, but I finally came to the point where I have only 1 month left, and I really felt how fast time flies. In Canada, the cold and rainy winter season is over and some days are very hot and some days are cool and comfortable spring days. I love this season.

I had a lot of chances to go far from home because of the many sunny days.  First of all, I went to White Rock, which is located near the border between Canada near United States. The ocean was so wide and beautifully blue that it seemed as if it went on forever, and the water was so clear that you could clearly see the sand underneath.

North Vancouver was also a very beautiful place by the sea. I took the Sea-bus, a bus that runs on the sea, from Vancouver. The atmosphere was a little different from my home towns of Burnaby and Vancouver.   I also went to Granville It is a remote island that is building with people like a resort, and there are many markets and delicious food and sweets.


Kitsilano and English bay are also recommended because of their beautiful sunsets. There are also many parks where we often had picnics. I bought juice and snacks, played music while talking and napping, and had many opportunities to hang out with friends that I became close with, which was fun and fulfilling.

In science class at school, we went on a field trip to Science World. It was a place where we could see, touch, hear and experience things by ourselves. I was happy to be able to go to a place outside of school with my classmates and other students who don’t usually have the chance to play on holidays.

In art class, we started watercolor painting. We learned how to use brushes and how to combine brushes with water by discussing an showing each other the works e had practiced. We finished making luggage tags to represent our past, ideals, etc. I myself am not good at art and I am not good at drawing, but since I came to Canada and continued to take art classes from first semester, I have to came to like art, the teachers are very kind and they make it easy for us to express ourselves in the class.

And the grade 12th students had graduation ceremony at the end of May in Canada,, and I went to there.  It was fun to see the ceremony because it was so different from Japanese graduation ceremony. Each students name, achievements, and extracurricular activities were announced in front of everyone. The students who performed particularly well were presented with trophies. Everyone wore hats and gowns like university students.there was also a soiled science where everyone threw their hats together at the end. It was a treat experience and I had a longing to graduate from a school abroad, which I thought was cool.

May was another exciting month, and I experienced a lot. I will do my best to enjoy my study abroad experience to the end so that I will not have any regrets in my remaining months. Thank you very much for reading this repots. See you next month for my last report!

みなさんこんにちは!! カナダのバーナビーで留学中のSHです。カナダでの生活も残り1ヶ月となりました。まだまだあると思っていた留学生活ですが、ついに残り1ヶ月のところまで来てしまい、時の流れに速さをすごく感じました。カナダでは冬の寒くて雨の多い時期が終わり、すごく暑くなる日もあれば、涼しくて過ごしやすい春の陽気を感じれる日もあります。私はこの季節が大好きです。




5月も盛りだくさんの月で、たくさんのことを経験しました。残り少ない留学生活ですが悔いの残らないように最後まで全力で楽しみたいと思っています。 最後までご清覧ありがとうございました。また来月、ラストレポートでお会いしましょう!!