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From Ireland & Germany


From Germany  –  ドイツから

I’m K.O.  My life in Germany is about to end.  Two months was a short period, but I was able to live a very fulfilling study abroad life.

I was reluctant to go to a language school in Germany, but unlike high school, all the other students were older than me. It was a refreshing experience to learn with university students and people from my parents’ generation. Interacting with older people gave me a good opportunity to think realistically about my future.  It was great to be able to interact with people of all ages, my host family, school classmates, and friends I made in the dormitory.

I was able to learn that there are various study abroad opportunities for Japanese people, not just universities and working holidays.  I was energized by meeting many people in Germany who were trying to achieve their academic and work dreams.

Compared to Japan, it was an environment where people from not only EU countries but also the Middle East, America, and Africa gathered.  Being able to talk with people from different ethnic backgrounds has broadened my horizons.  I felt that if I could speak English, I could communicate with people all over the world.

Photo: Hauptstrasse (Main street )near the school 写真:学校近くのハウプト通り(メインストリート)




Heidelberg in German.

Hello, every one. My name is K.T. I’m studying English in Heidelberg.   Finally, it is time to go back to Japan. I would like to introduce about my trip. I visited to Strasbourg by myself two weeks ago.  The following is from my diary.

In the morning, my first train was late. According to information, I will not be in time for the transfer. It’s big happening! That way, I ran into another train. But I was so worried, I asked the man if I was right. Then he answered with smile that I was right. I was relieved.

I arrived at the station safely in Strasbourg. But it’s happening again! My smartphone can’t connect for Internet. That means, I can’t use translation! It’s France! And one day! I despaired. But I decided to continue my trip. I paid attention to greeting. I always told bonjour and merci. It was correct. When I went to a café, I said my greeting in a loud voice. Then, the café owners welcomed me. I wanted to pay more tip! And its cakes were too delicious. I could spend happy time.

Next I bought a magnet gift for my friends. I paid my money for 6, but only 5 were included!  I was worried. because I couldn’t use a translation app. I didn’t have the confidence to tell myself.  But I decided to tell. My English is not complete, but he understood. Finally, we were greeted with a smile.  I thought Strasbourg is a lovely city because smile and greetings are constant and cheerful.

I have learned a lot from this study abroad.  First, please remember what I said about when I arrived at the station and the gift shop. At first, I thought of giving up, because I thought it was difficult for me to challenge. But I came to think that if I get lost, let’s try!  And I think it is loss if I don’t do it. Time of class, I made a lot of comment. If I mistake, my teacher was corrected. Also, she gave me some advice. They all become my good experience. Then, I realized that it is important to talk about myself. If I tell others my opinion clearly, we can make good communication with anybody.

Finally, I realized the importance of expressing my gratitude. Before this, I was asked for directions. I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak English well. But they understood my explain. And then, as they noticed that I’m Japanese, so they “ARIGATO” for me. I was very happy. So I thought I’d say thank you.

When I first came, I was scared because German was outspoken. But they are very kind people. Now, I also like that. And I like this city. Every day was a precious experience. It is important to do things cautiously, but sometimes might be good to take courage and act boldly. I’m look forward to applying what I have learned.

In the end, I really enjoyed this study abroad. At the first time, I couldn’t keep up with my class. Also, I  couldn’t communicate with my classmates. However, I practiced a lot so that I understand English, so I become able to speak it well. I talk a lot about my trip. When I gave a gift of the matcha sweets, they were so pleased. And they asked me about Japan. I was happy that they were interested in Japan. The story of teachers and classmates were interesting. I want to see them again! I had wonderful time!

Thank you for leading. Have a nice day!











アイルランドから From Bray in Ireland

Hi everyone! I’m K.H. and I’m staying Ireland for 7 months. March is nearly over, and we can feel spring now. In Ireland we don’t have many cherry blossoms it is a bit sad that we can’t see it like Japan. This time, I’ll talk about my English skills and St. Patrick’s Day.

Recently, I can feel that my English is getting better. I have 2 points for that.

Frist, I became to understand and join the normal speed’s conversation. When I just came here, I needed to ask back every time, so the conversation was not smoothly. So, when I’m talking with my friends or my host family, I couldn’t talk with them not that long. But now, I don’t have to ask back every time so I can enjoy the conversation like Japanese. Also, I can say what I want to say so easily. I’m very happy that I can feel these changes.

Next, my writing skill is getting better too. Sometimes, I need to write some short essay in the class. At the beginning, the speed was slowly and not correctly, but now I can do this quickly and certainly. This skill is important for exams or daily life, so this is huge improvement. Actually, I can be authoring this report without translator.

From these things, I feel more confident in myself. Furthermore, I started to learn French seriously from when I came here. Because I had to choose my language class from Spanish, German and French. I was doing a little bit of French in Japan, but the class was so difficult for me. At the start, I couldn’t understand all things because I had to understand both of English and French. But I’ve thought it is a good opportunity to acquire new language, so I bought a new text and tried to follow to everyone. Now, I can’t write or speak it, but I became I could read sentences gradually. I still need a dictionary to understand whole paragraph, but I can get the mean of some part without it.  I feel my growth every 3 months, so I’m excited for that how far can I grow more.

There is limited time left but I want to do my best and I want to do everything that I can do! Thank you for reading. See you soon.