From Canada More Study Abroad Reports on Nov & Dec

More study abroad reports from Canada reached us! It’s great to share them with all. Here we go!

From Alberta, Canada,
My name is M.I. and I am studying abroad in Alberta, Canada. It has been three months since I came to study in Canada. The temperature in Drumheller, where I am studying abroad, is very low and cold. -I can’t go outside unless I put on a coat, etc. that can withstand up to 40℃ and take perfect measures against cold. It started snowing in earnest this month. When I looked closely at the snow in Drumheller, I saw beautiful snowflake shapes. It is difficult to get snow in Japan, and this was the first time I had seen snowflakes. They were really shaped like the ones you see in the illustration. Each crystal had a different shape and size.

Also, this month, I went to a Japanese restaurant in Drumheller with my Japanese friends from the dorm. After three months have passed, I sometimes want to eat Japanese food and make it with my friends. The Japanese restaurant sells teriyaki, sukiyaki, and sushi. The sushi was not raw like in Japan, but it tasted very Japanese. There were many locals at the restaurant, and they were eating with chopsticks that they were not used to using.

I was very surprised at how quickly the three months flew by. I would like to have fun while improving my English so that I can have many more good experiences.

私はカナダのアルバータ―州に留学をしているM.I.です。カナダ留学に来て3か月が過ぎました。 私が留学しているドラムヘラーは気温がとても低く、寒いのが特徴です。-40℃まで耐えられるコートなどを着込み、寒さ対策を完璧にしないと外には出られません。今月から本格的に雪が降り始めました。ドラムヘラーの雪をよく見ると、きれいな雪の結晶の形をしていました。日本では雪が降ることも難しく、雪の結晶を見たのは初めてでした。本当にイラストで見るような形をしていました。結晶は一つ一つ形が違い、大きさも違いました。

また、今月はドラムヘラー内にある日本食屋へ寮の日本人の友達と行ってきました。三か月が過ぎて、日本食が食べたくなって友達と作ることもあります。日本食屋ではてりやき、すき焼き、お寿司などが売っています。お寿司は日本のように生ではありませんでしたが、日本の味がしていて、とても美味しかったです。お店にはたくさんの地元の人たちが来ていて、慣れていないお箸を頑張って使って食事をしていました。 三か月があっという間で、とても驚いています。もっとたくさんいい経験ができるように英語力も伸ばしつつ、楽しみたいと思います。

From BC, Canada
Hello everyone! I’m S.M. studying in Canada. This time, I would like to talk about my birthday, Remembrance day and Black Friday. First of all, Remembrance day is the Memorial Day / truce anniversary on November 11. School will be closed that day. On November 10, the day before that day, we had a flower called Poppy and a ceremony at school. I used to perform and orchestra at the ceremony.

Next is about my birthday. On my birthday, I invited my friend to my house and had a birthday party. I ate chicken, pizza, pasta made by my host mother, and birthday cake. It was a very happy day for everyone to celebrate.

Finally, it’s Black Friday. It’s a day where clothes and cosmetics are on sale. School was closed on this day, so I went shopping with my friends. A lot of things were cheaper, so I’m glad I was able to buy what I wanted! In addition, I am making progress in speaking English with the host family and the class more than before. However, I have regrets that I should have done more after talking to everyone, so I want to make use of it and be able to speak English with many children from now on. Thank you for reading.

みなさんこんにちは! カナダ、ブリティッシュコロンビア州に留学しているS.Mです。今回は私のお誕生日とRemembrance day とBlack Fridayについてお話いようと思います。


最後にBlack Fridayです。 お洋服や化粧品などがセールになっている日です。この日が学校が休みだったのでお友達とショッピングに行きました。色々なものが安くなっていたので欲しいものが買えてよかったです!

また、英語の方はホストファミリーとも前より話せるようになったり、クラスのことも話せるようになってきています。しかし、みんなと話した後にもっとこうしておけばよかったなどの反省があるのでそれを生かしてこれからもたくさんの子と英語で話せるようになりたいです。 読んでくれてありがとうございました。

From Byrne Creek, Canada,
Hello, my name is K.T. and I am studying abroad in Canada. This month we had Black Friday and I went to an outlet near the airport and downtown. Compared to Japanese outlets, there were fewer stores and not too many people, so it was easy to spend time there.

In Vancouver, there is Korea Town, where I often go to eat Korean food for a relatively low price. There are various stores such as supermarkets, nail shops, and beauty salons. Most of the people here are Korean, so it is a good place to learn Korean.

I went skating as a school field trip. It was not my first time to skate, but it was fun to skate for the first time in Canada. It is easy to get sick because the weather changes often in Vancouver, Canada. The temperature can be in the single digits and even go down to minus on some days. It is easy to get a sore throat because of the dry air. There is no culture to go to hospital immediately in Canada, so you have to do your best to heal by yourself even if you catch a cold. I have caught cold many times in 3 months, but I can cure it by myself, so I have changed my mind that I don’t have to go to hospital every time like in Japan. I caught a cold on Halloween and regrettably could not participate in any events, so I would like to enjoy Christmas in December with all my might.

Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada. A bottle of bottled water costs about 300 yen and a bottle of juice about 500 yen. 5 years ago, the rent for a house in Canada was 80,000 yen, but now it has risen to 300,000 yen. As Canada is a cross-cultural country, there are people with various values. They are trying their best to make a living while being perplexed by the differences in culture, lifestyle, food, and environment. I feel the difference between Japan and other countries firsthand.

こんにちは。カナダに留学中のK.Tです。 今月はブラックフライデーがあり、空港の近くのアウトレットや、ダウンタウンに行きました。日本のアウトレットに比べて店の数が少なく人も多すぎず過ごしやすかったです。 バンクーバーにはコリアタウンがあり、比較的、手軽な値段で韓国料理を食べられるのでよく通っています。スーパー、ネイル屋、美容室など様々なお店があります。いる方達のほとんどが韓国人なので韓国語の勉強にもなります。



バンクーバーはカナダの中で最も物価が高いです。ペットボトルの水は一本で300円ほど、ジュースのペットボトルは500円ほどです。5年前カナダの家の家賃は8万円だったのが、現在は30万円まで上がったそうです。 異文化国家のためさまざまな価値観を持った人がいます。文化の違いや生活、食、環境の違いに沢山戸惑いながらもなんとか頑張っています。 そんな海外と日本の差を私は今、直接肌で感じています。