From the US, Germany and Canada – Give it the best try to new experiences

大妻中野は、Beyond School を合言葉に留学が大変盛んな学校です。アメリカ、カナダ、フランス、ドイツに多くの生徒が留学中です。その中から今回はアメリカ、ドイツ、カナダからの留学レポートを紹介します。

Otsuma Nakano is a school where study abroad is very popular under the slogan “Beyond School. Many students are currently studying abroad in the U.S., Canada, France, and Germany. Here are some new reports from the U.S., Germany, and Canada.

From Oregon, America,

Hi! I’m M.C. I’m studying at Westside Christian High School in Oregon, America. I can’t believe that I have to go back to Japan in July. This time, I want to talk about spring sports.

There are 4 kinds of spring sports which are Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, and Baseball. Girls can join Track & Field or Tennis!! Since I came here, I really wanted to try Track & Field. So, I’m so glad that I can join this club finally. This club has many events which are sprints, distance, hurdles, high jump, long jump, javelin, shot & discus, and so on and we can choose our favorite events. Usually, students choose 1 or 2 events. I chose distance, because I couldn’t do my best at the last Cross Country meet. I’m not struggling with distance, because distance is shorter than Cross Country and we need to run faster than Cross country. But, I’m practicing so that I can improve my record step by step.

Also, I was confident at sprints, so I was thinking I’ll do sprints, but I chose javelin, because I wanted to try something that I had never tried before in Japan. There are many people who have been doing Track & Field since middle school, so sometimes I feel down about my record and practice, but when my record improves or I get the hang of it, I’m so happy. Actually, Track & Field practice is longer than Cross country, and it’s difficult to balance it with homework and studying for tests, but I think it’s a good opportunity that I can manage my time by myself. So, I’ll do my best and I want to learn how I can manage my time by myself.   Thank you for reading my report!

こんにちは!アメリカのオレゴン州にあるWestside Christian High Schoolに1年留学中のM.Cです。3月に入り、残り3ヶ月しかなく6月には帰らなければならないことが信じられません。今回は、クラブについて話したいと思います。

私の学校では、春のスポーツは4種類、陸上、ゴルフ、テニス、野球があります。女子が参加できるものはテニスと陸上です!そして、アメリカについたときからやりたいなと思っていたクラブがTrack & Field(春のスポーツ) だったので、Track & Field に参加することにしました。このクラブでは、短距離、長距離、ハードル、高跳び、走り幅跳び、槍投げ、砲丸投げ、円盤投げなど沢山の陸上競技から選んで練習することができます。(ほとんどの人が1、2種目参加しています。)私は秋のスポーツのクロスカントリーに参加していて、最後の大会で悔しい思いをしたこともあり、1種目として長距離を選びました。クロスカントリーよりも短い距離なので、クロスカントリーよりも速いスピードで走らなければならないことに苦戦していますが、少しずつ記録を伸ばしていけるように練習しています。

また、短距離に自信があったので挑戦しようと思っていたのですが、せっかくなら日本で全く挑戦したことがない、なにか投げるものに挑戦しようと思って槍投げも選びました。ということで、私は槍投げと長距離に参加することにしました!! 中学の時からTrack & Field を続けている人も多く、自分の記録や練習に落ち込むこともありますが、記録が伸びたり、コツを掴んだときは凄く嬉しいです。また、Track & Field の練習時間はクロスカントリーよりも長く、宿題やテスト勉強と両立するのが難しいですが、自分自身で時間管理ができる良い機会だと思うのでしっかりと両立させられるように頑張っていきたいです。  最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございました。

From Heidelberg, Germany,

Hello! It’s A.N from Heidelberg, Germany. In this report I would like to share a sightseeing spot in Heidelberg and what I did though the holidays!

Just a quick information about Heidelberg, the population of the town is about 160,000 and it’s located in the northwest in Germany. It is a small-town surround by the mountain and the Necker River. The place that I will like to share is the Schloss Heidelberg. I think this is the most famous sightseeing spot in Heidelberg. There is two ways you can get there which is using the cable car or by walk. I went there by walk but the slope was very steep so I will suggest you by using the cable car. If you want to feel the nature and have some adventure then maybe go for a walk. (I won’t take the responsibility) When you go inside of the Schloss, you can find the German Pharmacy Museum. There were hundreds of bins of medicine and the history of medicines so it was very interesting. Also, there is a big wine barrel which you can climb to the top. There is nothing to compare from the picture so it might be a bit hard to tell how big it is but it is 8.5 meters tall! The favorite place that I like here is the view from the Schloss. You can see the Necker River and the beautiful townscape of Heidelberg.

Last week we had a week break so I went to see some animals. I saw some wild boars, deer, and Canadian gooses and some other birds. The boars and the deer were bigger than the sizes in Japan so I was a bit scared. The birds were coming back because the cold winter is over. Also, we went to the University of Heidelberg. The campus was enormous and I was very surprised. Moreover, some of the Chinese student in our dormitory made us some traditional Chinese food it was spicy a bit, it kind of reminds me of the Japanese food and it was delicious.

I can’t believe I only have 3 more weeks left here. I will do my best to have fun till the end! Thank for reading for reading and see you next time!    Tschüss!


まず、ハイデルベルクについて簡単に説明すると、町の人口は約16万人で、ドイツの北西部にあります。山とネッカー川に囲まれた小さな町です。 私が紹介したい場所はハイデルベルク城です。ハイデルベルクで最も有名な観光スポットだと思います。ケーブルカーを利用する方法と徒歩で行く方法の2つがあります。歩いて行ったのですが、坂がとても急だったので、ケーブルカーを使って行くことを提案します。自然を感じて冒険したいなら、徒歩で行ってもいいと思います。(私は責任を負いませんが)お城の中に入ると、ドイツ薬局博物館があります。何百もの薬箱と薬の歴史があったので、とても面白かったです。また、上に登れる大きなワイン樽もあります。写真から比較するものがないので、大きさは少しわかりにくいかもしれませんが、高さは8.5メートル!さらに、私がここで好きなところはお城からの眺めです。ネッカー川とハイデルベルクの美しい町並みを見ることができます。



From Heidelberg, Germany,

Hi, I am H. T. from Germany.   I have less than a month left to spend in Germany. When I first came here, the sky was dark and very cold even at 7:00 a.m., but recently the sun seems to be rising earlier. The weather is getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.  I am able to understand the lessons at school with the help of dictionaries and translation sites. In English class, through textbooks and research, we are learning about environmental issues and disasters around the world and thinking about the Japanese word “Ikigai”. In health class, I give lectures to my classmates on how to do yoga. It is difficult, but I feel that my English skills are improving.

Last week, I met a Japanese clerk when I entered a store selling hand cream and other products in Bismar ck Plaza. The clerk gave me some recommendations for places nearby. I went to a Japanese restaurant run by a Japanese man that the clerk told me about. I had been eating a lot of bread and cheese since I came to Germany, so I was happy to be able to eat Japanese food for the first time in a while. Now that the school is on a one week break, I explored the city and took walks in places I had never been before. I heard that there is a place where you can see a lot of cherry blossoms when the weather gets a little warmer, so I would like to go there once before I leave.

From Victoria, Canada

Hello, I am M.S. I am sorry for late to upload this report. I needed to prepare for my exam and ski trip.  I am living in Canada, Victoria. I attend to Claremont secondary school in Saanich. This time, I would like to report about my daily life and pink shirts day.

Eventually, the second term has started.  I am taking dance, outdoor, social and French. I was taking a dance class last time. The dance class has a lots of group work, so I have a chance to talk with someone. In the group project, we are going to make choreography and warm-up. My group has two students who from Germany and Thailand.  Germany friend came to Canada in this semester, so we always hang out in downtown together on weekends.

Next, I would like to talk about social class.   We have a lot of groups work like dance class.  One of the projects was Canadian political party advertising. Choose from five Canadian political parties in Canada and promote about that party. Then all students who taking social class must vote to decide which party’s advertisement was the best. I advertised about the Green Party. There are no international students other than me in social classes. I was so nervous because local students are talking at twice the speed of the international students. I couldn’t get the first place, but it was a lot of fun.

Finally, I would like to report about Pink Shirts Day.  February’s final Friday is pink shirts day. In Feb 23, in school, many students were wearing pink shirts. Pink Shirt Day is a day to think about bullying. In 2007, The boy who wore pink shirt was bullied as gay. Many students who knew of the bullying wore pink shirts to school the next day. This helped to stop the bullying.  Canadian schools do not have uniforms, there are various activities such as Orange Shirt Day and Pink Shirt Day, which are very refreshing.   Thank you for reading my report.

こんにちは、M.S.です。 スキー旅行の準備やテストなどが重なり、レポートが遅れてしまいすみません。 私は現在カナダ、ビクトリアのクレアモントセカンダリスクールに留学しています。 今回はビクトリアでの生活とピンクシャツデーについてレポートします。

ついに二学期が始まりました。 今学期はダンス、アウトドア、社会、フランス語を選択しました。私は前回もダンスを選択していました。ダンスではグループワークが多いので英語をたくさん話すことができます。グループワークでは準備運動や振り付けを作ります。私のグループにはドイツからの留学生とタイからの留学生がいます。ドイツの子は今学期からカナダに来たため、週末は一緒にダウンタウンの散策をしています。


最後にピンクシャツデーについてです。2月の最終水曜日はピンクシャツの日です。2月23日はたくさんの生徒がピンクのシャツを着て登校しました。ピンクシャツデーはいじめについて考える日です。2007年に男の子がピンクのシャツを着ただけでゲイだといじめられました。それを知ったたくさんの生徒が次の日にピンクのシャツを着て登校しました。それによりいじめはなくなりました。カナダの学校には制服がないためオレンジシャツデーやピンクシャツデーなど色々な活動があり、とても新鮮です。 私のレポートを最後までお読みいただきありがとうございます。

From Burnaby, Canada,

Hello! I’m C.M. In February, Semester 2 started! I enjoy my school life right now! Today,  I’m going to talk about Semester 2. Also, I will talk about Valentine’s day in Canada.

I have 4 classes right now. I’m going to explain about these classes. First of all, about math class. This is regular class, so this class is a little bit difficult for me, because English is my second language, and I didn’t know some math’s English wards, my first time was so hard, but now, I’m getting used to it. Also, I have a test once a week, so I have to study for the test every week. Recently, I learned about factorization. I learned about it before in Japan. So, It’s easy for me, but I had to remember many wards about factorization. However, my math teacher is very good teacher, he is very helpful, so I could understand about it in math class. My friend who likes math teach me study about math when I have a test. Then, about dance class. I was very excited about the class! In dance class, we are doing some warm up and dancing the choreography made by may dance teacher, recently, we are doing Jazz dance. The choreography made by the teacher is so dynamic and beautiful. I love it!

Then, I have two ESL(English Second Language) class in the Semester, those are English and science. Usually, we use some article about science in science class. Recently, I learned about the different between physical and chemical. That is a little bit difficult for me, and I have to remember many wards about science. Also, we use article about Canada in English class. Usually, I learn about Canada’s news, and Canada’s culture. I want to improve my English in these class. Second, I’m going to talk about Valentine’s day in Canada. Valentine’s day is an opportunity for people in Canada to tell somebody that they love them in a romantic way. Valentine’s day is not a public holiday. In Valentine’s day, many people send letters, cards, presents and gifts to the person with whom they want to have a romantic relationship. In my school, some students sell roses. My friend got a rose from her boyfriend! I think that’s so good.

Next, I’m going to talk about Third Culture Kid. I learned about that in school. Third culture kids or third culture individuals are people who were raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of their country of nationality, and also live in a different environment during a significant part of their child development years. My host siblings are just that, they can speak English and Chinese, and also my host sister learn French in her school right now. Sometimes, I talk about each country’s culture, they are interested about each culture. I think it is very important to understand each other’s culture. Therefore, I think it is very important to have children who understand each other’s culture. I respect my host siblings because they are still very young and know about many different countries. And I think there are many people of different races in Canada and they seem to understand each other. In fact, I have classmates who are interested in Japanese culture at school and I have never experienced any discrimination. I think it is a very wonderful country. I am glad that I came to Canada.

Finally, I’m going to introduce about what I like about Canada. I like best the fact that I can come in contact with people from various countries. I have had the opportunity to talk with many people from different countries at school and other places. It is very fun to talk about the culture of each country. I have learned a lot of things in Canada. So I like Canada very much! Thank you for reading to the end, I will continue to do my best!





それから、Third Culture Kidについてです。私は学校でこのことについて学んだのですが、第三文化人とは両親や国籍の国の文化とは異なる文化の中で育だったか子どもの発達期のかなりの部分を異なる環境で生活している人たちのことです。私のホストファミリーの兄弟はまさにそれで、英語と中国語が話せますし、ホストシスターは今学校でフランス語を学んでいます。時々私が国の文化について話すと、私のホストファミリーはとても興味を持ってくれます。 私は、お互いの国の文化を理解することはとても大切だと思います。なのでThird Culture Kidのようなお互いの文化を理解する子どもはとても大切だと思います。ホストファミリーの子供たちはまだ幼いのにいろいろな国のことを知っているのでとても尊敬しています。そしてカナダにはいろいろな人種の人がいて、お互いにお互いの文化などを受け入れあっている印象です。実際、私の学校では日本の文化に興味を持ってくれるクラスメイトもいますし、ほとんど差別なども受けたことがありません。カナダはとても素晴らしい国だと思います。なのでカナダに来てよかったと思います。