From America and Canada, How to Spend the Winter Holiday Season

Happy New Year to  You All!   It’s great to share the new reports from the exchange students of Otsuma Nakano studying in America and Canada.

From Colton High School, Oregon, Canada,

Hi, I am E.U. from Oregon, USA. There were many events this month. of December.  First of all, I was able to play in my first basketball game, which I started last month. The result of the game was a 42-16 victory. In addition, I was able to make six consecutive flow throws in practice. At the end of each practice, we had a time to share the highlights of the day with each other, and my teammates told me that I was getting better and better and that it was amazing that I was able to shoot so well. I was really happy.

In the first week of December, I went on a trip to Seattle with other students from the same study abroad group who were studying in the same area. In Seattle, we went to the famous library and saw the gum wall. There was the world’s first Starbucks, but the line was so long that we couldn’t enter the store. It was a trip completely for the international students, and the coordinator was not with us, but since I didn’t know the area well, I wandered into an area where tourists are not supposed to go. It was quite a scary experience and I thought, “Is this America?” But we were able to manage it.

The following week, the Christmas Dance Formal was held. Normally the dance formals are held in February, but at the suggestion of the leadership, it was decided to hold it in December. Since it was announced at the last minute, not many people attended, but it was a good experience to prepare and have dinner with friends. We danced in the freezing cold in heels without jackets. It was a good experience to prepare and have dinner with my friends. I thought that I am still active as I kept dancing in heels without a jacket in the freezing cold.

On the family side, my host brother bought a computer that he had to build from scratch. It was for gaming, and every single part was detailed, so the finished product was really cool. The Brother and his friend worked together without sleep to assemble it. Then came the long-awaited Christmas. The moment Halloween was over, it was all about Christmas here, and Christmas songs were playing on the radio all the time. We played Secret Santa. We drew lots with our names written on them, and prepared pre-cent for the person without telling them, and on Christmas day, the person with the pre-cent and the person with the pre-cent would be revealed. My secret person was my host sister, who gave me a fluffy blanket-like outfit called the comfy. I was drawn to Host Cousin. He is 21 years old and can drink, so I gave him a whiskey glass. For the family, I made a puzzle made of family photos and gave it to them. There was snow on the ground, so we had a snowball fight and made a snowman.

Six months have passed since I came to study abroad. I would like to enjoy the next six months even more.

アメリカ、オレゴン州 クルトンハイスクール 留学レポート


12月の最初に週に同じ地域に留学に来ている同じ留学団体の子達でシアトルに旅行に行ってきました。シアトルでは有名な図書館に行ったり、ガムウォールを見たりしました。世界初のスタバがあったのですが列が長すぎてお店に入ることができませんでした。完全に留学生たちだけの旅行という感じでコーディネーターも付き添いではなかったのですが、なんせ土地勘がないのでおそらく観光客が入ってはいけないであろう地域に迷い込んでしまいました。 ちょっと怖い思いをしてこれがアメリカか…となりましたがなんとかなりました。


家族の方ではホストブラザーが一から組み立てて作るコンピューターを買っていました。ゲーム用のもので一つ一つの部品が細かく、出来上がりは本当にかっこよかったです。ブラザーとその友達で寝ずに組み立てたそうです。そして待ちに待ったクリスマスがやってきました。こちらはハロウィンが終わった瞬間からクリスマス一色でラジオでもずっとクリスマスソングが流れていました。私たちはシークレットサンタをやりました。名前が書かれたくじを引いてその人に内緒でプレセントを用意してクリスマス当日にプレセントと用意して人が明らかになるというものです。私のシークレットさんたはホストシスターでthe comfyというふわふわのブランケットのような服をもらいました。私が引いたのはホストカズンで彼が21歳でお酒が飲めるので、ウイスキーグラスをプレゼントしました。ファミリーには家族写真でできたパズルを作って渡しました。雪が積もっていて雪合戦と雪だるまを作りました。


From Aldergrove Community Secondary School, Langley, BC, Canada,

Hello, my name is M.T. and I am a second year high school student studying in Canada.  This time, I would like to talk about the differences about how to spend Christmas time between Japan and Canada .

In Japan, many high school students really spend or want to spend time with their friends or lovers around this day. Or, like me, some people do not do anything special and spend the day as usual. In Canada, however, this event is very important, and it is a family affair. There may also be religious issues as for the differences.

My homestay family had a Christmas tree up and running from the beginning of November, and they even went so far as to decorate the house. However, I felt that it was a waste of electricity because the preparation and cleaning up was quite tedious, and the lights on the tree and exterior were on almost all day. Other than that, we eat turkey. It tasted like boiled chicken.   Anyhow, I prefer the Japanese style of individual enjoyment as you like.   Thank you for reading.

こんにちは、カナダのBC州 オルダグレーヴ・セカンダリーに留学している高校2年生のM.Tです。今回は、日本とカナダの違い~クリスマス編~についてお話ししたいと思います。

クリスマスについてです。日本では、学生はこの日の近辺は友達や恋人と過ごす、または、それを望んでいる人が多いのではないでしょうか。あるいは私のように特段何もせず、普段の生活と変わりない日を過ごす人もいると思います。しかし、カナダでは、この行事はとても大切にされていて、しかも家族と過ごすことが当たり前とされています。宗教上の問題もあると思います。 私のホームステイ先では11月の初旬からクリスマスツリーを用意し、さらには家の外装も豪華にするほどの気合いの入れようで、度肝を抜かれました。しかし、準備や片付けがかなり面倒な割には、飾ったところでそれまでだなと感じてしまい、さらに、クリスマスツリーや外装のライトアップも、ほぼ一日中されているので、電気代の無駄だなと感じてしまいました。また、ターキーを食べたりします。味はゆでた鶏肉の味です。私は、やはり日本の個人で好きなように楽しむスタイルが好きです。お読みいただきありがとうございました。

From Burnaby South Secondary, BC in Canada,

Hi, everyone! I’m H.O, currently studying abroad for one year at Burnaby in Canada. In this report, I would like to talk about some of the events in November.

The first is Remembrance Day.   In Canada,  every year November 11th is Remembrance Day, and this day mourns the people who died in World War I.  In my high school, they had remembrance ceremonies where we gave a silent tribute to them. I’m taking choir class, so I sang songs on the stage with the members of the choirs. Also on this day, there were a lot of posters on the wall everywhere in my high school, and I thought it is a really important thing not to forget the wars  and learn from the history.

The second is Christmas decoration. Christmas is coming these days, so the leadership club that I belong to did Christmas decorations in the cafeteria. Also, my host father and I did Christmas decorations outside of the house. It was a kind of rainy day, so it was very hard to attach the Christmas light, but when we completed it, all looked very nice. Each neighborhood house was decorated pretty and colorful. I like Christmas more than before.

I will stay healthy and have fun! Thank you for reading my report to the end.


1つ目はRemembrance Dayです。毎年11月11日はRemembrance Dayでこの日は第一次世界大戦で亡くなってしまった人達を追悼する日です。私の学校では黙とうをしたりする追悼式のようなものがありました。私は音楽のクラスをとっていて合唱団の一員としてステージで歌を披露しました。また学校の様々なところにRemembrance Dayのポスターがはってあり、このような戦争を振り返り、過去の歴史から学ぶというのもとても大事なことだと思いました。

2つ目はクリスマスの飾りつけです。クリスマスが近づいてきて私の所属しているleadership clubではカフェテリアをデコレーションしました。また、ホストファザーと家の外の飾りつけをしたりしました。雨の日だったので大変でしたが、出来上がりはとてもきれいでした。どのお家もかわいくカラフルに飾りつけをしていてクリスマスがより好きになりました。