From America & Canada – Exchange Reports Happy Holidays & New Year!

Now new exchange reports reached us from America and Canada.  It would be great to share the reports on Westside Christian High School in Oregon, USA,  Alpha Secondary School in BC, Canada. and Drumheller Valley Secondary School in Alberta, Canada.

From Oregon, USA,   An exchange report from Westside Christian High School

I’m M.C. and I’m studying at Westside Christian High School in Oregon for one year.  It’s December, and I feel as if Halloween in October was just yesterday, time is flying by so fast.

The biggest winter event in the U.S. is Christmas, and as soon as Thanksgiving  is over in November, Christmas decorations begin to be put up. Since my school, which is Westside, is a Christian school, I learned that Christmas is not only a time to exchange gifts and have fun, but also an important month to celebrate the birth of Jesus. There were many events at school during the Christmas season. For example, we had Christmas tree decorations after school, Christmas parties for each grade, and Christmas concert. For the Christmas tree decorating, we made decorations according to sophomore’s theme of “Classic Grinch” while eating hot chocolate and cookies. The winner was senior!! At the class Christmas party, we enjoyed watching movies, decorating cookies, and meeting with my friends.  They had a basketball machine, a ping pong table, and an airfield hockey table in the basement room of their house, and my friends said “It is the American high school party!” I think it was a precious opportunity for me to have the same experience as the local school students.

At the Christmas concert, there was a performance by the band and Choir. The band was made up of fifth graders through high school student, and I was also impressed with their skills that I couldn’t believe that they were from elementary school through high school students. We also had a Christmas party in Bible class (called family fan day), a cheerleading performance, and a full month of other activities.

To wrap up my report,  thanks for reading my report from Oregon, America!   Wish for all having a great new year!

オレゴン州のWestside Christian High School に1年留学中のM.C.です。 12月に入りましたが、10月のHalloweenが昨日のことのように感じられるほど、時間の流れを早く感じています。

アメリカの冬のビッグイベントといえばクリスマスです。11月のThanksgivingが終わるとすぐにクリスマスの飾り付けが始まり、多くの家がライトアップされています。私が通っているWestside は Christian の学校なので、クリスマスはただプレゼントを交換して楽しむだけでなく、Jesusの誕生を祝う大事な月だということも学べました。そしてクリスマスシーズンになると、学校でも沢山のイベントがありました。 放課後のクリスマスツリーデコレーション、学年ごとのクリスマスパーティー、クリスマスコンサートです。クリスマスツリーのデコレーションでは、ココアとクッキーを食べながらsophomoreのお題の”classic grinch”にそったデコレーションを作り、飾り付けをしました。優勝したのはseniorでした!クラス・クリスマスパーティーでは、映画を見たりクッキーデコレーションをしたり、雑談をしたりして楽しみました。 クラスメイトのお家の地下の部屋にバスケットボールマシーンや卓球台、エアホッケーテーブルがあり、The Americanなクラスパーティーで友達も、これがHigh school Partyか!といっていたので、現地の高校生と同じ体験ができた貴重な機会だったと思います 。

クリスマスコンサートではバンド、Choirのパフォーマンスがありました。5年生から高校生までのバンドだったのですが、小学生から高校生だということが信じられないくらい上手で感動しました。 他にも私の学校では、聖書のクラスでクリスマスパーティーがあったり、チアダンスのパフォーマンスがあったり、充実した月でした。


From British Columbia, Canada,  An Exchange report from Alpha Secondary School

Hi, everyone! I’m S.O. and an international student at Alpha Secondary School in BC, Canada. It’s my pleasure if you could read the following to the end. In Canada, now that Halloween is over, I can see Christmas decorations at everywhere and they are very beautiful.

In November, my ELL class went to Fly Over Canada, which we had been planning to do for a while. This facility offers a panoramic view of Canada, and it was like “Soarin” at Disney Sea in Japan. It was like a picnic, and I had a great time because I hadn’t gone anywhere for classes when I was in Japan.

Also, November 11th was my friend’s birthday, so me and my friends went to “Central City Fun Park”.  It’s not a well-known place in Canada, and my host family didn’t know about it. This is a facility where you can play a lot of games and get prizes based on the points you earn. It was so fun because I was able to play games that I had never played before in Japan. Next month is finally December!  I’m so excited because in December we have Christmas, which is my favorite event!

Thank you for reading my report. See you next time!!  Have a happy new year!


11月に入り学校ではELLのクラスで前から計画していた “Fly Over Canada” という施設に行きました。この施設はカナダの景色を一望する体験ができるもので、日本でいうディズニーシーにあるソアリンのような感じでした。日本では小学校以来、授業でどこかに出かけるということがあまりなかったので遠足みたいで楽しかったです。

また11月は台湾からきた友達の誕生日があり、友達みんなで “Central City Fun Park” というところで遊びました。カナダではあまり知られている場所ではなくホストファミリーも知らなかったのですが、たくさんゲームをして獲得できたポイントで賞品が貰えるという施設でした。日本ではやった事のなかったゲームもすることができ、とても楽しかったです。

12月は私の大好きなイベントであるクリスマスがあるのでとても楽しみです。最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございます。次回のレポートもお楽しみに!! よいお年をお迎え下さい。

From Alberta, Canada,  An Exchange report from Drumheller Valley Secondary School.

My name is H.I. and I am a student at Drumheller Valley Secondary School in Alberta, Canada.  It has been four months since I came to study in Canada.   This month of December, it started to snow a lot and we got a lot of snow.  We also enjoyed a snowball fight and made a snowman together.

In November and December, I had various opportunities to do many things.  One was a chance to visit the Dinosaur Museum and see the tram.  At the dinosaur museum, I could learn a lot about the history of this city and dinosaurs.  The tram was more impressive than I expected and a bit bigger than the trams in Japan.

We also had a lot of events at school, such as “pajama day” and “wearing a catsuit day” with all the teachers and students.  This month we also went out with our roommates and dorm mates, went bowling, and asked our Canadian friends to help us with our assignments.

During our Christmas holidays, we enjoyed watching movies together, making sweets, playing basketball and much more!  At school, the teachers made pancakes for us to eat before our Christmas holidays.

We also had a lot of fun getting Christmas presents from our teachers and exchanging Christmas presents with our friends!

Thank you for reading.  Now we will have a new year soon!   Hope you have a great new year!




12月には寮の先生が企画してくれたクリスマスバケーション中のアクティビティなど多くの体験をしました。クリスマスバケーション中のアクティビティではみんなで映画鑑賞をしたりお菓子作りやバスケ対決など色々なことに挑戦し楽しまさせていただきました! 学校ではクリスマスバケーション前に先生たちがパンケーキを作ってくれみんなで食べるなど楽しかったです。 クリスマスプレゼントを寮の先生からもらったり、友達とクリスマスプレゼントを交換し合うなどすごく楽しかったです!