From Canada – Halloween and more – New Reports on Exchange in Canada

From Canada – Halloween and more – New Reports on their exchange programs in Canada.

Hallo everyone,  I am M.T. a one-year exchange student from Canada. In this report, I will talk about several differences between Japan and Canada regarding buses. There are two major differences that I have noticed in my daily life in Canada, as I mainly use a car or a bus when moving around.

First, in Japan, buses leave after making sure all passengers are seated, but in Canada, buses depart as soon as the last passenger has boarded the bus. However, buses in Canada are not very punctual, and it is usual that buses do not arrive on time. I really felt how well organized the buses are going in Japan.

The second is that talking is allowed in buses. In Japan, you are required to set your phone to manner mode and refrain from in buses. but in Canada, this is not the case at all, and no one ever asks you to do so. Canada is a country where you don’t have to warry about the details as long as you observe certain manners and morals, but if you don’t know them, you will be embarrassed.

Lastly, I would like to share with you an “exciting and heartwarming episode” that I actually experienced on a bus in Canada. It happened about a month ago. I had been playing at McDonald’s with my friends after school as usual, and when it was getting dark, I decided to take the bus to go home. And when I thanked him, he said “ありがとう“ and got off at the next station.  If it had not been for that man, I wouldn’t be here today. I want to repay him somehow, but I don’t know how to do it, so what I can do now is to take a bus  as much as possible. I would be very happy if l could meet him someday. Thank you very much for reading.

皆さん、こんにちは。カナダに留学している高校2年生のM.Tです。  今回は、カナダと日本の違い~バス編~について書きたいと思います。

車やバスでの移動が主とされ、普段から使用している中で、私が感じた違いは大きく2つあります。 1つ目は、運転が荒いということです。日本では、乗客が皆着席したことを確認してからバスが発車しますが、カナダでは最後尾にいた乗客がバスに乗り込んだところを確認したらすぐに発車します。しかも、時間にルーズで、予定到着時刻にバスが来ないことも日常茶飯事、また、安全運転とは言えないような運転が目立ち、あまりいい環境とは言えないでしょう。いかに日本の環境整備が整っているかを痛感しました。

2つ目は、車内での通話が許されているということです。日本では、乗車時はマナーモードに設定の上、通話は控えるように言われていますが、カナダではそういうことは一切なく、またそれを咎める人もいません。 ある程度のマナーやモラルを守っていれば、細かいことをいわれない国、カナダですが、それらを知らないと恥をかく、ある意味難しい国であると感じました。

最後に、私が実際に体験した、カナダのバスで起きた「ドキり・ほっこりエピソード」をご紹介します。それは、1カ月前の出来事です。いつものように放課後、友達とマクドナルドで遊んだ後、辺りがすっかり暗くなってしまったため、家に帰るのにバスを使おうと思い、乗車しようとしたところ乗車賃が足りず、泣く泣く降車しようとしたところ、後ろから面識のない一人の男性に私の分を払っていただいたのです。しかも、お礼を言ったところ、日本語で「ありがとう」といい、次の駅で降車していきました。 あの男性がいなければ、今の私はいないと言っていいくらいです。 どうにか恩返ししたいのですが、どうすればよいかわからないため、今できることは、なるべくバスに乗ることだと考えています。 いつか会えたら、うれしいです。


From Canada –

Hi, everyone! I’m C.M. an international student studying abroad in Canada. Today, I’ll talk about my life in my school and Halloween.

First, I’ll talk about my school. I’m getting used to my school life here. I became good friends with local students and international students from other countries. I’m  shy and introvert,  so I’m not very good at talking to people, but since the time I came to Canada, I  decided to give it  my best to talk to others a lot. Anyhow, all students were so friendly and kind. They were tried their best to listen to my ragged English. Teachers at the school were all very kind and polite, and I felt that the environment was very conducive to learning.

The difference between Canadian schools and Japanese schools that I felt during my two months in Canada is the relationship between teachers and students.   Teachers at my school are very friendly and not too strict, and they let me be free. However, on the other hand , I had to take responsibility for all my actions, and I really felt it would be difficulty of acting on my own responsibility. It’s a tough environment, but I felt that I could learn a lot from it.

Studying abroad was almost like being alone because my parents were not around me, and I realized how immature I was. Studying at a Canadian school also made me realize some advantages of Japanese school. It’s that I can learn about respect for superiors in schools in Japan. There is clear hierarchical relationship between students and teachers, juniors and seniors, and so on. When I came abroad, I realized that there were things I could learn because of this.

Also, compared to Canadian schools where there are almost no school rules and you are free to do as you please, I think Japanese schools have strict school rules and many restrictions. To be honest, I used to find it annoying, but after being in a free environment, I finally realized how important it is to follow the school rules. There may be some school rules that make you wonder why they are there, but I felt that it is more of a practice to adapt to the environment and follow the rules in that environment. I am currently living in a homestay, and each house has its own rules and regulations that I have to follow. I am sure that there will be many situations where you will have to adapt to your surroundings in society. In that sense, I think it is important to follow the school rules. And above all, I think that rules are there to protect the place in various ways. At my school, which has fewer rules than schools in Japan, I have seen students playing with things that don’t concern them during class, throwing things at each other in public places, and leaving garbage in the street.  There are also students who throw things at each other in public places, and people who leave garbage in the street. In that sense, I felt that Japanese schools are very safe and well protected. I don’t think it is possible to decide which is better or worse, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. I was able to see both with my own eyes and think about them on that basis, so I am glad to have had this valuable experience. My English has also become much more understandable than when I first started going to school! I had a lot of anxiety at first, but I realized that if I steadily work on one thing at a time, I will learn.

Next, I’d like to talk about Halloween! It was my first time to go abroad for Halloween, so I was really excited! I joined a volunteer club at my school called LEO CLUB this month, and my first job was to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! To briefly explain how to make them, you cut the top of the pumpkin so that it becomes a lid, take the contents and dig out the pattern you want. I was personally surprised to learn that you can eat the seeds inside the pumpkin! I personally was surprised to learn that you can eat the pumpkin seeds! I used the biggest pumpkin I could find, so my arms were really tired, but I’m glad I was able to make some great memories with the students and teachers! On Halloween, we had a fashion show during the school lunch break, went into the horned house, and took pictures in the photo booth! On Halloween, we had a fashion show during the school lunch break, went into the Horned House, and took pictures in the photo booth. We also went trick or treating in the residential areas of Vancouver and got a lot of candy! We had a lot of fun decorating the houses and all the houses were gorgeous. It was great to be able to experience Halloween in a foreign country.

Finally, I would like to write a message to students who are reading this and are considering studying abroad but are not feeling brave enough. I am not a good student, I am not good at anything, and I came to Canada with a low level of English. Studying abroad is a very hard thing to do and you have to do it alone, so I can understand why you might be hesitant. I don’t think I can say that studying abroad is the absolute right answer, and I don’t want to force you to do it because I think it depends on each person’s way of working hard, but if you have the desire to study abroad, learn English, or challenge yourself in any way, I think you should definitely give it a try. It’s hard work, but it’s also more manageable than you think, and even I’ve been able to manage it, so I’m sure you’ll be fine too. I still have a long way to go, so I’ll keep working hard. Thank you for reading to the end today!






次にハロウィンについてお話していきたいと思います!海外でのハロウィンは初めてだったのですごくワクワクしていました!私は今月ハロウィンBという学校のボランティアクラブに入ったのですが、初めての仕事はハロウィンで使用するjack-o-lanternを作ることでした!作り方を簡単に説明すると、かぼちゃの上の方が蓋になるように切って中身を取って好きな模様を掘ります。私が個人的にびっくりしたことは、かぼちゃの中身の種を食べることができるということです!少ししょっぱくてとてもおいしかったです。私は一番大きなかぼちゃを使って作ったのでとても腕が疲れましたが、生徒さんと先生方と素敵な思い出を作ることができて良かったです!ハロウィンの日は、学校のお昼休憩の時にファッションショーをしたり、ホーンテッドハウスに入ったり、フォトブースで写真を撮ったりしました!そしてバンクーバーの住宅街でtrick or treatをして、沢山お菓子をいただきました!家の装飾もどの家もとても豪華でとても楽しかったです。海外ハロウィンーンを体験できてとてもよかったです。


From BC, Canada,

Hi everyone! I’m now at BC Nelson Canada, and this is my second report. I hope you’ll enjoy this report. Here at Nelson, it’s getting cold. We could see the snow on the mountain right now. My host family say that it will snow soon so I’m quite excited with that! In this report I’ll write about what I have experienced in one month.

In Nelson, leaves on trees are turning yellow and it’s so beautiful. Anyway, have you ever been inside the cave? This week, I went to a hot spring for the activity for exchange students in Kootenay Lake district. This hot spring has a cool view, and the water is nice and warm. They also had a cave that you can go inside, and it is not a fake cave, it is real. I never been inside the cave before so that activity was really fun! It kind of reminds me of the Japanese Onsen. Next month we are going to a place where we will be able to enjoy a mystery game in downtown. I’m so excited!!

Here at Nelson, we have a café that is supper famous that all the people in here knows. That café is called OSO Negro and I went with my friend this month. The café looks so nice and the coffee there is really good. I never had a coffee like that. I also had a raspberry cake and that was also very good. I thought I could go there every day.

I did so many things this month and had a lot of fun. Next month the classes at school will change and the final exam is coming, and I think it will be a busy month. This is the end of my report and I’ll see you in my nest report!! Thank you for reading!



ここネルソンでは地元の人は全員知っているほど超有名なカフェがあります。OSO Negro というカフェでとてもおしゃれなカフェです。今月友人に誘われていきました。コーヒーが今まで飲んでいたのは何なのだってくらいすごくおいしくてとても感動しました!サイドでラズベリーケーキも注文しそれもラズベリーの酸っぱさが少しあり本当においしかったです!毎日行きたいと思えるほど楽しめました!