From BC, Canada – New Exchange Students’ Reports in Spring

Now here come new exchange reports from BC, Canada.  It’s great to share the following two new reports.  We would be grateful if you could enjoy reading them!

A new report from M.M. at Burnaby South Secondary School, BO, Canada,

Hello, everyone!!! I’m M.M. and I’m an international exchange student studying at Burnaby Mountain Secondly School in BC, Canada. I hope I can provide plenty of information about my life in Canada.

It’s been four months since I came in Canada. Q4 has already been a month, so I’m getting used to life in Canada.  Though I may have written it in my last report, I have PE and ELL science in Q4. PE is really really hard…..I run around my school every day, also I run for 7km through the mountain every Friday lol. However, there is much nature around my school unlike Japan, so it’s hard but fun. I’m always worried by muscle pain though. Also, I play many kinds of sports in PE class. I played Frisbee tennis for the first time lol.  The gym in my school is really huge, and also everything looks different dimension lol.  One thing I was touched  in PE class, which is that when someone in PE class mess up, all students don’t laugh and say “Nice try!!” . Everyone makes good situation for students who not good at sports. I think this is really nice thing.

By the way, the weather was really amazing in May, so I went to many parks. After school or Weekends. Parks in Canada are really really huge unlike parks in Japan. There are lakes in the park like this picture, also sooooo beautiful. There are lot of families in the park, I feel flow of time is slow. Also, I went to the sea. I could feel nice wind and not hot, so I could feel comfortable. I went to Toys”R”Us with my friend although I’m already 16 years old.  However, I could enjoy seriously lol.  There were many kinds of board games which were different from that of Japan in the shop, then I found a lot of new things.  I’m gonna buy a bunch of board game when I go back to Japan.

What’s more, BTS meal started at McDonald in Canada since few weeks ago. I went to eat BTS meal to McDonald with my friend because I’m army. However, it was really expensive…. That’s BTS.  Also, finally, the regulations of COVID-19 have been relaxed few days ago, then we became able to eat foods inside. Finally!!!!!!!! I was waiting for long time. Immediately, I went to eat Yakiniku with my friends, it was amazing… Too expensive though..

So far I have many friends who are international students same as me, but few days ago I hung out with my Canadian friend only us for the first time. International student’s English and Native English are different….. It’s hard to understand native English. I’ll do my best without impatience.

I will keep on trying at everything!!!Thank you for reading my report until end. See you soon.


私がカナダに来てから4ヶ月がすでに経過しました。Q4も1ヶ月が過ぎ、少しずつ慣れてきました。前回のレポートで書いたかもしれませんが、私はQ4で体育とELL Scienceをとっています。体育は本当に本当にきついです。毎日学校の周りを走って、毎週金曜日には7kmほど森の中を通ったりしながら走っています(笑)ですが日本と違い、自然が周りにあるので辛いですが楽しいです。毎日、筋肉痛に悩まされてますが。他にも体育の授業ではいろんなスポーツをやります。フリスビーゴルフなんて初めてやりました(笑)体育館も大きく、すべての規模が異次元です(笑)体育の授業内で素敵だなと思ったことがあります。それは誰かが失敗したとき、決して笑わずにnice try!!などと声をかけることです。スポーツが苦手な生徒にもプレイする機会を作ってくれる。すごく素敵だなと思います。


カナダでは数週間前からマクドナルドでBTS mealの発売が始まりました。私はARMY(BTSのファン)なので友達と食べに行ったのですが、すごく高かったです、、、さすがBTS。そしてついに数日前から規制がゆるくなり、レストランやカフェ内で飲食ができるようになりました。ついに!!!!ずっと待っていました。早速友達と焼肉を食べに行ったのですが、最高でした、、、すごく高かったですが、、、私の友だちは私と同じ留学生の子がおおいのですが、数日前初めてカナダディアンの友達と2人で遊びに行きました。やはり留学生の英語と本場の英語は違いますね、、、すごく理解するのが難しいです。でも焦らずに少しずつ頑張ろうと思います。


A new report from J.O. at Byrne Creek Community School, BC, Canada,

Hello, I’m J. O. studying abroad at Byrne Creek Community School in Canada. I’ll talk about my life in April and May. There were many things in April and May. It’s getting warmer Canada, but it’s still colder than Japan.

First, I welcomed my birthday at the beginning of April. My host family prepared noodles, pizza, cake, and great things for my birthday party.  Along with that, they sang a birthday song before I blew out the candles. In Japan, my family had sung a birthday song when I was young, but I ate cake without singing after I grew up, so it has been a long time and I was delighted with that. Also, I got gifts from my host family and my friends. It was a really nice birthday.

In April, the quarter 3 finished and the quarter 4 started. I’m taking PE and science of ELL. I was looking forward to the PE class so I’m enjoying the class.  Also, I have been participating in a skateboarding club with my friends since April. I’m not good at do skateboarding, but I want to be good, so I’ll do my best.

I had an event of Leo club in May. We silently prayed for the victims of COVID-19, thinking about COVID-19 and what we had to do.  I saw a rainbow on the way home after this event. It was so beautiful.

Mother’s Day was on May 9th, so I gave gifts that soap and chocolate to my host mother. She was pleased with it, so I was also happy.

In April and May, we did barbeque in the backyard with my host family, and I went to eat Japanese food with my friends then I taught them how to use chopsticks. I also did a picnic, played tennis, and did a lot of things in these months.

I have only one month left in Canada, but I’ll do my best without regrets. Thank you for reading.

こんにちは!カナダの Byrne Creek Community schoolに留学中のJ.O. です。今回のレポートでは4月と5月にあったことについて話します。カナダは暖かくなってきていますが、まだ日本よりは涼しいです。



5月に私が入っているLeo club のイベントがありました。コロナ・ウイルスで亡くなった世界中の人に向けて黙とうをしたり、コロナ・ウイルスについて考えたり、いろいろなことをしました。このイベントの後の帰り道に、虹が見えました。とてもきれいでした。


4月と5月には裏庭でバーベキューをホストファミリーとしたり、日本食を友達と食べに行って、お箸の使い方を教えたりしました。また、ピクニックやテニスなどたくさんのことをしました。 私はあと1か月しかカナダで過ごせませんが、悔いなく頑張ります。読んでいただきありがとうございました。