From Canada – Happy Valentine and February in Burnaby

Now updated one-year exchange program reports reached us from BC in Canada.  M. and J. are now enrolling at Burnaby South Secondary School and Byrne Creek Community School as international students, gives reflections on their lives during last February.  Here we go!!

Hello, everyone, I am M.H, an exchange student studying at Burnaby South Secondary School in Canada. In Burnaby, it’s been still cold, but the daytime has been getting much longer than the last month.  Plus, it sometimes snows recently.

This month, I had my leg injured, so I went to the clinic. I was worried about seeing doctor because I thought I had to speak anything in English, but a translator was available in this clinic. My study abroad agency recommended that I should go to this clinic.  They made an appointment with the clinic for me. I had never expected to go to the clinic, so I was so scared when I went to the clinic. I thought there were some different points from a Japanese clinic. First, the doctor was more friendly than Japan. Also, I found the medicine I was given was so huge. When I saw it, I was surprised at the size.

Anyway, I learned that I didn’t have to worry about it when I had to go to the clinic because many people supported me. It was not good to hurt my leg, but I had a good experience.

Also, we had Valentine’s day in February. The girls don’t make some chocolates in Canada.  Actually they give a chocolate, but they don’t make it.  So, I think the custom would be only what Japanese people do.  In Canada, people give some red roses. My friends were making rose using origami for the event.  At home, I made chocolate cake with my host mother several times and this time what I made was the best. My host brother and my host father liked it. I was so happy!

My life is still tough because of COVID-19, but I will continue to give it my best try.

Thank you for reading my report!

みなさん、こんにちは!カナダのBurnaby South Secondary Schoolに留学中のM.Hです。 バーナビーは、まだまだ寒いですが、日が長くなってきました。今月は時々、雪も降りました。



また、今月はバレンタインもありました。日本では女の子がチョコレート作って渡すことが多いですが、カナダはあまりチョコレートを作るという文化がありません。よく赤いバラをプレゼントするみたいです。私の友達もイベントのために折り紙でバラを作っていました。 家ではホストマザーとチョコケーキを作ってお祝いしました。今まで何回かホストマザーとケーキを作りましたが、今回のが一番いい出来だったと思います。ホストブラザーもホストファザーもとても喜んでくれてうれしかったです。


Hello, I am J. O., studying abroad at Byrne Creek Community School in Canada. In this report, I’ll talk about my experience in last February. It snowed several times in February.  There was snow on the ground.

The new semester started in February. At the same time, many new international students came to school. These new international students came from Germany, Italy, Thailand, Japan and so on.  I enjoyed eating lunch with new international students, dancing and talking after school. I am greatly happy to make more friends.

There were some events in February. The first is Lunar New Year 2021. One classroom was decorated with Chinese feel and taste, and there were a lot of sheets of paper with Chinese written on them, which were displayed in the corridor in the school. I was surprised to see that it was celebrated in Canada.

The second one is what was about Valentine’s Day. I got a rose from the teacher on February 12th. The teacher gave all international students roses. I wrapped those roses after school of volunteer on 10th and 11th of February.  I have never been doing volunteer work much in Japan, so it was fun to me.

In British Columbia, many activities have been regulated due to the influence of COVID-19. I hope it will be lifted soon.  Thank you for reading.

こんにちは! カナダのByrne Creek Community School に留学中のJ.O.です。今回は2月の出来事についてお話しします。この2月には何回か雪が降り、積もることがありました。