From Burnaby Canada – Exchange Reports on Christmas & New Year!

Even though the world is now faced with such a hard time, people celebrate Happy Christmas and New Year!   Now the following updated reports on Christmas and New Year reached us from Burnaby in Canada.  M. H. and J. O. exchange students from Otsuma Nakano, shared with us the happiest Christmas experience that do not look like they have been before.  Here we go!

Happy new year!  I’m M.H, an exchange student studying at Burnaby South Secondary school in Canada.  Here in Burnaby, it got colder, and it snowed much, so the garden looked beautiful because of the snow.

There were some events in December.

First, an incident happened. Two people were fighting with guns in front of my school. So, we were in a lockdown for about 30 minutes. We didn’t know about what happened at that time. We were very confused. Then they were caught by the police. I was surprised when I know about it.

The second is Christmas. I made a cake and cookies with my host mother. My host mother cooked a big turkey for dinner. I was surprised because it was so big. She prepared various other meals. Also, my host family gave me a Christmas gift. I was so happy. I spent with my host family until midnight.

The third is New Year’s Eve. I made special dinner with my host mother. We celebrated in 2021. I popped the party poppers with my host brother. Also, the fireworks were let off in the sky at that time.

These all were valuable experiences for me. I will do my best in 2021.  Thank you for reading my report!!

あけましておめでとうございます!私はカナダのBurnaby South Secondary schoolに留学しているM.Hです。バーナビーはさらに寒くなり、このあいだは雪が降りました。雪によって家の庭がとても綺麗でした。




これらは私にとって貴重な経験です。2021年もベストを尽くそうと思います。 私のレポートを読んでくださりありがとうございます!

A Happy New Year!  I’m J. O. studying abroad at Byrne Creek Community School in Canada.  In this updated report, I’ll talk about my winter vacation.

The first thing is about Christmas. I wore a Santa’s hat with my host mother when we went out. There are not many people in Japan who wear Santa’s hat when they go out at Christmas time, but in Canada, many people wore Santa’s hat or headbang. I could see downtown from where I went shopping.

On the 24th of December, I woke up until the date changed on the 25th and had a Christmas dinner with my host family just before the date changed. Then the opening of the gift started as soon as the date changed. There were many gifts under the Christmas tree.  I went to see Christmas lights by car with my host family on Christmas night. It was very beautiful.

The second thing is about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I ate my favorite sushi in New Year’s Eve. Like Christmas, we woke up until the date changed and had a meal again after the beginning of 2021.

As a tradition of my host family, they put money near the windows of our house, and we wore red clothes on New Year’s Eve. I’m glad I was able to experience a culture different from Japan.

I’ll try my best the studying abroad life of 2021 too.  Thank you for reading.

明けましておめでとうございます。カナダのByrne Creek Community School に留学中のJ.O.です。このレポートでは私の冬休みについて話します。






2021年の留学生活も頑張ります。 読んでいただきありがとうございました。