From Canada – Exchange Report – Christmas is on the Corner

Now new exchange reports for November issues from Otsuma Nakano students studying abroad in Canada reached us.  Thanks to the Government of Canada and the Board Education of Burnaby School District, M.H. and J.O. Sophomore students of Otsuma Nakano have been enjoying their study abroad programs there in Burnaby, Canada.  Christmas is on the corner, so both of them look forward to enjoying Christmas in Canada!

Hello, I’m J. O. studying abroad at Byrne Creek Community school.  Now it is great to introduce what I experienced in this November to you all.

The first thing to be introduced is about that the first semester was over. The first semester ended in mid-November, and then, soon the second semester began.  There was no break time between these terms.  I have a math class and a food studies class this semester.  However, unfortunately, I have no afternoon classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday because of the influence of COVID-19.  I wanted to have afternoon classes every day.  And yet, I want to talk to my friends, so I enjoy having lunch at school and then go home.

The second thing is that we had my host father’s birthday. I gave him a teacup because he loves drinking tea. He was pleased with it, so I was happy about it.  What’s more, we had sushi for dinner that day.  I was grateful at the opportunity because sushi is my favorite food. Of course, it was no match for Japanese sushi, so I miss Japanese sushi very much.

The last thing is about that we kicked off preparation for Christmas.  I decorated the Christmas tree with my host family the other day. There is light decoration outside the house.  Other houses are also light up. I like illuminations so it is fascinating for me to see it lit up.

I went to the outlet with my host family on the last weekend of this month and it was fun. I will enjoy the rest of my study abroad life and do my best. Thank you for reading!

こんにちは、カナダのByrne Creek Community school に留学しているJ.O.です。 さて、今回は皆さんに11月の出来事について紹介します。





Hello, everyone, I’m M.H, an exchange student studying at Burnaby South Secondary School in Canada. Now in Burnaby, it’s been raining almost every day. Also, the rules about “ COVID-19 ” have become stricter than before. So, now we are not allowed to get together even outside.

The subjects I took changed in the middle of this month, because this year we will take two subjects each for ten weeks.  Quarter 1 was over, and Quarter 2 has begun.  There was not any special events in this month, so I asked two questions to the teachers in Quarter 1. The first question is “ what do you think about Japanese international students? ”  The first teacher answered, “I love them.”  The second teacher answered, “ Japanese international students work really hard and very serious.”

The second question is “ what do you think about Japan? “. The first teacher replied to my question as follows,” It is a really nicely organized country and lovable. Japanese people just seem to enjoy the present time. They enjoy their culture.”  The second teacher’s answer was “ I love Japan. Chinese and Japanese culture are similar, but there are many differences. So I really need to go there.”  She is from China.

They have been to Japan. And they love Japan, which made me very happy.  I gave them Japanese snacks on the day of the last class. They were very happy about that.

Christmas is coming soon, so I put out a Christmas tree and decorated it with my host family. My host brother showed me the Christmas wreath he made at school. I’m looking forward to Christmas.

Thank you for reading my report!

みなさんこんにちは!私はカナダのBurnaby South Secondary Schoolに留学しているM.Hです。今Burnabyはほとんど毎日雨が降っています。また、コロナの感染者数が増え、コロナに関する規則も厳しくなり、私たちは外でさえ集まることができなくなってしまいました。