From Ireland, Fantastic Events at Dundalk GS for Christmas Time

A Happy New Year!  It is my great pleasure to update the report on my exchange at Dundalk Grammar School in Ireland.

Hello everyone. I’m Rikako Yasuda, studying in Dundalk Grammar School in Ireland.  What was your Christmas like?  When it comes to my Christmas, Irish Christmas was brilliant. Moreover, my host family loves to do something surprising. So, I really enjoyed that time.  I have never had such great Christmas ever before.  I had Christmas dinner such as turkey, ham, baked potatoes, turnip, parsnip, gravy and deserts, which were mince pie and Christmas pudding.  Anyhow, in this report, I would like to talk about the following four events I had in December.

The first event is my junior school musical “Sounds of Music”.  As I wrote about it in my previous report, I designed and made every sets and props for this musical.  I worked very hard.  Actually, I spent every lunchtime and afterschool period from half 5 to half 8, but I really really like to make musical stuffs, so that the time was the greatest for me. Also, during the musical, I supported them as a background staff.  What’s more, I had joined the musical “GHOST” as a character. So, I could help not only moving sets but also management of the sound effect of music and costume.  The players were so cute and teachers were very kind to me. Therefore, I could make a fantastic memory and I was so happy to help them with this musical performance.

The second event is Green School party. I have joined Green School since last September. This project’s main theme is “Let’s take action to save our planet!” In the past, we planted trees and made some posters about recycling. In this party, we invited three guests who are working for ECO-UNESCO.  They made speeches about the world problems and their works. Also, I tried making a presentation about Japanese excessive packaging during the assembly. After the assembly many students were interested in my topic and asking some questions about it. I was so happy and proud of it. After the assembly we raced Green flag and had a party. We were discussing a topic of climate change. It became a great opportunity for me to think deeply about it.

The third event is trade fair. This is what we did for our Christmas market in school. I joined it as a member of Grow Your Own. We sold homemade wreaths and bottles of pesto. It was my first time to make wreaths. I made 5 wreaths. I enjoyed customizing many types of leaves and flowers. Trade fair started from 2. At first it was super difficult for us to sell wreaths because it cost 15 euro. So, I discounted 10, 8, 5, 3. Then, at 6 I could sell everything. I was very tired, but it turned out to be my funny and great memory.

The last event is Christmas choir. Our choir group went to a big shopping mall. We sang many Christmas songs. I sang “Oh! Holly Night”, which is a very famous Christmas song. I was so nervous, but after my singing, the audience gave me big applause. I was super happy. After this performance, we had a Christmas service in my school. Junior school students dressed up like angels, shepherd, Maria and Jesus. They were telling the story about how Jesus was born, and we were singing the same songs as the shopping mall. I could have a lovely time.

That’s all for this report!! Thank you so much for reading.  And once again, Happy New Year from Ireland!!




3つ目はトレードフェアです。これは学校で行うクリスマス・マーケットです。私はGrow your ownのメンバーとして参加しました。自分達で作ったリースとペストを販売しました。リースを作るのは初めてでした。私は5つのリースを作りました。いろいろな種類の葉や花をカスタマイズするのが楽しかったです。トレードフェアは2時に始まりました。最初は15ユーロで花輪を売ることが大変難しかったです。そのため、私は10、8、5、3とどんどん割引しました。そして、6時に私はすべてを販売することができました。私は非常に疲れましたが、それは面白く素晴らしい思い出となりました。