From Ireland – Iceland Trip and TY program at Dundalk Grammar School


Hello everyone! This is Rikako Yasuda, studying in Dundalk Grammar School in Ireland. This month, in Ireland it has been always raining and so cold. But my school life is very fun, and little by little I can give my opinions during the class. In this report I would like to talk about my Iceland trip and my first work experience.

The first story is my trip to Iceland.  I had been in the waiting list for this trip. But one week before the trip, the head teacher of my grade decided that I could participate in this trip. Every teacher celebrated me saying, “You are a lucky girl! Well done!” I was super happy, and I couldn’t wait for the trip.

The first day, we left school to the Dublin airport at 7:30. It was my second time to go there.  The first time was in the end of August when I came here from Tokyo. So, the memory of that flashed back to my mind. After 3 hours, we arrived at the Iceland airport.  The air was clearer than Ireland, but we couldn’t breathe well because of its strong wind. At the airport I could get the Iceland stamp. I was so happy, and my friends were envious of that stamp. Then, our trip started with a tour guide. We went to Blue Lagoon, which is the most famous resort in Iceland. This is a big hot spring pool. The pool was light up and the water was shiny and beautiful, but it tasted salty. We really enjoyed putting on a face pack and to drink fruit smoothie

The next day, we went to many natural places, such as waterfall, black sandy beach, iceberg and lava. Iceland has a lot of beautiful and amazing nature because of volcanos and earthquakes there. Everything is awesome but the weather was still bad, so we couldn’t see the northern lights.

The third day, we went to the national park, geyser and swimming pool. The national park was so big and there were many huge mountains, rivers and ravines. There are lots of Asian tourists and I could talk with Japanese people. I was so happy to find Japanese in Iceland. Also, the geyser was very warm, and its smell was like boiled egg, but the shooting out a water was powerful and amazing. That would be my best spot in this trip.

The last day we woke up at 3 AM, and at 7 AM we got on the airplane. Through this trip we could see many fabulous natures except the northern lights. I bought puffin dolls for the souvenir. After the trip, I had to go back to school, because my host parents work until 8 PM. Therefore, I took part in the 6th year biology with them. I love biology but it was so hard to do it that day.

The next is about the work experience. Work experience is one of the TY programs. We can go to every place which you are interested in to work. We have three opportunities to do it. I chose DGS junior school, which is connected to my school. I love children, and I am very interested in teacher’s job. In the school, I mainly did three kinds of things to work for.

The first one is Christmas stuff. I decorated the door like Grinch. Also, I thought it would be good to teach them how to make Santa Clouse with Origami for children and make the Origami Christmas tree. They were so happy to learn origami. I got pleasure from their smile.

The second one is Musical stuff. In December 6th, the junior school will performance “The Sound of Music”. So, I helped to make stage sets. It was my first time to paint on the big canvas. But my teachers were so surprised at how completed the work looked. Moreover, it was decided that I would help the musical performance as a background staff. I love musical, so I had been very looking forward to it.

The last is teaching children. My class was the youngest class. There were six children, who were from 3 to 6 years old. I taught mathematics for them like “What is 1 plus 2?” or “How many apples in this picture?”. I used many different colour blocks to teach them. They could understand very well. I was so happy.

Through this work experience, I really respect all the teachers because they must take care of children’s safety  and to teach many things not just studying.

That’s all this report of mine.  Thank you for reading.



一日目はまず7時30分にダブリン空港へと学校を出ました。空港に来るのは二回目で一回目は8月の終わりの東京から来たときでした。当時の緊張している思いや情景がはっきりと浮かんできました。3時間後、私たちはアイスランドに到着しました。空気はアイルランドより澄んでいましたが風が本当に強くて呼吸がうまくできませんでした。また私は、空港での入国審査のときアイスランドのスタンプをもらえることができました。友達はそれをみてとても羨ましがっていました。そして、いよいよバスツアーが始まりました。私たちは、アイスランドで最も有名なスポットであるBlue Lagoonに行きました。そこは大きい温泉プールで、ライトアップもされ、水は淡い青色に輝いていてきれいでした。水はしょっぱかったのですが、フェイスパックをしたり、フルーツスムージーを飲んだりととても楽しかったです。