From New Zealand – updated report on the life at Sacred Heart GC

Now another exchange student studying at Sacred Heart Girls College in New Plymouth updates her report on her school life as follows.  Here we go!  Mei Hagiwara shares her recent life there in New Zealand.

Hello, everyone. I’m Mei Hagiwara, an exchange student for one year at Sacred Heart Girls College in New Zealand. Here, August is the coldest month of the year here, but I think it isn’t colder than the middle of winter in Japan. It snows rarely, but it hails sometimes. I was surprised about that because I have never seen hail in Japan. In this report, I’m going to talk about two things which are big things for me.

First is that I played the piano at a mass and the other thing is my host family praised me.  One day, I played the piano at a mass. When I had RST class where we learn about Christianity, we decided about who would do what at a mass. At that time, my kiwi friend said, “Mei, you can play the piano”, and my RST teacher said to me “you should do it!”. But I was worried because I have avoided doing anything in public. I confided in my kiwi friend about that. She said to me “it’s a good chance to share your talent with us!”. Finally, I decided to play the piano because it would be a great opportunity for everyone to know something about me. I had only three days to practice the piano, so I practiced after school every day. I was very nervous at the mass and I made some mistakes, but my friends and the teacher said, “you were great” and many other classmates came to talk to me, so I was very happy.

Secondly, I have had some experiences that have made me very glad about my time in New Zealand. I go to church every Sunday with my host family. One day, we met with a new exchange student from Japan there. We talked to him, but he had been in New Zealand for only a week. So, he was like me in April and May when I had just arrived. I remember that I used an electronic translator at the beginning of my time studying abroad. But now I can understand what everyone says much easier than before. After we talked to him, my host father and mother said to me that my English skill is getting better than before.  I am more glad in my New Zealand life than ever before. Also, my kiwi friends said the same things, “your English will improve more than now because you are talking with us a lot!”  These words encouraged me. So, I want to work on improving my English skills.

Recently, I am really enjoying my New Zealand life. I cannot believe that it has gone one third of my New Zealand life. I want to try my best from now on! The photos below are the church which is I go to every Sunday, and the other one is my host family’s dogs because it’s so cute!!

Thank you for reading my report!




最近、ニュージーランドの生活がとても楽しいです。もう私の留学生活の3分の1が終わったなんて信じられません。これからもベストを尽くしたいです。写真は、教会の写真と、とても可愛かったので私のホースとファミリーの犬の写真を載せておきます。 私のレポートを読んでくださりありがとうございました。