From Ireland – Tobitate Report from Dundalk Grammar School

Now it’s to update the report from Dundalk, Ireland. Mizuki Komatsu, a Tobitate exchange student for one year Academic Program, shares her great experience in France with you all.

Hello, everyone. How are you doing?  I’m Mizuki Komatsu, an exchange TOBITATE student at Dundalk Grammar School in Ireland.  I’ve already spent 8 months at this school here and I have three weeks left before I leave.  As for the rule of my school, Dundalk Grammar School, TY(Transition Year) will finish at the end of May.  Also, I am already feeling like missing this place when I think of my leaving here. I’d like to spend the time left fulfilling to get confidence when I leave here.

By the way, I’m telling you about our France trip in this report.  I went to France from 11th of April to 14th of April as my school trip. It was the final trip for me, so I was thinking that I want to make this trip the greatest thing in my mind of my all experiences here.

The first day of the trip was all traveling by airplane and bus. On 12th , I visited to the American cemetery, Normandy Beach and Omaha Beach.  These places were all involved by world war II.  I learned about it before I went France. Through this war, many American soldiers were dead because of the fierce battles there.  So we can say that American saved France from Nazi in world war II.  So, they have been respected as brave soldiers . However, many American soldiers got lost in this war. This is why there are lots of cemeteries for them in France. When I looked it, I was surprised and shocked with so many cemeteries. And Normandy beach was the exact place where American soldiers saved France from Nazi that were to invade into France.  From the fact I could get to know the relationship of France and America. In addition, I learned some histories about Europe from guides.

On 13th, we hang around the centre of Paris by bus for about three and half hours. And then, we rode on the boat and got cruising around the downtown of Paris. We could see kind of famous churches and Eiffel tower from the boat. I’ve never seen towns of France before, so it was amazed by the beauty of the town. And it was so beautiful because of lighting up the Eiffel tower. I thought that I want to see the beautiful view again when I have an opportunity.

On 14th, we went to Disneyland Paris. I found myself excited before I went there because I love Disneyland very much. It looked a little different from Tokyo Disneyland as for its attraction. Anyway, I enjoyed being in Disneyland Paris.

All through this trip, I could learn about the history of Europe and also I really enjoyed being with my friends and could deepen my friendship. I thought that this trip to France will be left in my mind as so good memory forever.

Finally, I am happy to share some pictures with everyone.

Thank you for reading my report.




みなさんこんにちは。私はアイルランドにあるダンドーク・グラマー・スクールに留学中の小松美月です。この学校での過ごした期間はすでに8ヶ月間が過ぎ、残り3週間となりました。私の学校では、TY(Transition Year)の年は5月末に全ての課程が終了します。私は既にここを離れるのが寂しくなっていますが、振り返ったときに成長したと胸を張って思えるように残りの日々も過ごしていきたいです。





14日は、パリのディズニーランドへ行きました。私はディズニーランドが個人的に好きだったので、そこに行く前から既に興奮していました。東京ディズニーランドとは若干違ったアトラクションなどが多かったです。いずれにしても、私はディズニーランドin パリで楽しむことができました。