From Texas, America – Daily Lives of American High Schoolers

And now the report from Marshall High School, Texas, America has been updated. Mei Suenaga, a one-year long exchange student there, shared some interesting topics with us from Texas.

Hello, everyone! I’m Mei Suenaga, an exchange student studying abroad in Texas, America. In this report, I am happy to let you know about my ordinary days here and share with you some interesting episodes.

On my regular week days, I usually wake up at 6:30 in the morning, then my host mother drives for 15 minutes to take me to school by car. Some students use the school buses, but in America, a car license can be available from the age of 16. So, some of my friends drive to school with their own cars. I was surprised when I first realized it because they are close to my age.

At Marshall High School, where I go now, we have 8 classes every day from Monday to Friday. And also we have 47 minutes in one period of the class.  The 1st period starts at 7:30 in the morning, so compared with Japanese school, American schools start 1 hour earlier.  We don’t have home room teachers.  Therefore, each student chooses selective subjects as well as compulsory subjects. We have only 4 minutes for moving to the next classroom. About 1600 students move to the classroom at the same time like the migration of gnus during this only 4 minutes.

I got lost in this big school campus when I came here for the first time. I finally managed to find my classroom, but the door got locked because I was 1 second late. That was really bitter experience for me. The teacher forgave me if I did 10 times of push-ups, then I could enter the classroom finally.  But soon I settled into this school, so I can move to another classroom quickly.

I am desperate to do a lot of assignments of each class I take. I have no other options than to do everything by myself, because I’m the only one exchange student in our school.  If I have something I cannot understand, I’m going to actively ask my teacher, then I solve a problem.

After the 4th period, my favorite lunch break time comes, when I can spend time enjoy eating my lunch, playing and talking with my friends.

Here in Texas, we have a lot of high calorie food such as pizzas, hamburgers and Mexican foods. I had heartburn from eating too much, but now I can eat hamburger three meals a day take some spare time.

The final 8th period is my class for tennis. It is not too much to say that I like this class the best. We have an hour and half practice. We are having a good time with my friends while doing exercise. I’m really enjoying this class. I don’t feel so guilty even if I have high calorie foods.

The practice ends at 4:00. I will have my host grandma pick me up, then I eat a hamburger again, and then I enjoy talking with my host family about what happened at school on that day. And it’s time to go to bed! I regularly go to bed at 9:00. So, I can live healthily.

It has been eight months since I came to here. I will enjoy the rest of my study abroad as much as possible. And also I’ll try hard and make an effort for everything.

I am sorry that my report is a little bit long, but thank you so much for reading my report.

みなさん、こんにちは、私は交換留学生としてアメリカ テキサス州に留学している高校2年生の末永芽です。  今回は私の一般的な平日の生活についてエピソードも交えて紹介したいと思います。