From UK – Exchange Report from the Spires Academy about London

Canterbury, London and Ashford with Italian and French – Another very informative and impressive report about an exchange life at the Spires Academy reached us. It is great to share the following with you all.

Hello, everyone. I’m Honoka Moriyama and I’m an international student studying at The Spires Academy in Canterbury, England. Almost 5 weeks have passed since I came to England, and this is a half way point. The weather has been good recently. The sun is strong and warm after school. I heard that it was a rainy and snowy season in England last year, so I brought outfits for cold weather from Japan, but I didn’t feel it’s necessary. When I was walking from the bus to go back home last week, I saw an Orion for two days. I had never seen Orion until today, so I felt happy. I might have seen a shooting star, but I’m not sure if that is correct.

Recently, I am hooked on Nutella. It is hazelnuts paste and cream of chocolate . Nutella comes from Italy. Nutella is not well known in Japan, but everyone all over Europe knows it.  I always eat two pieces of toast with Nutella for breakfast. It is tasty.

Recently, one happy thing happened to me.  My class teacher gave me a badge the other day, because I am working hard in English.  It is something you can get when you do good work in class or help the teacher or do something of that sort. The color of the badge is bronze, silver, gold and platinum. I have a bronze one.  The word of “achievement” is written in the middle. Everyone wears a badge on the neck of their blazers. I wear the badge on the neck of blazer too.   When I am feeling depressed, it makes me cheerful when I see it. I want to have a silver badge, so I do my best to speak English. Then, I brought a school tie to be the same as the other student at school. I get much motivated by wearing school badge and tie.

I went to London with my three Japanese friends, French students and two teachers two weeks ago. We saw many famous places. I was happy to go to Buckingham Palace, because it is the place I have always wanted to visit the most in England.  Unfortunately, the Queen was out, because the English flag was  up there. Incidentally, the Royal standard is put up when the queen is in the residence. I had a good experience in London.

Then, I went to an international school for a week of our school holiday. French students and Italy students came to England during the school holiday, and two Italian students came to my house. We took a class in the morning and we did different activities every day in the afternoon. It is especially difficult to talk with Italian students because they speak English with Italian accent, but I would like to hear English with such an accent , so I talked with two Italian students a lot in the home and I was happy to hear English with Italian accent in class.

I went to Ashford with the same people as I went to London with on Thursday afternoon. We went bowling, which was exciting. The French boys were good at bowing. Then , we went to the Ashford Designer Outlet.  It is an outlet center with many discounted shops. We saw many shops. The site was large.

School started again last week. I got very tired from having to learn English every day this week, but I was fine by resting my body. Two different Italian students will come to my house for a week next week. I am looking forward to meeting them. It is a good chance for me to speak English more, so I want to listen and speak more English with them.

Thank you for reading my report.






先週の木曜日にロンドンに行ったのと同じメンバーで、アッシュフォードに行きました。私達はボーリングをしました。おもしろかったです。フランスの男の子達は、ボーリングが上手でした。そして私たちはアッシュフォード デザイナーアウトレットに行きました。沢山の値段が安いお店があるアウトレットセンターです。私達は沢山のお店を見ました。敷地が広かったです。