From UK – New Report on the Spires Academy in Canterbury

The following report is from Canterbury, UK.  Honoka, an international exchange student at the very modern and brand-new prestigious school there in Canterbury, the Spire Academy, will tell you a very interesting story about her school.

Hello everyone. I’m Honoka Moriyama and I’m an international exchange student studying at the Spires Academy in Canterbury, England. Almost 3 weeks have passed since I came to England.

From now, firstly, I will explain about the school I go to. The Spires Academy is surrounded by nature, and it is a big site and it has a big parking area and large grounds. The school is less than 10 years old, so it is very clear and clean.  Students between the age of 11 to 18 go to this school. In the first grade there are 100 peoples, so it is a small public coeducational school.

The teacher takes students’ attendance and students always do different activities in the morning. For example, some make a calculation and see the news and listen to a speech in grade one.

In this school, students move their class to another between each lesson, so the school is similar to university.  Also, the school has two places to buy lunch and snacks. Students always buy their lunch by fingerprint authentication.  Students go back home after they finish home room in class.

By the way, I have three interesting episodes about when I went to school. Firstly, the teacher checks the red and blue ink pens of students every second day in the morning. I found this interesting.  Secondly, the school prepares glues, scissors and colored pencils in the class room for students. I thought that people don’t need to buy these things. Finally, the cleaner collects rubbish once fifteen minutes.

My favorite subject in this school is French and Triple Science, and I like Statistics and Geography. Triple Science is higher level than regular science. I like French because I haven’t taken French at my school, it was fun to learn French. I can understand because it is a basic level. It was very fun to speak French following the buddy in the conversation class, and there are only two of us on a big desk, so I was happy to talk a lot with my buddy. I’m very happy, because my buddy expanded my story. I like Triple Science, because I can do experiments in the class. I can speak a lot of words when doing experiments. For example, “What is this?” “I want to try”, and it is good because I have good chance to talk.

I went to Whitstable with my host father last Saturday. Whitstable is known “It is cute town with a view of the sea”. It is famous for oysters. I saw a very lovely shop. I went to the orangery tea room at the Whitstable castle. I ordered cream tea. Cream tea is made up of tea and scone. The scone has strawberry jam, butter and clotted cream. It is English tradition to eat scone by cutting scone and spreading a lot of clotted cream and jam. It was very delicious. I ate fish and chips, which tasted good after I saw souvenirs in the shop.

I was very happy, because host father said to me “Your English is better than before.”  I will keep on working hard to make progress in my English here during the six week to go.

Thank you for reading my report.




私は先週の土曜日にホストファザーとウィスタブルに行きました。ウィスタブルは海の見えるかわいい街として知られています。牡蛎で有名です。小さくてかわいい街がたくさん並んでいました。ウィスタブル城の中にあるthe orangery tea room at whitstableに行きました。そこでクリームティーを頼みました。クリームティーとは紅茶とスコーンのセットのことで、スコーンにはクロテッドクリームとイチゴジャムとバターがついてきました。スコーンを切って沢山のクロテッドクリームとジャムを塗って食べるのがイギリス流です。その後お土産を見てからフィッシュアンドチップスを食べました。すごくおいしかったです。