From New Zealand – Summer Report on New Plymouth Girls’ HS

A new report from Arisa Odagiri, an exchange student who is studying at New Plymouth Girls High School. Today I would like to share my updated report with you.

Hi everyone! I’m Arisa Odagiri. I’m an exchange student in New Zealand. I have been staying in NZ for 10 months. Recently it is very warm. However, I feel that it is not as hot and muggy as Japan. Today I will write about my summer holiday’s events.

I went to the Raglan’s Camp ground with my host family and host family’s relative.  It took us about 5 hours by car from New Plymouth to Reglan beach. It was a bit long time, which made me so tired, but I was so excited with this trip because I have been there with my school’s students, but this time was with my host family. We were staying there for 1 week. One day, at night, when I was sleeping in top of the bunk bed, that night it was heavy rain coming, and the rain was accumulated onto the roof part of the tent and it got leaked until the part where I was sleeping got wet. It was not good memory, but I think this is a good experience because I can’t do the same thing forever. During the trip, we welcomed Christmas, when my host parents gave me some presents. I really enjoyed this trip.

January 5th to 19th, I had South Island trip with exchange students. They are from German, Chile, Switzerland and Japan. There were two boys, nine girls, a tour guide and a helper. First day, we met in Wellington.  The same school student as mine and I travelled by plane, but other students used bus from Auckland. So, they already knew each other. At that time, I was still shy, so I thought “I can’t make friends… what should I do”.  During the first week I was so sad and lonely, but the next week I was so happy and enjoyed taking with my friends.

We had some extra activities, so I did bang jump, skydiving, jet boat and dolphin swim. The most exciting activity was bungy jump because, of course, I enjoyed skydiving, but bungy jump was the jump I must do by myself, so it was much fun. Dolphin swim made me tired because I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning. But when I found a lot of dolphins under the sea, I was able to see them close enough to reach. I thought it was worthwhile to get up early. When we were leaving in South Island, I was so sad because everyone staying in NZ but in other cities, so we can’t meet each other easily. But one of the girls was living in Taranaki, so I could meet her last weekend.

Last week, our school started. I was bit nervous because I’m year 12 student from this year, but my English, Science, Health and Food & Nutrition are still Year 11 classes, so I didn’t have any friends. But I thought I would try to make new friends and them I did it. At first, it was hard, but I thought it would be a good result if I worked hard.

I think I will try hard to do everything during the rest days for my exchange life.

Thank you for reading my report!