From UK – New Exchange at the Archbishop’s School in Canterbury

大妻中野のイギリスの学校とのターム留学は、The Spires Academy ともう一校、The Archbishop’s School という歴史のある伝統校でのエクスチェンジがあります。古都カンタベリーらしさを感じさせる The Archbishop’s School での留学を Ayaka さんが紹介します。

Hello, everyone! I’m Ayaka Sekino, and I am an exchange student at The Archbishop’s School in Canterbury in the UK.  Two weeks have passed since I came to England.

In this city, the weather changes very often. One morning, it was very sunny, and I didn’t know about the weather changing frequently, so I didn’t take an umbrella with me in that morning. However, the clouds appeared and hard rain began to fall from the sky. I got very wet, so I regretted not bringing my umbrella in the morning on the day.

Aside from that, I would like to introduce the following two memorable experiences in England.  The first one was when I went to Concorde International School, a language school. After I arrived there, I took English lessons with many Koreans. I felt nervous because there were 15 Koreans and only 2 Japanese. But they were all friendly and very kindly, so the class lessons were very fun. Some of them liked Japan and were learning Japanese, so they sometimes talked to me in my language and taught me about Korea. I enjoyed being with them. We exchanged e-mails so if I have a chance to see them again, I would like to learn Korean and talk to them in their language.

The second one is that I made friends with Norwegian, Armenian, Chinese and a half Japanese and half British girls. They also were exchange students and have been in The Archbishop’s School for about an year. They are all good English speakers, but they said that they couldn’t speak much at all at first. Recently, I have been going home with them every day. I had been going home alone since I came to England, so I really enjoyed talking to them.

On the second thought, it is really amazing that I came to England but I have made many friends with non-British people.  I am in the UK, but I have been able to learn about various things in the world. So, every day is a lot of fun.

Finally, there are still many things I want to write here, but today that’s all about it.

Thank you for reading to the end. I hope you would also read the next report.