From Australia – New Report on Exchange at St. Andrew’s Catholic College

Another report on our sister school exchange with St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Australia. Kanae Okaka reports to you about her life there in Australia.

Hello! I’m Kanae Okada, one of the exchange students here being immersed in the community of St Andrews Catholic College, Cairns, Australia. Two weeks have passed since I came here. I would like to write about my home stay and school life here.

When I arrived at the Cairns Airport, I’m very nerves because I don’t know much about my host family. My host mother and host father came to meet me to pick up at the airport. They talked slowly for me, so I could talk with them little bit.

Let me introduce my host family.  The family is my host mother, host father, host sister Emily and host brother Finley. Emily is 12 years old and Finley is 14 years old. And they have a cat names Bruno.  This is the first time for me to have my own room.  And also they made a kind of shelf for putting my clothes for me. This house is in the middle of rain forest, so I had been worried about insects, but there were less insects than what I thought.

At last weekend, they took me to a fruit market, and they bought many fruits for me which I didn’t know.  It tasted so delicious!!

Mango, passion fruits and two types of dragon fruit!

During my week days, I watch movies like “Harry Potter” with Emily and Finley or I’m doing my homework. When I have difficult homework, they help me with the work to make me easier to understand.

Next, I would like to write about my school life. My buddy is Robyn and she likes Japan, so she takes Japanese class. And also, she is very clever, so she is in the top math class.  But I’m not good at math, so it is hard for me. Robyn is bright and cheerful, so she has many friends.  So, it is hard for me to remember each of her friends’ names, but I recently remember the friends who areeating lunch with me!

There are many things different from Japan.  Let me take some examples.  Almost all of the clocks at St Andrews’s don’t work.  So, I need a watch to know time.  And I have to change classroom every time, but I have only few minutes between the classes, so I am very busy at school.

Thank you for reading my first report. I have many things I have not been accustomed, but every day I am very happy!  Have a good day!!




週末にはフルーツがたくさん売っているマーケットに連れてってくれて、私が知らなかったフルーツをたくさん買ってくれました。写真はそのとき買ってくれたフルーツです。どれも本当においしかったです! 平日はHarry Potterを見たり、宿題をしています。宿題でわからないところがあるとわかりやすく教えてくれるのでとても助かっています!