From UK – Exchange Report on Life in Canterbury

Now another new one term exchange program has begun. Otsuma Nakano has a special UK connection with the schools in Canterbury.  Now, Honoka and Ayaka kicked off their study abroad program for one term long at Spires Academy and the Archbishop’s school there in Canterbury, UK, which we also believe will give the students outstanding occasions to learn cultural diversity and first-hand intercultural communication.

イギリスの古都カンタベリーでのターム留学もスタートしました。601年に修道士アウグスティヌスが初代カンタベリー大司教に就任以来、イングランドの歴史やキリスト教の中心地となったカンタベリーにある学校、Spires Academy とThe Archbishop’s School での留学生活です。本校高校1年生のHonoka さんとAyakaさんが、世界遺産カンタベリー大聖堂がある歴史の街、カンタベリーでの留学をレポートしてくれます。

Hello, everyone!  I’m Honoka Moriyama and I’m an international exchange student studying in Canterbury, England. I arrived safely after a 12 hour long flight from Narita to London Heathrow. Almost 1 week has passed since I came to England. The temperature in the UK is below 10 degrees, and it’s so cold, but since Japan is also in winter there is no big difference there.  And also, I am impressed with that buildings here are so beautiful, and they remind me of the scenes of “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

Now, I will write two stories about what was impressive. Firstly, I went to Canterbury Cathedral with my host father last Sunday.  My host mother worked that day. Unfortunately, some building were under construction, but the buildings was so beautiful that I could not take my eyes off it. I saw many stained glass windows to the ceiling, and worship places. Then, My host father and I joined the evening sacramental worship. Suddenly standing or sitting or singing or turning the money, and I got goose bumps, but I had many good experiences.

Secondly, I learned about things at English schools, By the way, one lesson is 100 minutes at Spires Academy.  There are only 3 lessons per day. I have a buddy. The buddy is good person. The buddy writes cursive from the white board, and she write print in another note book and she teachs me about my question in detail, but at lunch time she does not talk me, only a little. She held hands with her boy friend and was talking to other friends, and when I sat on the floor and ate, I felt the difference between cultures like throwing sweets and I could not talk with anyone and I felt a little sad.

So, the next day, I talked to the teacher and my buddy about what I think. They listened to my story, but I think that my buddy gets tired having to look after me. I went to another rather than with my buddy during a break time and talked to my buddy’s friend. I remembered the advice I heard from Yuki, who is studying abroad in New Zealand the day before, “I do not have to stay forever just by talking in the same class as my buddy” Everyone treated me very kindly, so I wanted to talk with someone about the break time and increase my speaking ability.

These are the main two stories of mine. The day before the first day of school I studied at the international school with a Korean equivalent age class and we went to Leeds Castle and became very close friends. I am having a good day every day. I would like to have a lot of. Experience and challenges by making the most of every day as every day is important.

Thank you for reading my report.



2つ目はイギリスの学校で私が学んだことについてです。ちなみに、Spire Academyは1限が100分で毎日3限あります。私には1人のバディがいます。バディは良い人で先生が筆記体で書く文を自分のノートに写してから別の紙にブロック体で全て書いてくれたり、私が質問したことについて詳しく教えてくれます。けれど、休み時間になるとバディは彼氏と手をつないで私のことは気にかけてくれますが他の友達と話して私とはあまり話してくれませんでした。そして床に座って食べたり、お菓子を投げ合ったりと、文化の違いを感じるとともに、その時は、誰とも話せず少し息苦しくなってしまいました。