From Ireland – New Year and Christmas Report from Dundalk Grammar School

Happy New Year, Everyone! I’m Mizuki Komatsu, a one-year exchange student at Dundalk Grammar School in Ireland.  I am very happy and proud to give you my Christmas report from Ireland at the beginning of the year of 2019.

I have been staying for about four months in Ireland since I left Japan.  Now I really feel even more like time flies so quickly.  I experienced lots of things that I had never done until I came to here.  These experiences I have here let me grow.  I have learned that participating in an exchange program in foreign countries is so stimulating for me.

Anyhow, in this report, I would like to introduce my Christmas days here in Ireland.

I spent Christmas days at home in Ireland. First, I was supposed to stay at my own host family’s house in Dundalk.  However, it was unfortunate that it got to be impossible for me to stay there with my host family during Christmas days because they were so busy.  So, I stayed at another host family’s house for Christmas days.  The house of the other host family was at Bray in Ireland, which is the city near the sea.  I found the view of the city very beautiful.  In the house of the host family I stayed from Dec. 24th to 26th.  I would like to tell you about what I did with them for the three days.

First, please allow me to introduce the family, where there were three people and two dogs.  One of them was my host mother, the others were a boy and a girl.  They welcomed me very much.  I was very impressed with their kindness and hospitality they showed to me.

The boy was 14 years old, and the girl was 12 years old. Then they had two dogs.  I was so excited because I like dogs so much.  I talked with them about many things during my stay there.  My host mother said to me, “We researched about Japanese Christmas days. And then, we got to know that Japanese people usually eat Kentucky fried chicken on Christmas day. We are very surprised to hear that. It is very interesting custom and culture.”  Then, our talking developed into the topics about some differences about Christmas day between in Japan and in Ireland.  Then, I spent the night of Dec. 24th watching a movie at home.  In this way, I could have a fantastic time with my host family.

At last, the Christmas morning came. I got up in the morning to hear the girls’ noisy voice.  I thought that she was given some special presents by Santa Clause.  She said to me, ”Santa gave me a TV game!!!”  It was very heartwarming for me to see her face with the gifts in her hands.  She looked very happy!

And then, my host mother gave me some presents.  The presents were perfume, body wash and hand cream.  I was also super happy at the time.

On that day, my host family and I walked along to the sea with two dogs. It was my first experience to walk with my dog along the sea, so it was a lot of fun.  Then, after the sky got dark, we all headed to their grand parents’ house to enjoy having Christmas dinner.

The grandparents cooked Christmas dinner very well.  Every food tasted so good.  Finally, I ate home- made cake. I heard she had cooked the cakes until the middle night, which was the reason why it tasted so nice.  After enjoying the dinner, we spent fun time playing with the girl and watching TV.  I thought this experience that I spent Christmas days with them would be great memories for me forever. Last but not least, it would be great for me to share the photo of my Christmas day.

Thank you for reading my report.

みなさん、あけましておめでとうございます。一年間アイルランドに留学している小松美月です。日本を離れてから約4カ月、私はアイルランドに滞在しています。 時が経つのは早いものです。 私は、今までの4ヶ月を通して、成長することができたと強く実感しています。留学とは、本当にとても刺激的なものだと感じました。

さて、このレポートではアイルランドでのクリスマスを紹介したいと思います。私はアイルランドの家庭でクリスマスを過ごしました。初めは、ダンドークにある家庭でクリスマスを過ごす予定でしたが、彼らの都合のため急遽、ホストファミリー先を一時変更することになってしまいました。変更後のホストファミリー先は海岸沿いに位置するブレイという街にあります。 街の景色はとても綺麗でした。私は24~26日までその家に滞在しました。そこでの3日間のことをみなさんに伝えたいと思います。







Mizuki Komatsu