From Oregon, America – New Exchange Report on Westside Christian HS

From Oregon, America – New Exchange Report on Westside Christian HS in Portland,

Hi, again. I’m Yuki Ito, an exchange student at Westside Christian High School in Portland, OR, US.  It is my great pleasure to share my recent activities and experiences with you all through this report. I would like to focus on my presentation in my class and my drama club activities in this report.

I was so nervous, because I did a presentation about “Modern Slavery in the Cultures” during U.S. History class in front of American students. This topic was so challenging and tough to me. If you are interested in this topic, it would be great if you could take look at the following site of CNN – A report on modern slavery around the world has found that the number of slaves in developed nations, including the United States and United Kingdom, is much higher than previously thought. –

My friends encouraged me to do my presentation and after that they gave me very nice words about my presentation.  I think I am used to conducting a presentation because I had some chances to improve my presentation skills at Otsuma Nakano so far. Anyway, I could make much more friends than ever before through this presentation. I think this presentation made success in the 3 projects, which are 2 “acted-it-out”.  I also made a map with my friend, which won 1st place(“acted-it-out”) during English 9.

We had some events here recently. In particular, we had a costume week, Home Coming, Halloween, and the drama plays “Fall in Love”.  So, this month was an amazing month for me.  One of what I did was that my Chinese friends and I did trick or treat in Halloween.  And we wore a “twin costume” in costume week with my Korean friends, my American friends and I had a fun time at pumpkin patch as an event of Home Coming.  Also, I finished my club activity “drama” as a techy.

Actually, I was proud of myself when drama finished, because the drama practices continued until 9 o’clock from Monday to Thursday and there were the plays from Friday to Sunday.  The drama students had their dinner together in a building “Ice Cream Parlor”.  So, our friendship got deeper. In the first play, I made a mistake about the position of moving sets, thus I was disappointed about myself. However, my friends encouraged me and we succeeded in having a lot audience, including my host family and my friends. I was almost going to cry, because they came to see the play, even though I was a techy.  I’m so happy to have such a great experience through attending drama club.

Thank you so much for reading my report.