From Ireland – Happy Christmas Report from Dundalk Grammar School  

From Ireland – Updated Report from Exchange Student at Dundalk Grammar School

Now another happy Christmas report reached us to share with you from Ireland.  Mizuki Komatsu, a Year 10 student, is now enrolling at Dundalk Grammar School in Dundalk, Ireland for one-year exchange program.

Hello, everyone, I’m Mizuki, Komatsu, and I have been studying abroad at Dundalk Grammar School in Ireland as a TOBITATE Academic long exchange student.  I have lived here for three months since I left Japan.  In my days in Ireland, I experienced the new things.  From these experiences of mine here, I would like to introduce my work experience and Christmas!

Now, I belong to 4th year at this school in Ireland.  This academic year is called “TY”.  “TY” stands for “Transition Year.”  Transition Year is an optional one-year educational program in Ireland.  In this year, there are many activities for students to do in the classes.  There are many trips and working experience available to students, which give them good opportunities to promote their working skills and matured mindset for working.  I have been giving it a try to do my activity as a practice for my future working career.  I made an effort to do a work experience at a primary school.  But at first, I had thought that I would like to do my work experience at a Japanese restaurant, where my host sister recommended to me. However, I could not negotiate with them well.  So, I talked to my host mother about this.  And then, she introduced a teaching assistant job experience at St Malachys School for me. This school is what my host brothers are attending.

I will explain about this school. This school is separated into boys and girls. The class starts at 9:05 and finished at 14:45. Children are usually playing with their friends or doing some activities after school.

When it comes to my jobs at this primary school, I mainly checked out their answers of the homework tasks the children at the primary school did and posted their exhibitions on the walls.

In addition, I taught them math and English.  Particularly, I looked after the pupils who told me that they did not understand the answers of the questions.  What made me pleased most was that the children there thanked me for my advice because they could finally understand the questions even though they had no ideas about them.  In this way, I was able to feel a sense of accomplishment very much at this school.  From now on, there are two more work experience for me to do.  I would like give it a try to do something completely different from the first one in the next two opportunities. The second one will be in February, and the third will be in May.  I am much looking forward to them very much.

Let’s move on to the second topic to tell you, which is about Christmas in Ireland. Christmas is a very important yearly event for Irish people. Irish people are happy to decorate their houses around each household and place trees in the house. Also, at Christmas time, almost all of the shops there are almost closed and everyone celebrates Christmas grandly at their houses independently.  I helped my family with that decoration. It was fun because it was my first experience.  I have never had such kind of occasions to decorate my house in Japan so much.  I am now looking forward to Christmas day coming.

Finally, I would like to share the decoration and the classroom where I did my work experience.

Thank you so much for reading my report.


そして、この年はTYと呼ばれています。TYとはTransition  Yearを意味します。この学年にはたくさんのアクティビティがあります。そのたくさんのアクティビティの中にはwork experience というものがあります。それは将来働くための練習として行います。私は、小学校でwork experienceをしました。しかし、初めはホストシスターが私のためにお薦めしてくれた小学校でwork experienceをしようと思っていましたが、上手く承諾を得ることができませんでした。

そこで、私はホストマザーとこの事について話し合いました。すると、彼女はSt Malachys school を紹介してくれました。この学校はホストブラザーが通っているところです。



また、work experienceはあと二回あります。2回目と3回目は、1回目とはまったく違うものに挑戦したいです。2回目は2月、3回目は5月にあります。私はそれらがとても楽しみになりました。



最後に家のデコレーションとwork experienceを行った教室の様子を紹介したいと思います。