From New Zealand Report on Sacred Heart Girls’ College

A new report reached us from Yuki Fushida, a one-year exchange student who is studying at Sacred Heat Girls’ College in New Zealand.  It’s great to share her updated report with you.

Kia ora!  I’m Yuki Fushida, an exchange student at Sacred Heart Girls’ College in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  Spring holidays started the day before yesterday. Recently, I’ve been spending my time relaxing.  My seventh month here will begin in approximately two weeks.

I feel as if so long time passed since the first day when I came here. In the past six months, there were a lot of nice things and hard things.  Now I can proudly and confidently say “I did my best this half year!”  In the rest of my half year to be here, I will give it a try to spend time well and not to have any regrets.

I’m going to write about how to make progress in my English language ability from now on, about my international friends who will go back to Germany in 2 weeks. about the practice exam, and about the next term.

I think my challenges in English language are reading comprehension and poor vocabulary.  My English vocab tests in Japan were very bad and I know it was my weak point.  I am regretting so much about it.  I did not think about my reading comprehension too much. So, of course, I always got bad marks on English reading tests.  So, my international teacher told me “You should read some books.”  From now on, I’m going to try to stop looking at my phone before I go to sleep and try to read a book instead of that.

My friend who is from Germany is going to go back to her home in 2 weeks.  I was impressed with her English skills.  She can speak English like a native speaker.  In Japan, my English skills were not outstanding. But here, my English skills are so poor that I gained much attention from my friends.  I have been studying English very hard to be like her, so now I can talk to her a lot even though it’s still not natural.

I took a practice exam recently. My grade was so bad in Japan, so I have no confidence, but I don’t want to be like myself who was in Japan.  This time I studied as much as possible. Then I could get good scores in Physics and Calculus, but I didn’t get a good score in Chemistry and Probability, because I couldn’t use my electric dictionary in the test.  But, by this experience, I was able to have confidence about physics. In addition, I got a bad mark and felt regrettable, which inspired me to study them very hard from now on.

In the next term, my friends who are year 11, 12 and 13, are going to take an exam.  And my international friends will go back home.  As a result, I’m going to join year 10, so I have to make new friends. I feel very uneasy.  But I think that it is the time for my true English skills to be tested, so I will do my best.  Anyhow, I decided to spend this 2 week holiday meaningfully.

The first photo is when I went to the dinner society with the international student of my school.

The second one is taken by my host mother when I went to watch a circus with my host family.




私の英語の課題は、読解力とボキャブラリーだと思います。日本での単語テストはとても悪く、私の苦手範囲でした。それによってとても後悔しています。読解力に関してはあまり触れないようにしてきました(笑) なのでテストではいつも悪い点数を取っていました。ニュージーランドでもインターナショナルの先生に本を沢山読めと言われました。なので、これからは寝る前に携帯を見るのではなく、本を読む習慣をつけようと思います。いつもは、スタディサプリEnglishと活動報告メモを書くようにしているのですが、それに追加で、読書しようと思います。



次のタームでは、今まで一緒にいたyear 11の友達は試験を受けに行って、他の留学生もそれぞれの国へ帰国してしまうので、私はyear 10に参加する予定です。今までは仲良くしてくれる子が元々いたけれど、これからは自分で友達を作らないといけないので、とても不安です。ですが、私の本当の英語力が試される時だと思って頑張ろうと思います。そのためにこの2 weeksホリデーを有意義に過ごそうと思います。