From Ireland TOBITATE! Study Abroad Initiative Report on Dundalk Grammar School

From Ireland_ TOBITATE! Study Abroad Initiative Report on Dundalk Grammar School

Now we are very proud to share with you all a new report from Ireland.  Mizuki Komatsu, a Year 10 student, is now enrolling at Dundalk Grammar School in Dundalk, Ireland for a year exchange program.  Her exchange at Dundalk has been appointed as TOBITATE! Study Abroad Initiative by MEXT, which means that she is one of representatives of Japan. On behalf of all of Otsuma Nakano, we would like to present Mizuki’s report as her Evangelist’s Activities.

Hello everyone!  I am Mizuki Komatsu, and I am now studying abroad in Ireland.  I am very happy and proud that this is my second report to introduce my life in Ireland.

I hope I can make contribution to everyone there in Japan with sharing my report about my exchange in Ireland as one of my Evangelist’s activities for “Tobatate! Study Abroad Initiative” as one of the fourth graders of “Tobitate Young Ambassadors”.  I would be grateful if you could read this.

A month has passed since I came to Ireland. Every day, every single thing was a new challenge for me.  Anyhow, in this report I would like to introduce a special class in Ireland and a field trip from 11th to 14th last September and how to spend my holiday here.

In Ireland, 4th grade for secondary schools is a “transition” year, which means that in 4th grade there are more special activities than in any other grades.  Also, in the seventh to ninth periods on Tuesdays, we do special activity and we are working on what we selected for each activity beforehand.  I chose horseback riding, because I’ve ridden horses and it remained as a very good memory.

Since the ranch where we do horse riding is far from my school, I moved there by bus. First of all, I learned various ways to take care for horses, how to attach the instruments, and so on. I was happy to do that because I felt like I was getting close to the horses by brushing them and installing instruments with them. And finally, I actually rode a horse. I learned lots of various things by stuff such as how to hold the reins and how to let the horse start and stop. It was first time for me to learn how to ride a horse serously, so it was a very good experience. Also, I could not move the horses at the first.  At the beginning I fought hard, but I got advice from the staff and it worked nicely.  Now I am looking forward to every Tuesday as this riding class is held every week.

Next, I would like to introduce about my field trip. From 11th to 14th of last September, I took an excursion at Donegal Adventure Center. There you can enjoy many sports, including surfing and kayaking. Especially, surfing was the first experience for me. At first, I was worried about whether I could do it myself, but I was able to stand on the surfboard with the wave flow.

I also challenged mountain climbing.  When climbing the mountain, I found a steep slope and the state of the road was not good, so it was very tough thing to do.  But I was able to climb the mountain safely.  I was very tired, but seeing from the top of mountain, the view was very beautiful. I wanted to try to climb mountains again.  And also, as well as surfing and mountain climbing, it was great for me to explore various places while swimming in the sea, do archery and do something that I could not experience in Japan when I was joining this field trip.

Finally, I would like to introduce how to spend my holidays.  My school days are from Monday to Friday, so I will move to my homestay house on Friday evening. On weekdays, I am spending busy days with my dorm life and so I can relax on weekend holidays very much.  There is a shopping center named Marshes near my house, which makes me feel very lucky because I am a shopping lover. I will go with Chloe, my host sister there.  Chloe is very kind even when I talk to her with my poor English. Thanks to her, I can understand English better than before.  Of course, when I’m at school, it is still difficult for me to do anything in English and I cannot use English very well, but I think that every day is a series of challenges and I will do my best.

To wrap up my report, it would be great for me to share you all with the pictures.  The pictures below are pictures of the inside of Dundalk Grammar School.

Thank you so much for reading my report.





次に、フィールドトリップについて紹介したいと思います。11日から14日までDonegal Adventure Centerで小旅行をしました。そこではサーフィンやカヤックなど多くのスポーツを楽しむことができます。特にサーフィンは私にとって初めての経験でした。最初は自分にできるかどうか不安だったのですが、波の流れに乗ってサーフィンボードの上に立つことができました。

また、山登りにも挑戦しました。急な坂だったり、道の状態が良くなかったり、大変なことはありましたが、無事に登りきることができました。とても疲れましたが、頂上から見た景色はとても綺麗でした。また山登りに挑戦したいと思いました。 そしてサーフィンや山登りの他にも、海の中を泳ぎながらいろいろなところを探検したり、アーチェリーをしたり日本にいたら経験できないようなことがこのフィールドトリップ中にできてよかったです。