From New Zealand_New Exchange Report on Sacred Heart GC

A new exchange report reached us from New Plymouth in New Zealand.  Yuki Fushida, a one-year exchange student who is now studying at Sacred Heart Girls’ College, reports to us about her recent kiwi life there.

Kia ora! I’m Yuki Fushida from Sacred Heart Girls College.  Spring has just started since yesterday, because it’s September.  I’m surprised at the speed of time.  Today, I’m going to write about my parents’ visiting to New Plymouth, some things which I started recently, and my dream.

Last month, my parents were staying in New Plymouth for only 4 days. They were surprised to see my body type.  First, they said to me, “Oh my gosh! You’ve got so fat!”  I have never thought about my weight.  I tried not to gain weight.  Unfortunately, it was horrible.  I gained 5 kgs.

Anyway, during those 4 days, my parents and I drove around New Plymouth. And we saw a lot of views.  I found the beauty of New Plymouth again.  Then I get to love this place much more.  What are the wonderful things about New Plymouth?  The huge land, wonderful views and small population.  If you go to a beautiful spot, there are not a lot of people who are visiting there, so you can enjoy the beautiful view.

When I said goodbye to my parents, I was crying although I had decided not to cry at the time.   In these 4 months, I had been alright.  But I had always lived with anxiety.  But now I can feel that my parents have been always helping me.  So, I will be alright if some painful things happen to me.

Recently, I’m trying to do “Study Supplies ENGLISH” and “Activity Report Note”.  Until now, I was trying to do that when I was interested in that.  But now, I’m believing that “slow and steady wins the race”.  I make it a rule to do it every day.  And I posted my report to our school SNS of “manaba” last week.  Since a lot of classmates of mince are very smart, so I felt it was embarrassing for me to write a report in my poor English skills.  I was giving up. But I tried to post my report with my courage. Then I was happy that my homeroom teacher praised me.  I’m going to try to do that once a week.

My mother told me to decide to take which course, science or humanities, to learn in my near future last week.  I was thinking about that all day long. I asked some kiwi friends about their future. They knew which subject they should learn.  I felt rushed, but at last I was able to decide my dream.   I won’t write about my dream on this report because It’s embarrassing.

If I have a goal as for my future dreams and careers, my attitude toward studying English has changed a lot. Until now I was learning to be able to speak a lot.  But now I am studying it to obtain language skills, which will be useful for my future.

These are some pictures of the beach near my house.   Thank you for reading.