From America – Exchange at the University of Saint Joseph #12

From America – Exchange at the University of Saint Joseph #12_8/7_2018


The blue sky and the beautiful sunshine without any clouds celebrate the final day for us to stay at University of Saint Joseph.  Today was a super busy day for us all, a medicinal plants tour class, our second tea ceremony, Professor Christina’s special biology class and the farewell dinner.   All of us enjoyed this greatly big day till the end.


In the morning, we had a very special class at Elizabeth Park for medicinal plants projects.  Professor Christina, a biology professor, and Dr. Dayne Laskey, a guide of this tour, gave us an orientation about medicinal plants projecta in this Elizabeth Garden.  We were so amazed that so many medicines are actually made from natural plants and the school of pharmacy of the University of Saint Joseph is now making commitment to create new medicines from natural flowers and weeds.  The explanation sounds bit academic, but we can realize what it is like to create new medicine in university studies.


In the afternoon, Otsuma Nakano students gave our second tea service to staff and faculty of the USJ to express our special thanks. Comparing to the first tea service, students looked relaxed and did it very smoothly with very good teamwork.   USJ people looked very impressed with smile enjoying students’ tea service as well as simile on the faces o Otsuma Nakano students.


And then, as a final class of this exchange program, Professor Christina gave us a very special class on biology.  At the biology laboratory, Professor Christina made a quick explanation about anatomy biology for nursing and pharmacy. After her lecture, we did some experiments to observe their own cells and DNA.  It was very interesting and informative for us to consider the way to study science.


Finally, in the evening, we had a farewell “Friendship Dinner” which highlighted this exchange program at the University of Saint Joseph.  We were very proud that President of the University of Saint Joseph joined us for the dinner and gave us an insightful farewell greeting to Otsuma Nakano students, which were very highly of Otsuma Nakano students because of their curiosity and brave.  It should be challenging for high school students to join American university coming all the way from Tokyo to West Hartford, Connecticut. This should be a great first step forward in your life and will be leading to a big success in your future.


After that, we all enjoyed this wonderful dinner with USJ students. They were hugging each other with crying because they didn’t want to leave here. USJ students and Otsuma Nakano students, all of us mixed together into fantastic relationships with each other. 


On behalf of Otsuma Nakano School Community, we would like to express sincere thanks to all of University of Saint Joseph for everything you have done to us.  Especially, millions of thanks go to the partner students from USJ.  


To wrap up this note, we would like to conclude this study visit to University of Saint Joseph with referring to the words from the brochure of USJ Study Abroad Program.   

“At USJ, students explore and expand their potential through personal attention in welcoming community that offers academically challenging programs to individuals who want to succeed and make a difference in society. “















そのあとは、本校生徒が「My favorite place in Tokyo」についてプレゼンテーション。そして。クリスティーナ先生とバディの学生と最後のディナーを楽しみました。