From New Zealand Final Report on Sacred Heart GC for Term 1_180630

Here comes another final report from Nanaka Watanabe, an exchange student participating in the term 1 exchange at Sacred Heart Girls’ College.  It is our pleasure to share the following report with you all.


Kia Ora tatou!!  I’m Nanaka Watanabe from Sacred Heart Girl’s college. I have less than one week before I return to Japan and this will be my last report from New Plymouth. In this report, I’ll share some vents and my memories in New Plymouth.


New Zealand has an important indigenous culture, which is Maori culture. We have had a lot of chances to see Maori culture here in New Zealand.  The classrooms in my college are decorated with Maori culture displays.  “Kia Ora tatou”, which I wrote at the beginning of this report, is Maori language and it means “Hi everyone”.  I visited Owae Marae with my host family last week.  At the Marae, we received a traditional welcome and we learned about Maori culture. The welcome was really powerful and cool. That was a really nice experience for me to learn cultures which I didn’t know.  Moreover, I think it is important for us to know Japanese culture and share it with the world.


A few days ago, I had dinner with all of the international students who currently stay in New Plymouth. There were a lot of students of the same as us from Philippines, China, and South Korea.


Talking with them was so fun. Moreover, we communicated with each other in English because our own cultures and language were so difficult. I was surprised at the differences between us. Some students can speak more than three languages!!  I was also interested in various things about them and I want to challenge a lot of things.


The days have past very quickly, and I have to return to Japan next week. I’m very sad to say good bye to my host family, friends and teachers who gave me a lot of memories and experiences. I particularly tried to treasure these conversations during this study abroad program.  In these days, electronic equipment is really useful, so it can translate many languages. However, I think communication is the one thing which only people can make.


I got to feel that greetings and keeping smile are really important to make new friends and also to talk with people who meet for the first time. My English skill is getting better and I got to able to enjoy talking with them. I got high motivation to talk with friends using English because it is so fun. I want to keep on giving it  the best try for my future.


I sometimes gave up talking to my Kiwi friends from myself, because I was afraid that they would not understand my English.  Then I regret for it and worried about it.  However, I was helped by my host family, friends, teachers and their kindness.  From now on, I would like to try hard to keep my mind positive.


The photos are taken at Marae. The other one is one of my favorite pictures.

This is my last report from New Plymouth. Thank you for reading my reports for more than two months. I’ll try hard to achieve my dreams.



ニュージーランドにはマオリという大切にされている文化があります。教室にもマオリの飾りがされていたりと、マオリの文化を肌で感じる機会がとても多く感じます。私がこのレポートの初めに言った「Kia Ora tatou」もマオリ語で「みなさんこんにちは」という意味です。私は先週、ホストファミリーと一緒にマラエを訪れました。そこで私たちは伝統的な歓迎の儀式を受けたり、マオリの文化について学びました。その歓迎はとても迫力がありかっこよかったです。他の国の文化を学ぶ、とても良い経験になりました。








写真はマラエの建物と私のお気に入りの写真です。 これがニュープリマスからの最後のレポートす。約2ヶ月間読んでいただきありがとうございした。 帰国後も自分の夢に向かって頑張ります。