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A new report from Minagi Akao, an exchange student who is now studying at New Plymouth Girls’ High School in New Zealand, reached us.  It is our great pleasure to share her updated report with you all.  Here we go!


Kia Ora!!  I’m Minagi Akao.  I’m the exchange student, now staying in New Zealand.  I will report to you about my school life and what I did at week 6.


This week at school I made new kiwi friends.  They are very nice and funny!  And then, next week, I am going out with one of my friends.  Also, in New Plymouth Girls High, there were a “mufty day”.  On this day, we wore casual clothes to school.  I took a lot of pictures with my friends while we had lunch together.  Also, we donated a few gold coins of $1 or $2 to our teachers.  This money will go to Taranaki’s hospital, which needs money for surgery or treatment that cost much.


Also, on Friday, I had a sport trip. We did a boxing. I didn’t have much exercise after I came to New Zealand so now I had my muscle pain.


With my host family, I am having a fun day.  Especially with my host sisters, we took many pictures using  SNOW app.  What’s more, we play a lot of card games with my host mother.  A memory game, a monopoly, an old maid and a seven game.  I am getting good at playing card games now!!


On Saturday, there was a rugby game, where we could see famous dance “Haka”.  We went to my host father’s friend’s house to watch it together.  I met with a new friend there and it was really fun talking with her. I played Life with my host sisters and my friends before the game starts. When the game started, we were on fire cheering All Blacks.  In Japan, cheering is done quietly, but here they were powerful and I cheered All Blacks so much too!!  Since they are No.1 in the world, they were really strong.  Actually, All Blacks won the game against France by 45-11!!  And the dance of Haka, which is All Black’s symbol had too much impact and I got a gooseflesh. When the game was finished, I was able to refresh my feeling by cheering so powerfully!!


On weekend, I played with my friends that I made in school. On Saturday, we went to a lot of places to take many pictures together.  We went to an art gallery, played table pool, and went for a walk around the sea. It was really fun time. On Sunday, I played with my BF in my school. It was reeeeaaaally fun day for me. We played bowling and I had 3 times of strike! We also played a mini basketball and air hockey. We played air hockey together and it was really fun.


I definitely enjoyed all of this week the best of all of my time here.  I have only one month to stay, but I want to have more exciting stuff before I go back to Japan.

こんにちは!赤尾海凪です。私は今、ニュージーランドに留学しています。これからweek 6にしたことをリポートしたいと思います。


学校では、kiwiの友達を始め、たくさんの友達ができました!みんな優しくて面白く、一緒にいてとても楽しいです!また、来週には一緒に遊びに行く予定などがたち、とても楽しい日々を送っています!さらに今週、mufty dayという日がありました。この日は1日だけ私服で学校に行きます。そして、先生にゴールドコイン、つまり$1か$2を払います。生徒から集めたお金は、taranakiにある病院に高額な治療をする人や、手術をする人への募金になります。この日は、みんな私服だったので、たくさん写真を撮りとても楽しかったです!そして金曜日には、スポーツトリップがありました。私たちは、学校の近くのボクシングをするところへ行き、ボクシングの練習をしました。私はニュープリマスにきて、運動を全くしてなかったので、今筋肉痛です。