From Australia New Report on St. Andrew’s CC_180604

A new report reached us from St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Cairns, Australia.  An exchange student, Sui Hirayama, described her recent colorful life there. in her report.  I hope you like it!


G’day mates!!  I’m Sui Hirayama from St Andrew’s. Today I would like to talk about my weekends and my school life.


On Saturday Ayana’s host family took Ayana and me to Crocodile Farm. It is a farm that we can see many crocodiles and other animals that are native to Australia, such as koalas and wombats. We rode on a boat, with which we can explore the park to find some crocodiles. The man who guided us was very hilarious, so we had a very fun time at the boat. We also saw a crocodile feeding show. The staff hang the chicken from the pole and crocodile jumped out from the water and ate it. The sound when they eat the chicken was very big and it was cool but very scary. The biggest crocodile we saw was about 7 meters long and weighed about 600 kg! For lunch I ate a meat pie with crocodile meat. It was my first time to eat crocodile meat. It tasted like chicken but a little chewy.


In the afternoon of that day, my host brother and I made paper planes and battled which of our plane would go further. I haven’t made paper planes for many years, so it was very fun. It was hard to make a plane that goes far with the following wind. At the end, my host father joined us. As a result, my host father’s plane was the best and it went on the road in front of our house.


At night I went to Esplanade with my host family. My host brother had a soccer match on this day and he scored first goal of this year, so we went to eat ice cream for his reward. I ate mango flavor ice cream. It was very tasty and the view was very beautiful. These are casual daily lives but I can’t do these things in Japan because I’m busy with my club and school works and there is no big space we can play with paper planes in my house in Japan and there are no beaches near where I live so I enjoyed this time like a little kid.


Next, I would like to talk about my school. On Monday we had an event called “athletics carnival”.  It is like a sports day in Otsuma Nakano. The school is divided into 4 houses; Ozanam, Mackillop, Hollows, and Chisolm and they each have different colours. Ozanam represents forest and the colour is green, Mackillop represents sea and the colour is blue, Hollows represents sun and the colour is yellow, and Chisolm represents Earth and the colour is red. Some students wore the clothes with the colour of their houses. One of my friend belong to Ozanam so she wore green Aloha clothes and did green colour lip.  In this event there are about 10 athletics that we can participate in and I participated in the long jump and 100 meters run. In this event the music was on all the time and everyone danced and sang. It was fun looking at everyone dancing and sing songs together.


Thank you for reading my report.

皆さんこんにちは。セントアンドリュースに留学中の平山翠です。 このレポートでは、週末の出来事と今週行われた学校行事について書きたいと思います。