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A new report has reached us from New Zealand.  Haruka Yanagisawa would like to share her impressive and enjoyable experiences in her school life there in New Plymouth. 


Hello! I’m Haruka Yanagisawa, an exchange student currently studying at New Plymouth Girls High School in New Zealand.  Time goes really fast and I have about only 1 month left to stay here.  I’m feeling very sad because I’ll have to leave New Zealand soon.


In this report, I would like to introduce about Mufti day and my school trip.


The first thing is about Mufti day. On this day, students can go to school without school uniform and they all can wear what they want.  Unfortunately I didn’t know about this day, so I came to school with uniform on and I was surprised because everyone didn’t wear uniform. I asked my friend about this day and I knew about this day. We could take class wearing no uniform on the day, so the day looked little different from usual days. Also this week was the art week, so during lunch time some students was coloring their hair by glitter and paint. It looked fun but I was afraid of my uniform would get shining with glitter so I didn’t do that.  I think we could have Mufti day in my school too!


The next is about my school trip. I went to the trip on 14th of March. This trip was for international students to venture Taranaki. There are many international students from different schools, so I could meet new people who I had not met before. First we went to Pukekura Park and did athletic and did ride a boat at the lake. I rode a boat with my Japanese friend and boys from other school. I thought it would be okay because there were boys and rowing boat would be easy. But it didn’t go forward as I expected. It was hard to row the boat, so it didn’t move forward and it just kept on going around. I was worried about if we could return back to the place where we were, but finally we did. It was little scary, but I think it will be nice memory. After enjoying boat riding, we went to Mt Taranaki and watched the mountain. It was nice, sunny day, so I could see the mountain clearly. We walked about 20 minutes and went back to the bus and ate lunch at the lawn. After lunch, we went to the bridge and ate ice cream. I went a lot of places and had nice time.


In this term there are many events and next week I will go to a river for our geography trip. I’m looking forward to going there!


These photos are Mt Taranaki, students coloring their hair and the one I took of the sky with sunset.

Thank you for reading my report!