From America – Study at the University of Saint Joseph #14

Wednesday, August 9th,
The bright sunshine came back to the beautiful campus again in this morning.  It's super perfect summer weather with dry air and cool breeze all day long.  We have only two more days to stay here, so give it a try to do best enjoying the University of Saint Joseph.
Today, we had the second class of nursing instructed by Prof. Megan Mooney. We started with injection practical training. First of all, Professor Mooney instructed the students to be careful about the amount of the medicine to inject into patients . And then, each of them took out their own syringe to withdraw some medicine.  As for today's injection practice, we were supposed to inject insuolin into a patient with diabetes and to inject flu vaccine.  Of course, our students did that to a mannequin-patient, but it looked so real.  In spite of their very first experience, they did it very well thanks to the advice and instruction by Prof. Mooney.  
The next thing we did in this class was the effective medical procedure for a patient with ankle sprain. In addition, we did a good practice of walking on crutches.  These skills and knowledge would be so helpful for our daily lives.  
Another lecture and practice were about life-saving technique, which is called "CPR".  Prof. Mooney gave us a very specific explanatons about the process of CPR with mannequin-patients.  Each studenst gave it a try to do CPR to these manneqiins.  The basic procedure is the very similar to the one we have learned in Japan.  But in this class, these explanations by Prof. Mooney was so logical and coherent that we could get deep understanding about each process.  
Finally, we had a wrap up lecture about the process to be a nurse in the States.  The requirements to be a nurse in America are the same as the one in Japan basically.  The first step is to go to a nursing school or college like the University of Saint Joseph and the second is to earn enough cerdits to graduate from a nursing school.  What's more is to practice in a hospital.  The last requirement is to pass the qualifying test to be a nurse, which each state organizes. This advice should be so informative and helpful for the students to consider their future careers and university to go to.
In the afternoon, a University of Saint Joseph faculty staff, Professor Justin and Professor Liza gave us an impressive and interesting activity workshop with the USJ liaisons, which is called "Adventure Education".  The first step was to make a circle for icebreaking. Warm up dancing, some exercises with their partners to understand each other and working together in some performances, which let them recognize how important each is for each other.  This workshop was also well organized and amazing to us.  Professor Justin and Professor Liza are so professional that they entertain and facilitate the students to be super active and get positive with each other. This is the academic physical education!