From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College 170625

Now it is our great pleasure to introduce the final report from one of the exchange students, Anna Nakayama, for term 2 at St. Andrew's Catholic College.  Her report represents how wonderful and meaningful this exchange program between St. Andrew's Catholic College and Otsuma Nakano has been and will be for both schools and students. 


Hello!! This is Anna Nakayama from Cairns.  This is my final report. 10 weeks have already passed since I came here.  Time passes so fast and I can’t believe that. The last week was my best time in Cairns, which became very special and exclusive time to me.


Now I’ll tell you my final Australian life!!


Actually, at St. Andrew's, every day was so fun and meaningful to me.  The week 9 was its exam week.  I also took some exams, which were good. And then, during the time when we didn’t take exams, I taught Japanese to junior students. They were so cute and they tried to speak Japanese very hard!!  So, I enjoyed helping them with Japanese speaking practice.


Last Saturday, I went to Hogs Bread, which is an Australian steak house, with my host family at dinner!!  I ate big steak, which tasted so good and I realized this was exactly Aussie food!!!  And then we went to a crystal cave!!  That is a real cave. In the cave, there were a lot of crystals!!  It was pretty fantastic and amazing!!! And I saw a big amethyst tree!! I couldn’t believe that in the world there are so many amazing crystals!!!! According to the history of this crystal cave, a man collected many crystals a long time ago and then he made an exhibition of his crystals there!


On Thursday after school, one of my friends invited me to dinner.  We went to town for dinner. We ate kangaroos, crocodiles, and wallaby, at which I was so surprised. But, it was so delicious. We had great time at the dinner!!!!


Last Sunday, I went to a festival with my host family!! There were many gifts and bands played the music at the festival.  We saw many animals such as baby pigs, sheep, and birds.  I touched one of the sheep.  And after that we went to SUSHI shop!! SUSHI is so famous in Australia!! They often eat SUSHI, which made me so happy!! It was good SUSHI!


Last day at school, I took normal class. During lunch time, we had a goodbye party. My friend gave me a St. Andrews’ bear doll!! On the bear doll, I can see many messages for me from my friends. It made me happy!!! And also, many of my friends and teachers said to me, “I miss you so much”.  It made me so sad. But it was so valuable time for me.


I can’t believe that I have to leave Cairns. These 10 weeks were awesome and so fun. I could learn so many things, which will surely be very significant for my whole life, myself, and my viewpoints.  What’s more I could also learn about Aussie great personality and culture, which is amazing and awesome!! I was so lucky that I stayed in Cairns with my awesome host family for 10 weeks and went to St. Andrew’s.  My host family was so kind to me. They love the music and movies. So, I had many opportunities to listen to great music and watched great movies!!!! It was super great time!!  


In addition, my host father is from England. So, I also could learn music, culture, and custom of England.  Many of my friends were so kind to me and so funny. Thanks to them, every day my school life was so fun and great life!!  I would like to say thank you very much to everyone!!!!  Thank you everyone for giving me this great opportunity. 10 weeks were just like a great dream for me, because it was so fun and all things was so exciting!!!


Thanks to these 10 weeks I spent in Cairns and St. Andrew’s, my English has improved much and I can be a strong person. I will keep on practicing to improve my English!!  In the upcoming December, my host sister is coming to Japan.  I’m so excited to meet with her in Japan!!!!!


In near future, I will definitely come back to Cairns to see my host family and my Aussie friends!!!  Cairns is my second home!!!!


Thank you for reading!  And I would like to give my biggest thanks to you all for these dream-like 10 weeks.!!!!




こんにちは!ケアンズに留学中の中山杏南です!私が来てから10週間がもう過ぎました。ケアンズにいた時間はとてもはやくて信じられません。最後の週はわたしの1番の時間になり最高の時間を過ごせました! わたしの最後のオーストラリアの生活です!




先週の土曜日にはオーストラリアステーキハウスにdinnerでホストファミリーと行きました!凄く大きなステーキを食べまさにAussieの 食事だと思いました!そしてまた私たちはcrystal caveに行きました!そこにはたくさんのクリスタルがあって、本当に感動的で素敵なクリスタルばかりでした!大きなアメジストの木も見ました!こんなに世界に素晴らしいクリスタルがたくさんあったなんて信じられなかったです!このcrystal caveの歴史は一人の男の人がクリスタルを集めて展示したことにあります。





最後の学校では通常クラスを受け、お昼には私のたちのためのパーティーがありました。私の友達はたくさんのメッセージが書かれてるクマの人形を私にくれました。とても嬉しかったです。たくさんの友達や先生方がI miss youといってくれて嬉しい反面、とても悲しかったです。最後の日は私にとって価値のある時間になりました!








近い将来、ケアンズにホストファミリーや友達に会うために戻りたいと思います。またケアンズはわたしのsecond homeです!