From Australia Report from St. Andrew’s Catholic College 170619

From Australia Report on St. Andrew's Catholic College 170618
Here comes the final report for her exchange program from Australia. Kanna Kuramoto, an exchange student studying at St. Andrew's Catholic College, gives her special thanks message to everyone all. 
We are very proud of her because she represnts how wonderful and meaningful this program and relationship with St.Andrew's has been.  She is a great ambassadpr between St. Andrew's and Otsuma Nakano.  We are also thankful to all of you for reading and sharing their reports, which will be great treasures forever for Kanna and all.
Hello,everyone! This is Kanna Kuramoto from Cairns. This report will be my final report!   It makes me little sad, but I’m gonna share my recent Cairns life with everyone there guys as usual!   I can’t believe I have to leave here in only one week…I feel like I will stay here forever. But anyway, Here we go!!
This week 9 was pretty busy week for us because we had lots of exams!! Actually, I didn’t have to take exams, but I wanted to take them just like official St.Andrews students, so I asked teachers and I could take exams!! It was really good experience for me. I took math, English, religion, and Japanese exams. In the math exam, we needed a calculator. But since I didn’t have calculator and my friends also didn’t have spare one, I calculate by myself!! There were some questions which needed to use calculator. In those cases, I made full use of my knowledge of math which I learned in Japan, and I managed to solve those questions.  That exam was three hours and we had lots of questions to solve. It was pretty hard, but I could survive the long math exam.
In English exam, I felt it was similar with Japanese English exams. We meant to read long passages, and answer the questions about the passage.  Teachers at St. Andrew's kindly allowed me to use dictionary, so I read the passage with using dictionary. It took me long time to read that, but I could learn lots of useful English vocabularies.  In each questions, we were given long line to write answers. I was little surprised at that, but I tried to write long answer and could write answer full of line.  It was very fun for me because to let me feel like I’m a person who is a native English speaker.  And it was also great lesson of reading and writing in English.
The religion exam was the most difficult for me!! I like the religion class, and I intended to study, but the religion exam made me so confused!!  But I know I didn’t memorize about 10 Catholic Social Teachings, which we learned during the class. I think it was a big mistake for me to take this exam. I regret that I was not through enough study.  However, actually, we don't have religion classes in Japan so much, so it was a valuable experience for me!!  
The Saturday and Sunday were my last holidays!! I declare this weekend was the best days in ever weekend in Cairns!!   My host family took me various amazing places, and I did shopping, swimming, and some enjoyable activities!!    Luckily, I could see some of my friends by chance at places I went on holidays!! It was very happy chance for me!!
In this term since I came to Cairns, I was helped by lots of people. 
Everyone are all kind and gentle, so I could spend my Cairns life happily. 
I appreciate my host family, friends, St. Andrews teachers, and other wonderful people. They let me be free and I could do anything which I want to do. And I also appreciate Otsuma Nakano teachers, my family, and my friends!  They let me go to this studying abroad program and support me a lot. Because of all people around me, I could make wonderful memories in Cairns. 
I’m sure that I learned English in here, but also I learned other significant things for my life.  This experience is my wealth and treasure.  Even though I finished this studying abroad, I will grow up more and more with this experience, my positive mindset, and SMILE!!  I expect I’ll think this studying abroad had been like a dream after I come back to Japan. I mean, it’s like a URASHIMATAROU!!lol lol , which is a Japanese fairly tale telling us the wonderful time and world disappearing soon like a daydearm. 
Thank you for reading my report! I think I became much braver and stronger than ever before through this studying abroad.   I ‘ll be back to Cairns absolutely!!!  
I can see very cleary and objectively what Japan it is like because I am away from Japan. Additionally, I can get what a wonderful country Japan is because I miss Japan, which means I am again proud of Japan.   This is also one of my greatest lessons from my study abroad in Australia.
Overall,  I’m now super excited to meet my family, friends, and Otsuma Nakano teachers!! See you in Japan!  


みなさんこんにちは!ケアンズ留学中の倉本栞汀です!!早くもこのレポートが私の最後のレポートとなってしまいました。それは少し私を悲しくさせますが、今回も今まで通りみなさんに私の最近のケアンズライフを紹介していきます!あと1週間でケアンズを離れてしまわないといけないなんて信じられません。。。永遠に住むような感じがします。。でも!!とにかく、Here we go!!
宗教のテストは私にとって一番難しく感じました!!!授業は大好きで、勉強したつもりだったのですが、その宗教のテストは私を混乱させました!!笑 でも私は授業で習った10個のカソリックソーシャルティーチングを覚えていなかったため、自分が悪いことは十分わかっています。これはテストにおいて大きな失敗だったと言えます!!もっと勉強しておけばよかったと後悔しています。でも、日本には宗教の授業はあまりないので、宗教のテストを受けられた経験はとても貴重な経験でした!!
ケアンズに来てからの期間、私はたくさんの人たちに助けられました。みんなが親切で優しかったおかげで、私は本当に楽しくケアンズでの生活を過ごすことができました。ホストファミリー、友達、先生方、などなどみんなに本当に感謝しています!!彼らは皆私を自由にさせてくれ、私は自分のやりたいことをなんでも自由にすることができました!!!そして大妻中野の先生方、家族、大妻中野の友達にも本当に感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです!!私は彼らのおかげで留学に行け、サポートもたくさんしてくれました。私の周りのすべての人たちのおかげで、私はケアンズで最高の思い出を作ることができました!!私はケアンズで英語だけでなく私の人生においても重要なことをたくさん学んだと確信しています!!この経験は私の財産です。この留学が終わっても、この留学の経験と持ち前のポジティブさと笑顔でどんどん成長していきます!!日本に帰ってから、この留学は夢だったんじゃないかな、、と思うのではないかなと予想しています、、!!笑 浦島太郎のお話のように!笑