From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College 170527

From Australia Report on St Andrew’s Catholic College 170527


Anna Nakayama, one of the current exchange students studying in Australia, gives us her updated report on her school life at St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Cairns. 


Hello everyone!!! This is Anna Nakayama from Cairns. It is winter here. Every day it is nice weather.  All nature here is so lovely.  We can hear songs of the birds because here is quiet.


Six weeks have passed since I came here.  I have been spending awesome time here every day.  Australian life is very fantastic and my valuable time.  I would like to thank to my friends and teachers.


In school, YEAR11 students are still busy every day.  We have many excursions and events. So, we often go anywhere. On Monday, we went to another school and we listened to a scientist speech with other school students. It was pretty good. He talked about relationship between religion and science. In his speech, we had a many chance to say opinion. And then, we did discussion. It was valuable time for me.


Every Wednesday is sports day in St. Andrew’s here. Everyone wears sports clothes and do sports. On Wednesday, I’m doing boxing, which is great, fun and pretty hard. But, it is good exercise and I love this class.


In Biology class, we’re observing flowers. We cut the flowers. And then, we get to observe flowers through a microscope. It is pretty fun.


On Friday, we had a driver’s class whole day, because YEAR11 students can get driver’s license and they can drive. Everyone wants them to drive safely, which means they never get their cars crushed. So, we learned about how to make a car crush. Cairns Police told us about it. We also learned about driver’s roles. We watched a movie about dangerous car crush. And then, we did discussion about source of car crushes and what we can do to provide a car crush. Furthermore, we listened about man speech who have wheel chair. Because, he had car crush 20 years ago. He told us about his life which is after the prevent a car crush. When we have a car crush, we have to go to hospital and also have to pay for fixing the house to live easily including toilets and anything. It needs much cost and busy life. This lesson was very useful and I think it is significance for our life. We can prevent a car accident.  For example, when we drive, we don’t use mobile phones. And also we have to drive carefully to prevent a car crush. In Australia, we can get a driver’s license when we get 16 years old. So many of my friends have a driver’s license and they can drive to anywhere. Also, my host sister has a driver’s license. So, I am envious of that and I want to get a driver’s license now!!!


On this Friday, we had a sports festival, which was pretty fun. I did discus and javelin. And also, high jump and long jump!  I ran 100m.  And then finally I got second prize. We could play many kinds of sports. That’s why I like this school sports festival. And we painted our face and we wore some costumes which are pretty. It was awesome festival!!


On Sunday, it was mothers’ day.  Everyone said that “Happy Mothers’ day”. I went to lunch at the yacht club with my host family. On the yacht club, we could see beautiful view.  There are a fantastic beach and many yachts. My host father told me that someone is living in their yacht. Because the people who living in the yacht club, they don’t have to pay money and they can be relaxed. I think it is very amazing thing and I want to live in the yacht in the future. It was so lovely place. We ate seafood, which was so delicious and famous in the world. 


Tomorrow, we’re going to Green Island. So, I’m very excited to be there!!


Thank you for reading my report!  I think my English is getting better and bete, which makes me super happy.  See you in two weeks!!











毎週水曜日は、学校全体がsports dayでsports clothesを着てスポーツをしています。私はボクシングをしていてとても楽しく最高の時間です。いい運動にもなっています。




金曜日には車のレッスンが一日中ありました。YEAR11の生徒は、車の免許を取ることができ運転できます。すべての人は彼らに決して事故を起こさないという意味での安全運転を求めています。どのように車事故を防ぐか学びました。ケアンズ警察の方が教えてくれました。また、ドライバーのルールも学びました。危険な車事故の映画も見て、その原因と今後どのように車事故を防げるか討論もしました。そしてさらに20年前に事故にあった車いすの人の話を聞きました。彼は車事故にあった後の人生を語ってくれました。も私たちが車事故にあったら病院行き家も暮らしやすいように改造しなければなりません。そしてたくさんの費用と忙しい人生をもたらします。私はこの授業は、とても実用的で私たちの生活にとって大切だと思います。そして私たちは携帯を触らないようにするなど車事故を防ぐことができ、防ぐ必要があります。オーストラリアは16歳で車の免許を取ることができるので私の友達やhost sisterも運転することができ羨ましく私もオーストラリアで免許を取りたいです!




先週の日曜日は母の日でした。いろんな人が “Happy mother’s day” と言っていました。わたしはホストファミリーと素敵なヨットクラブでご飯を食べに行きました。私たちは美しい海とたくさんのヨットを見ることができました。Host fatherはいくつかの人はヨットに好んで住んでいると教えてくれました。彼らは住居費にお金を払う必要はないしリラックスでき素晴らしい生活だと感じ私も将来ヨットクラブに住みたいと思いました。そして世界でも有名なとても美味しいオーストラリアのシーフードも食べました。


明日はgreen islandに行きます!とても楽しみです。