From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College 170513

From Australia, here comes the new report on her school life there.  Anna Nakayama would like to share with you all her impressive and exciting life there in Cairns.  The following is her report.


Hello everyone!! This is Anna Nakayama from Cairns. One month has passed since I came here.  I can get used to my Australian school life. So, I can spend the time at school like other Australia students.  In Cairns, sometimes we have rain shower here. But we don’t have to use umbrellas. At every night, we can see beautiful stars and the moon, which is fantastic. Every day I’m enjoying my life in Australia. We can be relaxed in the beautiful nature.  Also I like to talk with Australian people because there are very kind and funny.  Australia is a multiracial country. So I can see many different people from different countries. So, it is valuable for me.


Now, I’ll tell you about my fantastic Australian life.


At St. Andrew'sl, Year 11 is busy every day, because we have many assignments. At the beginning, I can’t understand the accounting class. But now, I can understand it very well and I get to like accounting.  We are learning about BDA.  BDA means balance day adjustment. We’re using ‘excel’ to calculate BDA.  We’re making balance day sheet.  We calculate about revenue and expense. I think it is very useful and important for our life.


I went to the BUDDIST center in my religion class. We listened to the speech by the BUDDIST person there. She told us a lot about BUDDISM ritual. The BUDDIST center was fantastic. We can learn how to BUDDIST people worship a BUDDIST statue with hands. It was my good experience.  I'm a BUDDIST.  So, I explained to my friends and teacher about my ritual in japan. For example, when we have our meal, we say "ITADAKIMSU", "GOCHISOUSAMA". And then, many of my friend listened to my explaining concentrate, which made me happy.


On the last Friday, I bought a hot chips and snack at school with my friends.It is a program about the world challenge. They collected donation for going to India. And then, we watched the volley ball game that was YEAR 12 students vs teachers. My friend told me it is a traditional event to graduate.  The teacher’s team won by a narrow margin.  But it was good game.  And we could enjoy cheering.  Even Mr. MacMaster, the Principal, played the valley ball joining the teacher’s team. I was surprised at that. In fact, he is a very good player.


Every day I’m enjoying Australian TV shows, which are the voice and kitchen role and millionaire matchmaker and Doctor Who. The voice is a TV program about singer’s competition and kitchen role is cooking competition. Doctor Who is a science fiction. The doctor uses time machine and travels into his previous life.  I like this TV show. It is very funny. Millionaire matchmaker is also interesting. We can watch the different character people and millionaire life.


On Saturday, we went to PALM CALM beach. We swum there. We caught many waves. It was so fun.  It is winter in Australia even now. So, we can’t swim in all of the beaches because in Australia there are many Jelly fish now. Jelly fish can kill people.  It’s very dangerous.  So, we can only swim in the designated areas, which are very small.


On Sunday, I went to Granite gorge, which is a mountain high place with my family. I could saw wallabies, snakes and hamsters.  We could feed wallabies.  They were so cute.  I saw many snakes and birds, which have beautiful green colors.  I held them like rabbits.  They were also so cute.  I walked to many rock places, where a movie was taken before. It was little hard for me to walk through. But it was good exercise.


On the last Saturday night, we went to Adams Family musical, featuring my host brother at his school. It was fantastic and amazing. The actors were painted white on their faces. I really like the concept and the idea of this musical. The audience cheered loudly. I could enjoy watching this Adams Family story, which looks complicated, but I could understand the story in English. So, I could feel that my English is better than before.  Listening to Australian people’s accent is a little difficult. But I can listen to them now. And my host family said to me that your English is good now.  So, I am very happy.  I want to get my English much better.  I'll try to practice English harder. I think it is very significant for me to have a courage to talk with my friends. I did that. And then I could make many friends now. My friend told me a lot about Australian information and study. So I can understand many things now, thanks to my friends.


I have only 6 weeks more to stay in Australia. I‘ll try to do my best and I want to learn more. And also I would like to spend fantastic time in Australia.


Thank you for reading. See you in two weeks!!

Best regards,









Year11はたくさん宿題がありとても忙しいです。はじめのうちは会計学が理解できませんでしたが、今は理解ができ、とても好きです。今はBDAについて学んでいます。BDAとはその名の通りで、excelを使って支出や歳入について計算をしてbalance sheetをつくります。これは、私たちの生活にとって重要で役立つものだと考えます。


宗教のクラスではBUDDIST center に行きました。仏教の方にたくさん話を聞き仏教の儀式について教えていただきました。仏教の人たちがどのように手を合わせ儀式をするか学べました。また、私は日本人で仏教なのでたくさんの友達や先生に食事を食べる際に言ういただきますや、ごちそうさまについて教えると皆、集中して聞いてくれて嬉しかったです。


金曜日には学校で友達とhot chips とソーセージを買って食べました。これは、world challengeというプログラムでインドに行くために寄付を募るものです。そして私たちは、生徒対先生方のバレーボールのゲームを見ました。僅差で先生方が勝ちましたが、とても良い試合で応援を楽しめました。私の友達が、これはyear12が卒業するにあたっての伝統だと教えてくれました。マクマスター校長先生でさえも試合に参加されていて驚きました。とてもいいplayerでした。


また毎日オーストラリアのTVもたのしんでいます。The voiceという歌の大会の番組や同じく料理の大会のkitchen roles があります。Doctor whoはサイエンスフィクションでdoctorが前世に行く物語でとても面白く好きです。またmillionaire matchingも違った性格やmillionaireの生活が見ることができ楽しいです。


土曜日には、 PALM CALM beachに行きました。たくさん波にのれて楽しかったです。今オーストラリアは冬なので危険かつ人を殺すことができるクラゲが海にいるため決められた小さいスペースしか泳げません。


日曜日には、familyと山の高い位置にあるGranite gorge に行きワラビやハムスター蛇を見ました。ワラビには餌をあげました。とても近くかわいかったです。きれいな緑色をした鳥や蛇も見ました。とても可愛いウサギのような動物も抱きました。映画の舞台にもなったたくさんの岩がある場所も歩きました。少し大変でしたがいい運動になりました。


土曜日には、host brotherのミュージカルAdams familyを見ました。とても素晴らしく感動的でした。Actorは顔を白く塗っていました。私はこのミュージカルの世界観がとても好きです。観衆はとても大きな声で応援するのでとても盛り上がりわたしも楽しめました。Adams familyはお話が複雑ですが英語で理解でき以前よりも自分の英語力が上がったことに気付けました。オーストラリアのなまりは聞くのが少し難しいですが今は聞くことができます。またhost family も英語がうまくなったねと言ってくれて嬉しかったです。もっと英語がうまくなるよう練習していきたいと思います。私は勇気をもって友達に話しかけることが重要だと考えます。私はたくさん話しかけて友達をたくさん作れました。友達は勉強やオーストラリアのことについてたくさん教えてくれます。そのおかげで今はたくさんのことが理解できとても感謝しています。