From Australia_Report on St. Andrew’s CC_170507

From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College_170507

Here comes the following updated report on our student exchange program in Australia.  Kanna Kuramoto from Cairns is going to share her impressions about the study there with you all.


Hello, everyone. This is Kanna Kuramoto from Cairns.  Three weeks has already passed since we came here.   Every day, I have many new discoveries here, so I don’t get tired of this life absolutely!!  I have gotten used to my school life, where all things are all spoken in English, and I’m always excited to go to school every night. Now, I’m going to share my recent Cairns life with everyone! Here we go!


 I take boxing class in Cross-fit.  I love this class! The contents of this class is different on each day, but I enjoy every class. For example, we do exercise as work out, rope jumping, running, practicing punch, and so on. Above all, I like doing rope jumping and practicing punch very much. In the time of rope jumping, we have to keep jumping for one minute, or we have to jump one hundred times. It is very hard, but it’s good exercise for me because I don’t do any sports constantly. In the time of practicing punch, we practice many kinds of punches with our partners. It is not too hard, and we can communicate with our classmates while we are practicing punch. So, it is fun for me! After we practice punching with our partners, we make two lines. People who are in one line deliver punches, and people who are in another line receive the punches. And then, people who deliver punches have to move to the next person who will get punches, just after delivering their punches to one person. By doing this, we can communicate with all classmates each other. It is not only fun, but also leads to make new friends and improve my English.


In the after school, I go to “After School Care” facility because my host mother is very busy, and she can’t pick me and my host siblings do me up at the best time to go home. Many parents who have their job in the daytime can leave their children in after school. This facility is in the same area with school because the school hold this facility. There are many year 1 to year 4 children.  Since almost of the students are little kids, I help teachers and play with the children as a “visitor”.  As soon as this afterschool care is opened, teachers give us nice snacks. I like them very much, and I’m always looking forward to eating them. This is one of the reasons I like this facility. After eating snacks, we gather in front of a teacher, and listen to little lecture spoken by the teacher. And then, we can go to play with people who are quiet during the lecture. I always play the same things with children. For example, coloring, knitting, hide-and-seek, tag, and so on. Sometimes, a girl give me a picture colored by her, so I am healed a lot. I’m spending very nice time at there after school.


 After I came to Cairns, I feel my English improved little by little. At first, I was a little nervous to talk with classmates, but now, I can talk with my classmates casually and happily.  I think all my life are to study such as watching TV or talking with my friends. So, I’m going to acquire many things more and more like a sponge from my interesting Cairns life from now on too.  And I’ll grow up more and more!!


Thank you for reading this report. See you again!!


皆さんこんにちは!ケアンズに留学中の倉本栞汀です。ケアンズに来て早くも3週間が経ってしまいました!毎日新しい発見だらけで、全然飽きません!学校の授業や生活にもだいぶ慣れて来て、毎日学校に行くのが楽しみです!今週も、ここ最近の私のケアンズライフを紹介していきます!Here we go!!


私はCross-fitという、ボクシングのクラスが大好きです!授業内容はその日によって違うのですが、毎回とても楽しいです!work outのエクササイズをしたり、縄跳びをしたり、ランニングをしたり、パンチの練習をしたりします。私は中でも特に縄跳びとパンチの練習が好きです。縄跳びの時間には、1分間にひたすら飛び続けたり、100回飛んだりしなくてはいけません。すごくハードできついですが、普段運動しない私にとって良い運動になります!パンチの練習の時間には、たくさんの種類のパンチをパートナーと練習します。それはあまりハードではないですが、運動しながらコミュニケーションが取れるのでとても楽しいです!パートナーと練習した後は、2列になって片方の列の人がパンチを受け、もう片方の列の人がパンチをするということもやります。この時、パンチをする側の列の人は1分ごとに横にずれていきます。そうすることで、Cross-fitのクラスを取っている子全員と少しずつ会話ができます!








このレポートを読んでくれてありがとうございました。では、また次のレポートで!See you again!!