From New Zealand Report on New Plymouth GHS_170402

Spring is in bloom here in Tokyo, while there in New Zealand, it is getting colder to welcome fall season, which means that the time of the completion of this student exchange program is coming soon.  Here comes the final report from New Plymouth Girls High School by Shoka Yakashita.  We would be grateful if you could read it. 


Hello! How have you been?  The weather is getting cold and cold because the autumn is coming.   This report will be the last one for me to write. Thank you so much for reading my report so far up to now.  Also, I would like you to read this report as always and to have fun with it!


This week, I went to the school for 5 days, which was a long time.  But I feel that time passed so quickly.   An accident happened during this week!!  Haruka fell down and scraped her leg and arms.  Haruka and I were playing tennis at the lunch time.  After playing tennis, she fell down when she was running.  The scratch looked so bad, so she couldn't walk because of it at first.  It was a surprising accident for us.  So we went to the nurse.  Her scratch was getting better, so she can walk better than before even though she has the scratch. I wish she will be recovered very soon.  


I had a TYO concert on Friday this week. I will introduce about the concert.  We presented a concert at a church. The church looks very beautiful and splendid.  So, I felt so excited, but a little bit nervous. I had to wear white blouse and black trousers or skirts, but I didn't bring these things because I hadn't expected I would be joining the orchestra here in New Plymouth.  So, my mother delivered my clothes to me for this concert. I was so thankful to her. We wore garnet color scarf with TYO mark. It was so nice. But one thing was different from usual.  It was the problem on my decision that I would not wear glasses in the concert. Actually, I didn't want to wear glasses in the concert even though I always wear glasses to read the music notes correctly in the practicing.   I was surprised that I couldn't read the music notes without glasses in the rehearsal.  I really thought I would have practiced it  without glasses, but fortunately I could play as always because I remembered the sound in my brain. I thought it was bad thing for me because I didn't practice without glasses, but it was also a good thing for me because I could play as always. After rehearsal, the concert started. My host family and my host grandmother came to our concert. I played as well as I could.  I practiced every day for this concert but I felt sad because I can't practice the songs for concert. I can play those songs whenever I can, but the I felt sad because the purpose finished. In Japan, I hadn't practiced hard, but here, I always practiced the violin whenever I can, because I had a goal.  So, I think I will make some goals to improve my violin skill after I go back Japan.


Then after concert, we had a little party, then I received a present from TYO because I will leave here soon. I was happy to receive that present, but I don’t want to believe that I have to go back Japan.  Overall I would like to thank everyone for helping me to hold this concert.


Then, I want to share how my classes are going. I am taking mathematics, science, English, ESOL, music and PE.  In math class, everything is easy for Japanese students, so sometimes I am bored, but I am trying to learn how to say some marks or signs in English because I really don't know how to say in English even if I know them in Japanese.  


Science class is my favourite class because everyone is so funny and kind, so I have many friends in this class. Sometimes my friend throws a pencil to teacher, then she says “it's Shoka not me!!”  Everyone knows the person who did it, but everyone says it's me, so I have to go against them, which was very fun. I am happy to say jokes with my friends.  So, I like my science class. Then also I am studying kind of physics now such as potential energy and kinetic energy or something like that.


In English class, I thought it was so hard for me at first because it is like Japanese in Japan, so I have to study someone's feeling and technique in English.   I was not happy to do that at first, but now this class is my favorite as well because I can understand the meaning of the text and what the teacher say.   Then, ESOL class, I can learn from basic words and pronunciation. Recently, I practiced the difference of “li” and “lee”, “she” and “c”, and so on. It is very good practice for me because I can learn from native teachers.  I think it is difficult to experience this if I am in Japan. I want to speak more clearly.


And in music class, I am making songs. It is hard to think about harmony but it's quite fun when the sounds match.  Also, I really like the music class when I have this class on spell five, because we go to outside to read a book about 15 minutes on the grass. The view is so beautiful. Then finally, in PE class, I am learning about bone names because the swimming has finished. I don't know all parts of bone even in Japanese but I had to remember the parts of bones in English. It was hard as well but it was nice.


On Saturday I went to the New Plymouth airport to meet my host father's sister. It was nice time, but I felt strange because the airport is the place where people meet, but It is also the place where people have to part from as well.  When I came here about 2 months ago, I felt nervous at that time.  Actually, I wondered why I did come here.  It was because of nervous. I didn't know how amazing things I will have. But now I don't want to leave here because I like New Plymouth. However, I have to leave here in two weeks.  So, I want to talk more and make more memories as soon as possible. And I will do my best as well for studying and club activities when I go back Japan.


Finally, once again I would like to thank everyone who helped me and I am full of thanks to you for everything.














コンサートの後には小さなパーティがあり、私がもうすぐ日本に帰るのでTYO からプレゼントをいただきました。とても嬉しかったですが、もうすぐ日本に帰るという事を実感しました。そして、このコンサートが開催できたのも沢山の方々のおかげなので感謝の気持ちで一杯です。







ESOLでは、基本的なところから単語や発音が学べます。この前は、li とlee 、she とc などの発音の違いを何度も練習しました。日本ではあまり発音をネイティヴの先生から学べることが少ないのでいい機会だったと思いました。もっと綺麗な発音ができるように頑張ります。