From New Zealand Report on New Plymouth GHS_170313

As well as the lives in Australia, the ones in New Zealand also look enjoyable and easy going.  We are happy to share the following new report from New Plymouth by an exchange student for term 1 at New Plymouth Girls’ High School, Shoka Yamashita.


Hello! This is Shoka Yamashita. How's it going? The weather changes so quickly between the mornings and the afternoons here in New Plymouth, but it feels like summer when cicadas sing.  I would like to share my kiwi life with you. I hope you will enjoy my report.


This week was special for me because the days when I went to school were only two days. I mean I had the classes only Monday and Tuesday. It was sad news for me, but on Wednesday, I went to Wanganui Collegiate School to play tennis. Then, on Thursday, I had science trip. Also on Friday, I had no school because it was a holiday.   I want to introduce what I have done on this irregular week at first.


On Wednesday, I played tennis at Wanganui Collegiate School with 5 tennis players. It was like “tennis exchange”.  I was so delighted to play some good tennis players. And I was also happy to wear NPGHS tennis uniform, which looks so pretty.  But I also felt nervous because they were not international students. Actually, it wasn't common thing for me because I usually talked a lot with international students, but I have not talked a lot with kiwi guys before. However, everyone was so kind and frank, so I felt relaxed.  And then, Wanganui Collegiate School is far from here, which takes about 2 hours to go there.  So, we took a kind of van. I thought it was like picnic or something like that because the songs were played in the van and everyone was talking a lot and eating lol, and it made me relax as well.


In the competition, I realized that I had to call the score in English. It is common of course, because I am in New Zealand. But I mean I always called the score in Japanese English when I was in Japan. The way how to count is the same, but pronunciation is different.  So I was a little bit confused. But I got used to pronounce it now.


On Thursday, I went to the science trip because I am taking a science subject like Biology in Girls High. It was nice as well because I could learn many things in the mountain. We walked in the mountain about one hour.  So, I could see the beautiful view like a river and trees. Also, I liked to eat lunch on the grass in front of the lake. After lunch, we searched an ecosystem of the forest. For example, we searched what kind of plants and animals are living in the forest. And we also measured the temperature and humidity. The temperature was different from over the tree and under the tree. I thought it was usual as well, but it is interesting to watch the number.   We did it in the mountain, which was a little bit dangerous because I slipped many times.  Many vines were there.  But I thought I couldn’t experience those things in Japan. It was so fun.


Then I want to share my classes and Taranaki Youth Orchestra(TYO).   In my music class, a friend of mine who is making song with me is so amazing.  She can come up with some phrases from the code so quickly. Also, she can arrange it to be better as well. I think I can't do that like her soon, but I am trying my best to be like her. Also, I have to make music by using computer. But I couldn't write down just as I was thinking. I mean I couldn't choose a note quickly and correctly.  What’s more I couldn't use computer well. But now I am getting used to choose it and using computer to make music. It is hard task but I won’t give it up.


As for TYO, we will have a concert on 31st March.  So, I always practice the violin to play it well in the concert.  Most of the songs which we will play are musical songs. It concludes some difficult tempo. Also, I belong to the orchestra, so I have to keep pace with tempo of other instruments. I hope we will present a good concert.


We have only 1 month left. I want to stay here much longer because I like New Plymouth. I still like my life here as I can eat fresh apple, peach, carrot and so on for my lunch and I usually fight against flies to turn them out of my room. It is so funny. I think I can't experience those things in Japan. The half time has passed since I came here. I can't believe it because I think I came here nowadays! The speed of time is so fast. But I want to try some more and make more memories here.


Thank you for reading my report!  See you in next time! I will do my best as always.



Shoka Yamashita

こんにちは!山下祥加です。皆さんいかがお過ごしでしょうか?ニュープリマスでは、朝に雨が降っていたのに午後には快晴になるといった天候ですが、蝉が鳴いてると夏の気候だと実感します。では皆さんとkiwi life をシャアしたいと思います。


今週は授業が月曜日と火曜日だけ、という、私にとって特別な1週間となりました。授業を受けられないのは悲しいことでしたが、水曜日にはWanganui Collegiate School にテニスをしに行きました。木曜日にはscience trip があり、金曜日は休日でした。最初こんな風にイレギュラーなスケジュールだった今週のことを詳しくお話しします。


水曜日には5人のメンバーと一緒にWanganui Collegiate School という学校を訪れ、交流戦のような感じでテニスをしました。girls high のメンバーとして相手校と一緒にテニスができたのがすごく嬉しかったです。さらに、NPGHSのユニフォームを着てプレーできたのは思いがけない喜びでした!ユニフォームはすごく可愛いのです。そうは言っても実は、私は最初すごく緊張していました。なぜなら、一緒に行ったメンバーの中にインターナショナルの子がいなかったからです。今まであまりkiwi のこと沢山話すことがなく、インターナショナルの子と話すチャンスが多かったので、インターナショナル以外の子と話すというのは私にとって慣れていないことでしたが、みんなすごく優しくてフレンドリーだったのですぐに打ちとけることができました。Wanganui Collegiate School は、ニュープリマスからおよそ2時間もかかるため、バンに乗って行きました。バンの中では音楽が流れていて、みんな沢山喋ったり食べたりしていたので、ピクニックみたいだなと思いました。




生物をgirls highでとっているので、木曜日には、science tripに行きました。1時間山を歩いてみた景色は美しく、自然についても多くのことを学び、大切な思い出の1ページが加わりました。さらに、湖の前で食べたお昼は、自然の美しさに圧倒される経験でした。お昼の後は、山の生態系について調べます。例えば、虫の足跡によって生息を確認したり、生息している動物の種類を調査したり、さらに気温や湿度も測り、それを数字で見るといった活動です。思っていた以上に木の上と下での気温差がわかったので驚きました。山を探索したので、足が滑ったりつるがささりそうだったりして危なかったですが、楽しかったです。


さて、今度はgirls highでの授業や、Taranaki Youth Orchestra (TYO)のことについても紹介します。 音楽の授業で、私はいつも一緒に曲を作っている子にすごく感心します!彼女はコードからすぐにフレーズを思いつきアレンジを加え、楽器で演奏することができます。すぐに彼女みたいになるのは難しいかもしれませんが、いつか、彼女みたいになれるよう、頑張りたいと思います。また、音楽の授業の難しいところとして、作曲した曲を楽譜としてコンピュータで書いていかなければいけないということがあります。音が頭の中にあるのに、正しい拍や記号をすぐには選べない上に、私は、コンピュータを操作するのが苦手なので思うように楽譜が作れず、音楽の難しさがわかりました。しかし何回かやっていくうちに感覚で音や拍にあった音符や記号を選べるようになってるのを実感します。諦めないで頑張りたいです!TYOでは、3月31日にコンサートがあります。だから、コンサートでいい演奏ができるように毎日バイオリンを練習しています。ほとんどの曲がミュージカルの曲のため、リズムが難しい時もありますが、他の楽器と綺麗に合わさるように演奏したいです。また、全力で頑張って今度のコンサートを成功させたいです!