From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College_170312

Here comes a new report from Australia.  Kyoka Maeda, an exchange student for Term 1 at St. Andrew’s Catholic College, shares her very interesting Aussi life there.


Hello! This is Kyoka Maeda from Cairns in Australia!   It was even hard for me to understand the class before, but now I am able to have fun with it.


Last week, I went to my host sister’s grandmother’s house in Malanda. Her house is on the top of the mountain, and she keeps cows and grows beautiful flowers. Malanda was cooler than Cairns, and it was comfortable.  While heading to her house, we ate a sorbet. I had Dragon fruit and lime flavored one. I enjoyed the taste which was refreshing and suitable for summer. Also, on our way to the house, there were ropes between the trees in the mountain path. My host sister told me that the small animals use them to cross the street so that they don’t get hit by a car. I was impressed that it was leading to various animal’s lives.


When we arrived to the house, we looked around the garden immediately. Her garden was huge, and it had a large variety of plants. There were lilies, roses and to plants whose names I didn’t know, and also there were plants we can eat such as basil, strawberries and limes. There was a tall tree with no leaves. My host sister asked her grandmother, “You said that you were going to cut the tree with no leaves but aren’t you going to cut it?” and her grandmother said, “I was going to, but I won’t because a lot of birds come to stop on the tree.” In reality, there were many birds stopping on the tree, and we observed the birds by using binoculars. Also, she said that she is looking at the growth of the spider web and the spider. The next morning when I saw the spider web, it was bigger than last night, so I was proud that it tried hard overnight. Her thought of valuing the nature conveyed to me.


At night, she showed me a weapon the Aborigines used and had been transmitted from generation to generation in her family, and played a game called Zilch, using six dices which needs good luck. At that time, I didn’t have luck and my result was not good, but it was very interesting so I would like to teach it to my family when I get back to Japan and try it again. After supper, we baked marshmallows in the fireplace and watched a movie and relaxed.


On the next day, we went to the chocolate and cheese factory, Gallo, for morning tea. It was Sunday, so I couldn’t see making them directly, but I had delicious chocolate and cheese made there. There were a variety of cheese and chocolate, and everything was delicious. I had hot chocolate there. It was the best hot chocolate I ever had.


After that, I went to see the little water fall, and little turtles. In the afternoon, we went swimming in the Lake Eacham. The water was very cold and comfortable. We borrowed a paddle board, and played with it. We stood on the paddle board, which was like a surf board and row it with a paddle. It was very hard to stand on the paddle board, and I did my best to keep my balance. On our way home, we stopped at a spot where we can see a beautiful view. It was from the mountain, so I was able to see where I am spending every day and far away to the sea. When I saw the view, I thought again that it is a beautiful place with nature.


It is very fun here, but the time is passing like the speed of the light. I would like to absorb a lot more things and fly back to Japan. Thank you for reading my report! See you on my next one!