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Now it is getting cool there in Australia.  Here comes another new report from Cairns, Australia, by Ayaka Kobayashi, a term long exchange student program in St. Andrew’s Catholic College.  She is making great progress in her command of English.  Let’s take a look at her report. 


Hello, everyone. This is Ayaka Kobayashi from Cairns.  In Cairns, the rainfall amount in February went over the annual amount. There were many short heavy rain storms.  In March, it has not rained as much so far, but there are still some heavy downpour. At first I ran to another classroom between classes not to get wet. However, I don't feel uncomfortable being wet now, so I walk to classes like everyone else! Through daily school and family life, I appreciate hospitality and generosity of Aussie and their easy-going personality.  This is valuable experience for me.   Now, I will tell you about my Aussie life! Let's go! 


One month has already passed since I was at St. Andrew's.  It doesn't make me feel strange that I wear a different uniform and participate in classes, which are going only in English.  I try to understand contents of each class.  For example, in chemistry class, I consulted my dictionary with some words that I couldn’t understand the meaning of them.  Then, I could catch up with the lesson better.  I realized that my command of English is improving gradually.


From last Wednesday, the festival of Lent, which is called "Ash Wednesday", started.  I heard that Christian don't eat meat at all but eat only vegetables and fruits for 40days, which is the festival period. At the beginning of Lent, there was a school assembly. It was a rite that all the students were marked on their foreheads with the sigh of the cross using ash by each homeroom teacher. This rite means people change their bad action by getting ash, and it is called "Ash rite".  I also participated in the rite. It was a valuable experience for me to understand this Christian event.


Also, last Wednesday, I told the "Peach boy" story with pictures to middle school students. The students seemed very interested in the story, so I was really pleased.  When I finished my reading and presentation, they said cheerfully, “Thank you’ ‘in Japanese that they had just learned in a recent class. 


And then, on Thursday, I made a presentation to the senior Japanese students about " The Birth of Chinese and Japanese characters" and "The culture in Heian period".  I also told a story with pictures called a "The tale of the Bamboo Cutter". The Year 11 and 12 students took an interest in the presentation and particularly in "Kokufuu culture", which is characteristic of the culture in the Heian period.  For example, they created brilliant clothes and classic literature. Both class teachers praised me.  So, it was worth my hard working on the presentations before I came to Cairns. I wrote English and Japanese on the picture-story. I gave them to the teacher because I thought if they had a chance they could tell the story again anytime. I got nervous but it was a great success.


On Friday, I helped the Year 6 in their Japanese class because it was the Doll Girl's Festival. We studied the cerebration by watching a movie. The students were amazed at how expensive hina dolls to buy.


Last Saturday, my host family took me to the Yungaburra markets, which is held once a month.  It was held from 7:30 to 12:30, so we got up early and left home at 6 in the morning.  There were hand-made things and fresh fruits, clothes and so on. I was surprised at them selling chickens, kids, piglets as domestic animals. My host family also has chickens as domestic animals and the chickens laid their first eggs!!


After spending time in the market, we went to "The Crystal Cave". On the way to the shop, we saw a gigantic tree. The tree is called "The Curtain Fig". They say that it was giant because a big tree's roots twined around another tree and it is really old. "The crystal cave" was an exhibition of world crystals, which have been collected by one passionate man. I went in the cave to see the sparkling crystals from all over the world. The beautiful crystals that were exhibited in the cave I had never ever seen before. A huge Amethyst was the most stunning! It was three times taller than me.


And this Sunday, we went to the mystery castle,"Paronella Park"!  It was built for 6 years from 1929 by Hoze Paronella, who was an immigrant from Spain for making his utopia.  I could feel effort of Hoze Paranella and his deep history when I saw the wonderful constructions, tropical rain forest.  I felt as if I was being in another world although it was momentary.


I am definitely feeling how quickly the time passes because studying abroad has come to be the second half. I really appreciate everyone who gave me such a chance.  I will learn a lot of things and would like to become valuable time in my life in the other month.


Thank you for reading my report. See you in two weeks!



Ayaka Kobayashi




毎日の学校生活や家庭の生活を通して、オーストラリアの人々の寛厚な人柄に触れます。このことは、私にとって貴重な体験となっています。それでは、私のAussie lifeを紹介します!行きましょう!




先週の水曜日から"Ash Wednesday"というカソリックの祭りが始まり、キリスト教徒は祭りの間の40日間、肉を一切絶ち、野菜、果物のみを食べるそうです。この日、学校のassemblyで、全校生徒が各担任の先生から額に灰で十字架の印をつけてもらう儀式を行いました。この儀式は灰を受けて自らの悔い改める回心の印とされ、”灰の式”と呼ばれています。私もこの儀式に参加しました。キリスト教の信仰行事を理解する、私にとって貴重な体験となりました。


先週の水曜日にはmiddle schoolの生徒さんたちに「桃太郎」の紙芝居をしました。生徒さんたちは話に興味を持ってくれ、とてもうれしかったです。話を読み終わってから子供たちが習ったばかりの日本語で「ありがとうございます!」と、元気よく言ってくれました。


木曜日にはYear11と12の日本語の授業で、「文字の誕生」、「平安時代の文化」のプレゼンテーション、「かぐや姫」の紙芝居をしましたしました。Senior schoolの生徒さんたちはプレゼンテーションに興味を持ってくれ、中でも平安時代の特徴的な文化である国風文化に関心があるようでしょた。例えば、彼らが作り上げた華やかな和服や古典文学などがあげられます。両クラスの先生がたからお褒めの言葉をいただいて一生懸命作った甲斐がありました!紙芝居には英語と日本語の両方を書きました。また機会があれば使っていただこうと思いプレゼントしました。緊張しましたが、成功できました。




先週の土曜日には、月に一回しか開かれないYungaburra markets に連れて行ってもらいました。7:30から12:30の開催だったので、私たちは朝早くに起きて、朝6:00頃に家を出ました。Market にはハンドメイドや新鮮な果物、洋服などが売られていました。中でも驚いたのが、家畜用の鶏やヤギ、子豚なども売られていたことです。ホストファミリーも家畜用に鶏を飼っていて、この間、初めて卵を産みました!その後に"The Crystal Cave”という店に行きました。店に行く途中で、大きな木をホストファミリーが見せてくれました。この木はイチジクのカーテンと呼ばれ、その名の通りイチジクの木の根がほかの木に絡まり、巨大化したものと考えられています。"The Crystal Cave”の起源は一人の男の情熱により世界中から集められたクリスタルを展示したことにあります。世界から集められたクリスタルを見て歩くことのできる穴に入りました。穴の中には見たことのない美しいクリスタルがたくさん展示されていました。中でも巨大な紫色のクリスタルが魅力的でした‼私の身長の三倍はあるように見えました。