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From International Department.   Here comes the new report from Oregon, America, on Pleasant Hill High School. Akane Takahashi, one year exchange student from Otsuma Nakano, shares her current outstanding experience there.


Hi everyone.  This is Akane from Pleasant Hill High School.


Guess what! My family in Japan came to visit me! It was literally the best moment in my life. My family arrived at the Eugene Airport on the 4th of February. First we went to my dad's host family's house. My dad used to be an exchange student here in Pleasant Hill for two weeks. It is very surprising and pleasurable to be in the same town where my dad used to study 27 years ago.  Since I had a basketball game, we headed to Elmira High School.  On our way to school, I talked about so many things with my family that I got a sore throat. I was too excited and just bombarded my family.


During the game, I had this weird feeling that I need to score because this was the only time that my family could watch my game. I was very nervous and didn’t feel comfortable.  I had a lot of playing time. At the end of third quarter, Hannah, one of the best guards of our team, fouled out and couldn’t shoot free throw, so the coach chose me to shoot and I made both of them. At the end of the fourth quarter, I hit three- pointers. After the game, my dad, mom, and my sister were very happy, and it made me happy too.


After my game, we had dinner with my host family. It was a nice place and felt good that my family had an opportunity to meet my host family.


When we got to our hotel, we were all tired and totally ready to go to bed. But I kept talking because I knew my dad would leave on the next day. I know. He’s a crazy guy. He only stayed for 19 hours and took almost 13 hours to get here. By the way, it takes even longer to go back to Japan.


The next day, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to take my dad to the Eugene Airport with my mom. It was such a short period of time, though I enjoyed it so much. Right now, I always wish if I could rewind the time and have fun again…


On the same day as my dad left, my mom, sister and I went up to Portland. We went to a Japanese restaurant which my aunt’s friend manages. Oh boy, it was so good. It has been such a long time since the last time I ate some Japanese meals. Then we went to Washington Square shopping mall. It was really big so I felt like I exercised afterwards.


It was so nice when my family was here because I was able to eat Japanese food and didn’t have to wake up early since my mom drove me to school and picked me up every single day. I really appreciate my family for coming to Oregon to see me. After my mom left, I feel like the past two weeks went so fast. I can’t wait to see my family again in summer. I only have 18 weeks left till the end of second semester.


Basketball season has ended on February 10th. The last two games didn’t go as well as we wanted it to go, especially the last one. The last game against Glide was horrible to me. Although we lost, the season was very enjoyable. I didn’t feel like we actually had three and a half months of basketball season. I met lots and lots of fantastic friends, coaches, and teammates. I really enjoyed it and wish to have another basketball season.


Track and field season has started on Monday the 27th. On the first day, we ran for 30 minutes. I thought it was pretty hard for the first day. On the second day, we went up to Morning Star hill. I was super sore on the next day.. I am so excited for our first track meet which will be in two weeks.

皆さんこんにちは。Pleasant Hill High Schoolの高橋茜です。




私の家族は2月4日にEugene Airportに到着しました。最初は、私の父のホストファミリーの家を訪問しました。私の父は27年前に今私がいるPleasant Hillという街に二週間だけホームステイをしていました。27年後に私が偶然同じ場所に留学しているなんて、とても感動しました。 私はバスケットボールの試合があったのでElmira High Schoolに皆で行きました。その高校に行く途中、喉が痛くなるほどしゃべりました。
















陸上のシーズンが2月27日に始まりました。初日は30分間走をやりました。二日目は、Morning Starという丘を走りました。次の日は筋肉痛で身体中が痛かったです。最初のtrack meetがあと数週間で始まるのでそれも楽しみです!