From New Zealand Study Report on New Plymouth GHS_170305

From International Department of Otsuma Nakano.   It is our great pleasuer to share the following new report by Naoka Yoshizawa from New Zealand.  Her one year student exchange program is getting into the final stage.


Hello. This is Naoka Yoshizawa.  How have you been?  The weather is getting better and it feels like summer is coming finally in New Plymouth.  I had busy week but it was fun as always. I would like to share my kiwi life with you.


The first thing that I want to share with you is about studying in NPGHS.  Actually, the level of study education in GHS is not high enough for me and also low compared with Otsuma when I was Year 11. But recently, it is getting harder and harder because Year 12 and 13’s students want to study hard and some students have decided what they want to be in the future. Some stuff is still easy for me yet because it is still term 1 and it’s like introduction in some class. Especially in Math class, it is so easy for me but sometimes I felt a little bit difficult because in math class in New Zealand, we are using a calculator.  I didn’t know how to use it and I found some signs different from Japanese one, which we rarely use. The difficult classes that I’m taking are Physics and English. The problem is just English.  I can understand what teacher said, but I can’t answer some questions on the paper because I’m good at listening English but not at writing and explaining. Actually, it means my English skill is not enough at the same time. So, I have to study much harder even though I just have 40 days left to be here.


On Saturday, I have two big events!!  The first thing is called Multi Ethnic. It is one of the big events in New Plymouth and a lot of oversea people attended it to show their culture.  Haruka, Shoka and I also attended the event as international students from NPGHS. There were many international students from the other schools as well.  Everyone wore the traditional costume and it looked awesome. We wore yukata and walked with parade. There were many people coming to see us. I was a little bit nervous and worried about yukata and it was hard to walk because of yukata, but it was still good experience for us because we could also see culture from the other countries! After the parade, we went to the place which sold some ethnic cultural food. There were a lot of kind of food and they all seemed so delicious. Also on the stage, there were some cultural performance. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to watch, but they seemed so fun and beautiful. One of my friends was also performing as well!!!


In the afternoon, we had Haruka’s Birthday Party!! The reason some friends didnt come to Haruka's birthday was they had the Multi Ethnic event.   I was so glad that we could celebrate her Birthday. It is quite rare and good to have Birthday party in NZ because it’s quite different from Japanese one. We ate a lot of sweet stuff. It was delicious!! Especially her birthday cake was awesome. It was made by her host mom and it was chocolate cake!! Actually Haruka ate twice of mine lol.  I gave some presents as well. Hope she will like them!!


I have just 40 days left for my stay. That is so sad for me. I know some people wait for me to come back to Japan, but I don’t want to leave New Plymouth because I have a lot of friends and I love here. I had a lot of experiences here even if it’s bad or good. Hopefully, it’s going to be my part of sprit and useful tool for my future. I want to enjoy and try hard in NZ even though I have some days left.


Thank you for reading.  See you next time!!

皆さんこんにちは。吉澤直夏です。いかがお過ごしでしょうか?ニュープリマスでは、天候が徐々に良くなりやっと夏が来たという感じです。今週は忙しかったですが、もちろん楽しい1週間でした。では、皆さんと私のKIWI Lifeをシェアしたいと思います。


一番初めに皆さんとシェアしたい事は、NPGHSでの勉強です。私がYear11の時は正直、勉強面での教育水準が大妻中野に比べ低く、ハイレベルなものではありませんでした。しかし、Year12, 13になると生徒も進路を決め自分の夢のための勉強が始まるので、授業もより難しくなりまたハードな内容になっていきます。まだ、1学期ということもあり未だに出だしのような簡単なクラスもあります。特に数学は私にとって未だに簡単ですが、計算器を使う時や日本のものとは異なる記号が出てきた時には、少し難しく感じます。私が専攻している難しいクラスは、英語と物理です。もちろん先生の言っていることや授業はわかりますが、テストとなると答えられなかったり、説明できないときがあります。なぜなら、今、自分の中で最も成長しているのが、ライティングや説明力ではなく、リスニング力だからです。これは、私の英語力が足りていないという意味にもなるので、残り僅かで留学は終わってしまいますが、できるだけ努力したいです。


土曜日には、イベントが2つありました。1つは、Malty Ethnicというニュープリマスで行われるイベントです。多くの海外から来てニュープリマスに住んでいる人や留学生が自分たちの文化を紹介しました。はるか、しょうか、そして私もNPGHSのインターナショナル生として、参加しました。もちろん他の学校からも多くの生徒が参加していました。また、みんな自分の国の伝統的な衣装を纏いとてもきれいでした。私たちも浴衣をきて参加しました。多くの人たちが見に来ていたので少し緊張しまた、浴衣で歩き、着崩れが激しかったのですが、他の国の文化と交流しいろんな体験もしたので、とても良い経験になりました。パレードの後には、他の国の食べ物を売っている場所に行きました。たくさんの種類の料理があり、どれもみな美味しそうでした。また、ステージでは、他の国のダンスや歌などのパフォーマンスも行われていました。残念ながら、時間がなく、見ることが出来ませんでしたが、衣装などがとても美しかったです。


午後には、はるかの誕生日パーティーがありました。Malty Ethnicと日程がかぶっていたため、来れない子もいましたが、彼女の誕生日を祝えて良かったです。また、日本の誕生日パーティーと文化や習慣が異なるので、ニュージーランドで誕生日パーティーをするのはとても良い事であり、希少な体験にもなると思います。もちろん、甘いものも沢山食べました。とくにはるかのホストマザーが作ったチョコレートのバースデーケーキは本当に美味しかったです。はるかは私の2倍も食べてましたが。。。(笑)また、誕生日プレゼントも交換しました。気に入ってもらえると嬉しいですJ