From New Zealand Report on New Plymouth GHS_170226

From International Department.   Here is another report from New Zealand by Haruka Hirata, who is an exchange student joining New Plymouth Girls’ High School for one term long.   Her report also showcases how our students’ exchange programs are going very well.   Here we go!


Hello everyone!!!  This is Haruka Hirata.  It has passed about 1 month since I came here.  I think time has gone so fast.  Finally, I'm getting used to staying here recently.  And it was continuing rainy days until last week, but it is sunny recently.  So, everyone says summer is coming!  I would like to talk about my kiwi life for about 1 month.


At school, I chose English, Math, Science, ESOL, Animal and plant science and PE.  For PE class, I swim in the pool with a mask, a snorkel and fins.  I thought that's a really hard thing for me to do at first because I had never swum with it before.  But I'm getting used to swimming with it now.  I can't understand all during class yet, but everyone helps me, so I can understand what the teachers are saying.  But when I go back to Japan, I hope I will able to understand all by myself.


I belong to the badminton club and tennis club here.  I usually play badminton every Monday after school and Wednesday during lunch time.  And I play tennis every Tuesday before school and Wednesday after school.  Also, I joined the tennis lesson on the18th of February.  The people who play tennis in New Zealand are really good players, at which I'm surprised.   I am happy to play tennis with them.  So, I want to make an effort in order to catch up with them. During the lesson, I teamed up with kiwi people for the doubles game and I played 2 sets, so I was surprised because I usually play 1 set in Japan.  But I think that was a very good opportunity for me.


There was a swimming sports festival last Thursday.  It was the first big event for me here.  I thought that was really different from the sports festival in Otsuma Nakano.  And everyone has the house color, which is red, blue, yellow and green.  My house color was red. On that day, we didn't wear our school uniform and instead of that we wore the own color clothes.


And last Saturday, I joined a bus trip with international students.  We went to Mt.Taranaki,  a beach and a farm.  When I went to the mountain, it was quite a good sunny day and we stayed above the clouds, so I could see amazing views.  At the beach, I can't swim in the sea, so I hung out in the shallows, although our pants were wet.  And on the farm, I was so surprised because there were many cows in contrast with Japan.  I could see milking too.  I drank the fresh milk, which was so delicious.  This trip was not only Girls high school students, so I think it was good opportunity which I can speak English a lot. 


In this way, I want to try everything the rest of my kiwi life!!!  Thank you for reading my report!!