From New Zealand Study Report on New Plymouth GHS_170205

From Otsuma Nakano International Department.  It is also our great pleasure to showcase a new report from New Zealand.   The other new exchange student from Otsuma Nakano to New Plymouth Girls’ High School, is ready to join classes for its term 1.   One of them, Haruka Hirata, who is a current Year 10th student, gives you her kick-off report on the wonderful life in New Zealand. Here we go!


Hello everyone!!  I'm Haruka Hirata. A week has passed since I arrived in New Plymouth.  I'm going to write about my New Zealand life during my first week here.


New Zealand is in the middle of summer now, but it's not hotter than Japan.  So, I think it's very comfortable.  New Zealand has a lot of beautiful beaches and places.


On the first weekend, my host family took me to some famous places around New Plymouth. I went to Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and the Wind Wand.  On a sunny day, we can see Mt. Taranaki between the bridge.  I thought it was very amazing, but I couldn't see the mountain between the bridge because that day was cloudy.  The Wind Wand is 48 meters.  It's one of the main icons of New Plymouth. During the night, it lights up.


My host family has two children. One is a 10 months old girl and the other is a 2 years old boy.  We went to New Plymouth Girls High School this week for the first time.  The school is much bigger than Japanese one.  We had orientations with other international students.  All international students are very kind to us, so we could make a lot of friends and soon talked to each other friendly. Therefore, I think I can brush up my communication skills in English language.  Our classes will start next week.  I'm really excited, but a little bit nervous now. I will do my best!!


This Thursday, I went to my host mother's sister's house to eat dinner with her.  She likes Japan, so I could enjoy a lot to talk about Japan. And my host family is interested in Japan. So, I sometimes teach easy Japanese to them.


I am now visiting Auckland for sightseeing.  When I came to Auckland, I saw a beautiful sunset.  It was really amazing. In this way, I did a lot of experience in New Zealand.  My New Zealand life has just begun, so I would like to try to do a lot of things for this 3 months.


Thank you for reading my report!!



Haruka Hirata






最初の週末、私はホストファミリーとニュープリマスで有名な橋とWind Wandというところに行きました!天気の良い日には、橋の間からMt.Taranakiを見ることができます。私が訪れた日は曇りだったので橋の間から山を見ることは出来ませんでした。 WindWandは高さが48mあり、ニュープリマスの中で有名なスポットの1つとされています。そして、夜にはライトアップされより一層綺麗に見ることができます!


私のホストファミリーには2人の子どもがいます。一人は10ヶ月の女の子、もう一人は2歳の男の子です。今週、私たちは初めてNew Plymouth Giris high schoolに行きました。学校は日本と比べると敷地面積がかなり広く、1週間通っても未だに建物全てを覚えることが出来ていません。今週はまだ授業に参加せず、他のインターナショナルの生徒達とオリエンテーションをしました。インターナショナルの子達は皆優しく、すぐに友達を作ることができ沢山話せるようになりました。そのおかげで自分の英語力とコミュニケーション力を上げることができたと思います。来週からは普通の授業に参加します。とても楽しみですが少し緊張もしています。ベストを尽くして頑張りたいと思います!




今、私は観光のためにホストファミリーとオークランドに来ています。来るときにとても綺麗な日の入りを見ることができました。 このように私はニュージーランドでたくさんの新しい経験をしています。まだ私のニュージーランドライフは始まったばかりです。この3ヶ月間、たくさんの新しいことに挑戦して一回り成長して日本に帰りたいと思います。