From Australia Study Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College_170205

Otsuma Nakano International Department is so happy to present you here another updated report from our sister school in Australia. 


At St. Andrew’s Catholic College, the new term of academic year of 2017 started.  One of new exchange students from Otsuma Nakano to St. Andrew’s, Kyoka Maeda, who is a current Year 10 student, kicked off their term long exchange study programs there.  It is our great pleasure to share with you all her feedback of the first impression on her new life and experiences in Cairns, Australia.   Here we go!


Hello, this is Kyoka Maeda from Cairns in Australia! I have been staying here since last weekend, and already had much fun time during this short time.


Today, I would like to talk about my host family, and my school, which started since this week. My host family consists of my host father, mother, and a girl, two boys, and two dogs.  My host father is a great chef, and everything he cooks tastes delicious!  Last weekend, we had soup for dinner made by him, and it was great!  My host mother is very warm, and very reliable. Also, I had her orange cakes, and thought that it was the best cake in the world!  My host sister is very kind, and she is very mature for her age.  During this weekend, I had lots of fun with her and her friends.  My eldest host brother is good at computers, so he helped me with connecting my Wi-Fi.  Also, he is very helpful.  If I have any trouble, he always helps me. My youngest host brother has a lot of curiosity, and sometimes he lets me play his games. The two dogs are both very clever, and always listen to what my host family tells them.


Last weekend, I went for a walk with my host family and the dogs. During the walk, I saw a horse.  She always comes near us when we call her name. She is a very beautiful horse, and we gave her some vegetables, and I was very happy when I fed her.  Also, I went to the Lagoon to swim a little with my host family and a friend of my host sister.  The Lagoon is very big, and it is near the sea, so the view seen from there was very beautiful.  It is very hot here, so swimming in the Lagoon is great!  There is also a pool in the house, so we sometimes swim in the pool too. We played many games in the pool such as basketball, volleyball, and so on.


School started started since this week, and I had lots of fun with my new friends. The school building is very big compared to our school, and has a lot of buildings. I thought it was like a maze, and I might have gotten lost!  Also, the schedule of the class is different from Japan. One period has 40 minutes, and has eight periods every day. We have break two times, and he first break starts at 10:20, and eat some snacks, and the second break starts at 12:40, which is for lunch. During the class, I found every student asking questions to the teachers actively, and I felt their enthusiasm.


On the first day for me in Australia, when I was heading to my host family's house from the airport, I saw a big rainbow and felt like they were welcoming me.


I would like to thank everyone who participated to this project. Thank you for reading my report, and see you soon!