From New Zealand_Report on New Plymouth GHS_Dec. 25th_2016

Here it is Christmas, again. ..And Naoka Yoshizawa, an exchange student studying in New Plymouth Girls’ High School in New Zealand , is having a great time there.    Now she is enjoying very merry Christmas in hot summer.  We are more than happy to share her new report with you all.   


Hello, there!  This is Naoka Yoshizawa. How have you been doing?  I’ve already written these reports 10 times! It’s is unbelievable!  My school, New Plymouth Girls’ High Schoo, has  finished this year’s course completely. But I have been busy weeks as usual. So I would like to share what I did these weeks in New Plymouth with you!


The first thing is about I went to Whanganui with Year 10 students. Whanganui is located in the north of Taranaki, where there is a lot of nature. We did some camps and also we did Kayak. It was so fun but also tiring.  It was such a good memory for me because I haven’t done camp or Kayak. I could build better relationships with Year 10 students than ever before.


The next is about the Carolling. I went to the Carolling with my brass band called Jay Band. Carolling is an event and members of brass band ride on a back of truck and go to some places, which are around their houses and played some Christmas music. It was not only once but also a lot of times to play till Christmas. It was the first time to ride on the back of truck, so it was a little bit scary and it made me feel car sick a little bit because it was waving, but I enjoyed playing!!


Another thing is about Arie’s Birthday Party!! Arie is the daughter of Ms. Teffrey, my guardian here in New Plymouth.  She has just turned 2 years old and in the party, about 60 kids, parents and friends came for her. The day was beautiful and sunny day. I thought it was going to be rain because there were some clouds but it was changed. And it was so hot actually that I got sunburn on my skin. I brought some stamps and a notebook for her. Some people brought a kid bike for Arie. It was surprising and it was quite cool. She also looked very happy.  I met some Japanese and talked a lot. The party was awesome. I felt time past so quickly because she wasn’t even one year old when I met her first and also she couldn’t speak, stand and run. But she is growing and growing now. It sounds like an older person’s saying but to be honest, I feel it so much.


The last thing is about my volunteer working. I started working at a preschool, which is called Jump Start as a volunteer from Monday. I already shared this experience with you, but this school is for 2 to 4 years old children, who come and play there and are taken care of. It’s like a kindergarten. I was so tired when I finished working, but it is really fun and quite a good experience for me to spend time with them. When I couldn’t solve some problems of kids, the other adult staffs helped me, so eventually thatwent good as well.


In New Zealand, Christmas is one of the biggest events and there are a lot of parties and big meals and sweets. That’s one of the big differences between Japan and New Zealand. It’s quite difficult to lose weight. But I’m going to try hard!!


Thank you for reading my report! See you next time! 


皆さんこんにちは、吉澤直夏です。いかがお過ごしですか?ついにレポートを更新するのも10回目を迎え、時の流れの速さに驚いています。今学期の学校が終わっても何かと忙しいkiwi lifeをみなさんシェアしたいと思います。








最後は、ボランティア活動についてです。月曜日からJump Startという保育園のような施設でボランティアをしています。以前にも皆さんに紹介しましたが、二歳から四歳の子どもが集まり、遊んだり、両親が働いている間に面倒を見てもらう施設です。仕事が終わったときはやはり疲れますが、とてもやりがいを感じています。また、自分にとっても良い経験です。私が、できないことや解決できない問題があれば、大人のスタッフが対応してくれるので、安心です。

 ニュージーランドでは、クリスマスは大きなイベントの一つでパーティーが多く催されます。また、ディナーもとても豪華になり、加えてデザートもあります。これらが文化の違いだと改めて感じます。やはり、減量をするのは難しくなりますが、頑張りたいと思います! 読んでくれてありがとうございました。次のレポートでお会いしましょう!