From America_Study Report on Pleasant Hill HS_Dec. 2016

Here comes another student exchange program report from Oregon, USA.  Akane  Takahashi, who is a 10th grader of Otsuma Nakano High School, is now studying at Pleasant Hill High School there.   Her story and photos tell you how excellent and enjoyable time she has been spending.   We all are appreciative of sharing her happiness with you who read the following her updated report.


This month I had a lot of things going.


Basketball practice in Pleasant Hill High School started on November 14th.It is so much fun. At the first practice, I was worried because when I first went to the practice, I didn't know anyone in the varsity team. I was also surprised because I was the smallest person in the varsity team. Since I am small, it is hard to compete over  rebounding, so I have to run very hard. The first game was at after school on November 30th against Jefferson (another school in our league).  There were six games. Girl’s varsity, JV1,JV2, boy’s varsity, JV1,JV2. It was an awesome experience. I hope I can get better and I will be able to play during the game more often.


The second thing is going to Portland. It took about two hours to get to Portland. I went shopping and ate Japanese food. Portland was a fancy and interesting city. There were a lot more people compared to Eugene. I felt that things were little bit more expensive than here in Pleasant Hill. I spent a whole day there. It was so much fun that I felt the time past so fast. I wish I could go to Portland again with my friends.


The third thing is Thanksgiving day.  Since there is no Thanksgiving Day in Japan, I was really excited to eat delicious food.  My host family and I went to their friend’s house and spent time there. There were about 20 people in the house. Since I didn't know all of them, at first I was a little uncomfortable, but soon I had fun. Many people brought pies. There were pecan pies, apple pies (which was my favorite!), pumpkin pies, lime bars, and rice pudding. I was very full after eating. I really liked experiencing the American traditional culture.


On the next day, I went to shopping to Valley River shopping mall in Eugene. It is called “Black Friday”. On Black Friday, every shop has sale. I was so excited because I’ve always wanted to go shopping on Black Friday. Some shop opened at 6 o’clock AM in Thanksgiving day. My friend and I went to the mall at around 9:30 and spent time there for about five hours. We were so tired after shopping but it was worth it.


In about less than a month, there will be Christmas and winter vacation. We are planning to go to two Christmas parties. I am so excited to share my experience to everybody!


一つ目は、バスケットボールです。Pleasant Hill High School のバスケットボールの練習は11月14日に始まりました。最初の練習に行った時に私がいるvarsityのチームの人は誰も知らなかったので心配でした。このチームで私が一番背が低かったので驚きました。練習はとっても楽しいです。私は小さいのでリバウンドでは勝てないので、人よりも沢山走りたいと思います。シーズン初の試合は11月30日の放課後にありました。Jeffersonという学校との試合でした。女子のvarsity, JV1, JV2, 男子のvarsity, JV1, JV2 の試合がありました。とても良い経験でした。これから週に二回ほどのペースで試合があるのでもっと沢山試合に出られるように一生懸命練習していきたいです。


二つ目はポートランドに行った事です。ポートランドまでは二時間くらいかかりました。ショッピングに行ったり、久しぶりに日本食を食べたりしました。ポートランドは興味深い街でした。私が滞在している所から一番近いユージンという町と比べて沢山人がいました。私が住んでいるPleasant Hillよりも少しだけ物価が高く感じました。私たちは一日中ポートランドにいました。とても楽しすぎて時間が早く感じました。今度行くと時は友達と行ってみたいです。




サンクスギビングの次の日にはValley Riverというショッピングモールに買い物に行きました。サンクスギビングの次の日はブラックフライデーといい、どこのお店もセールをやっています。前からブラックフライデーショッピングをしてみたかったので楽しかったです。朝の6時からオープンするお店もあります。私は友達と9時半くらいにモールに行き、5時間ほどモールにいました。1日が終わる頃には二人とも疲れていましたが、とても価値のある1日でした。